12 Best Paying Jobs in Consumer Durables (Discover More)

Best Paying Jobs in Consumer Durables

There is a large list of best-paying jobs in the consumer durables sector with not enough qualified applicants to take up the positions. But this article from TwinkleHub will reveal a few best-paying jobs in the industry, including their salary ranges and other vital information you should know.

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What are Consumer Durables?

In simple terms, consumer durables mean manufactured items, like cars or household appliances, that are expected to have a relatively long useful life after purchase and can be said to be products that don’t have to be purchased now and then (they stay for a long period).

Before now, once these items are purchased, they are meant to last for at least three years before there’s a need for replacement. These items include things like Televisions, washers, refrigerators, dryers, and air conditioners, in that order are perfect examples of consumer durable products. 

We also have appliances like computers, televisions, trucks, jewelry, wardrobes, vehicles, home, and office furniture, hot plates, etc., that fall into consumer durable goods categories.

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Is Consumer Durables a Good Career Path?

YES, consumer durables is a good and rewarding career path with numerous job opportunities that pay well. Below are the best-paying jobs in the field of consumer durables you might love to venture into.

Best Paying Jobs in Consumer Durables
Best Paying Jobs in Consumer Durables

12 Best Paying Jobs in Consumer Durables

From the examples cited above, consumer durables mean consumer item or products that does not wear out or need replacement for a very long time despite how less expensive they may be.

Most economists around the globe have developed a good interest in consumer durables spending. Without further talking and explanations, you can find below and carefully select the 12 best-paying jobs in consumer durables you might want to consider.

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1. Senior Executive

Well, as lucrative as this position might be, it requires good expertise and a disciplined person. The Senior Executive is one of the highest paying jobs in consumer durables and requires full dedication by the individuals.

While working as a senior executive officer, you will be seen and regarded as an authority or a prominent figure within the company or firm that employed you. 

In most companies or firms, the senior executive doesn’t only make decisions for the growth and benefits of the organization, he or she equally implements them in the company.

Going by the role of the senior executive, you must note that the fact that this position in an organization is one of the high-paying jobs in consumer durables doesn’t mean luxury.

Evaluating projects via feedback and replying to relevant KPIs from new and existing customers are major duties of a senior executive.

Well, the above and among others are what a senior executive is expected to be doing in consumer durables. If you have the requirements and what it takes to handle the job, you can give it your shot.

Bear in mind, that if you have the requisite requirements and capacity without the ability to present the company or firm’s products or brand to boost sales is nothing.

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One must possess these three things, a Certificate (qualifications), expertise, and the enthusiasm to market products and boost sales matters in this job. 

According to research, the Average annual salary of a senior executive can be as high as $1,000,000 in top consumer durable organizations and comes with a lot of benefits aside from the salary.

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2. Product Manager

Aside from senior executives, another top-paying consumer durables job is the product manager. Well, working with the key personnel in the stores isn’t easy, any day, anytime.

Prioritizing, it’s the duty of any company’s product managers to design, bring up the strategic idea, and link corporate strategy, and consumer demands to develop a viable, relevant, and valued product for customers’ consumption.

Picture yourself being a project manager for one of the top brands like Samsung or LG, as much as you’ll be earning a good amount of money, you’ll work yourself out trying to impress the company.

Well, it’s also the duty of a product manager in any organization or firm to enhance a particular product to satisfy both corporate objectives and target audience requirements.

This particular job might be lucrative and also money-oriented but there are a lot of tasks behind it. A project manager also focuses on how to maximize returns on investment for his or her company.

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3. Strategy Consultant

With the needed requirements, enthusiasm, and certificate, a strategy consultant is another consumer durables job opportunity you should grab.

In most top companies, the strategy consultant’s job is to examine the company’s goals and business processes. They also give recommendations on how to meet the company’s target in a specific time or period.

It’s also the duty of a strategy consultant to provide business growth strategies like cost-cutting, revenue generation, making important choices, identifying profitable trends in the company, etc.

Based on several research, strategy consultants can earn over $70,000 as their average annual salary (at entry level) in the consumer durables industry.

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4. Marketing Manager

Just like we know, a marketing manager takes time to overview the affairs of marketers in a firm. The easiest thing a marketing manager will ever do is to prepare and estimate budgets regardless of the size of marketing campaigns.

Also, it’s part of the duty of a marketing manager to submit the prepared campaigns for approval, work with advertising agencies, participate in negotiations, and many more.

Well, as beneficial as marketing management is money-wise, the occupier of this office does a lot of work to help in improving the company’s output.

Picture yourself preparing sales and advertisement contracts, and reviewing TV commercials or online advertising materials. Sounds Strenuous and stressful, right?

Well, as demanding and tiring as this work is, marketing managers can earn an average median salary of $142,470 in consumer durables.

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5. Business Analysts

Just like all other consumer durable high-paying jobs, the Business analyst is another well-to-do job that could be given considerable attention. 

Most Analysts usually have high portfolios in their educational field, such as a master’s degree or even a Ph.D. This is to equip them to do the consumer durable job like a pro. But in most cases, not necessarily a requirement.

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Most individuals who thrive in this career path, work to analyze and discover the aspects of the company’s business that need more input or improvement through data analysis.

Every company analyst is expected to collaborate with every member of the organization at all levels to discuss what they found about their work and possible adjustments that could be made.

The individual level of expertise in handling several office works and organization situations will determine if you can assist in executing improvements.

Going by the workload, an average Business Analysts in top organizations like LG, Apple, Microsoft, Haier, or Samsung, can earn at least $77,218 annually.

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6. Account Manager

Amongst every other consumer durable high paying jobs, this is one of the most sought-after jobs in the ever-growing industry, the account manager.

Why? Well, many individuals have credible credentials, criteria, and qualified experience as an accountant.

So, everyone seems qualified and also interested in working in a consumer durables firm to earn a decent amount of money.

Just like every other high-paying job in consumer durables, there is no big deal if you see an account manager performing too many functions like other employees.

Shifting their attention to the customer’s concern concerning their account status is a major role they get to play in helping their firm grow.

In a nutshell, there would be a time when you’ll have to act as a salesperson, financial counsellor, or technical specialist, just to please a particular customer and make things flow effortlessly.

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7. Sales Representative

Working as a sales representative for any of the top firms in consumer durables could be amazing, and applauding.

As an individual looking for a high-paying job, if you have a degree in business or marketing coupled with strong interpersonal relations and communication skills, then you have a high chance of working in a consumer durable company as a sales representative.

Unlike other opportunities in the consumer durable industry, a sales representative’s major role is to pitch the company’s products to its target customers and increase sales.

Also, as a professional, you’ll operate as the middleman between the company and its prospective clients who are willing to invest in the company.

According to adequate research, a sales representative is an impressive job opportunity in the consumer durable sector, and top organizations pay them an estimated salary of $86,250 annually.

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8. Media Planner

The main duty of a media planner is to arrange brand or product adverts, and also determine the most suitable media outlets for that purpose.

Majorly, they are stationed in advert agencies or huge media firms to optimize the effect of advertising campaigns which will be beneficial to their firm.

If you are planning to take the role of a media planner, you must understand the variety of media platforms available, their differences, characteristics, and the kind of audiences they garnered in the past and recent times.

Media planners also employ mathematical expressions to examine demographic data to determine which advertising style will be suitable for their objectives at a particular time and audience.

With the above statements, one should be able to understand the kind of consumer-durable products that go well with radio jingles, TV advertising, Internet ads, and billboards.

Several research made suggest that a Media Planner’s annual salary in the consumer durable industry is estimated to be about $79,748. Well, with that knowledge, we would all agree that being a Media Planner is one of the best-paying jobs in the sector.

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9. Human Resource Manager

Well, it wouldn’t be right if I exempt this particular sector from the list of well-paying consumer durable jobs. A human resource manager is usually highly lucrative and also commands a lot of respect in the industry.

One of the duties of human resources managers is to plan, organize, and control the firm’s administrative operations in a good direction that should lead to positive outcomes.

10. Administrative Assistant

An administrative assistant (a consumer durable job) showed her boss some reports. In an organization, an administrative assistant’s major function is to play a supporting role to the top employees.

Administrative assistants in the incredible consumer durables sector also earn handsome salaries. Prospective applicants in this office should possess efficient verbal and communication skills.

Because of the nature of the job; administrative assistants disseminate information to their co-workers, answer phone calls, create a report, organize meetings, etc.

So if you’ll be vying for this job, it’s a condition precedent that you have good communication skills and your interpersonal relations must be strong, too.

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11. Senior Managers

Senior managers are responsible for managing reports, managing departments and/or business units, making important decisions, and overseeing projects.

They’ve been in the field long enough to know what needs to be done and how to do it on a global scale. But they know too that no one can do everything alone.

That’s why senior managers are strategic leaders who rely on their team members for input and ideas to find solutions.

Salaries for Senior Managers in the United States can be anywhere from $89,000 to $209,000, with the median being $131,508. Sr. Manager salaries range from $120,000 (median) to $129,293 (top 83%), with an average of $209,000. They are one of the highest-paid consumer durable jobs.

12. Product Designer

Another high-paying consumer durable job is the product designer. Product designers take a product from ideas to actual physical reality.

They develop early designs into prototypes, start the manufacturing process, complete sales and marketing plans, and finally deliver products to the customer.

Every step of this process is vital for a successful product launch. However, product design can be surprisingly straightforward or thought-provoking… at least in theory.

As a Product Designer in the United States, you can expect to make a median annual income of $103,054. In the United States, a Product Designer can expect to earn an average of $11,496 in extra money per year. In the United States, a Product Designer can expect to earn an average salary of $114,550 per year.

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Qualification Needed to Work in The Consumer Durable Space

Based on criteria and job-seeking protocol, an administrative assistant may not need more than a high school leaving certificate to get trained and function in this role but this is impossible for a proficient business analyst.

A business analyst should have at least a college degree, a series of top-notch training is also required to function in this capacity.

The above criteria go for the consumer durable industry. There are different jobs available but they have varying levels of required educational qualifications.

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