2024 Top BEST Loan APPS in Nigeria With Good Interest Rates

Loan APPS in Nigeria
Loan APPS in Nigeria

Are you seeking the best loan apps in Nigeria? TwinkleHub offers a list of well-known outstanding loan apps that offer fast loans, with low interest rates, and low payment/payback durations.

However, before seeking loans, there are basic things to consider which include how much you need, what you need the money/loan for, and how to recover the money so you can pay it back.

Most people have various reasons why they take loans, but it’s best to ensure that the reason for the loan is worth it. You can seek a loan to pay school fees as a student, pay for rent, or invest in a business, but also make sure that you are sure of paying back the loan on the due date to avoid certain embarrassments or regular disturbing calls from the loan companies.

It’s also good to keep a good/clean record with a loan company, as it increases your chances of getting higher loans on a loan interest rate because you have built trust with them. 

Not paying back your loans on the due date attracts certain punishments from the loan company, which might include added payback interest, blacklisting your name among loan defaulters, which means no loan company will be able to offer you a loan again, and many more penalties.

With the above few things in mind, let’s take a look at the top 10 Best loan apps in Nigeria, and how you can easily get money from them, but always ensure to pay back because it will help others as well. Your payment creates room for others to take loans.

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What are the BEST Loan APPS in Nigeria?

Without much waste of time, let’s look into the best loan apps in the country, and how to collect little money from them.

Speaking out of experience and usage, Fairmoney is the number one (#1) best loan app and also digital bank in Nigeria with numerous active users and good recommendations on every platform.

This app has been in existence for years before all the modern loan apps. One good thing about this loan app is that you can collect any good amount of loan, and decide the repayment duration if it should be in one month, two months or even more.


Another good aspect of the Fairmoney loan app is that you can pay for a loan extension, once it reaches the due date, you will get a reminder call from them, and if you don’t have the money ready, you can visit the app and use a little token to extend the repayment date by either 7-days or 14-days.

Fairmoney is not just a loan app, but also a microfinance bank that is very effective in transactions, savings, purchase of airtimes, subscriptions and others. Just have a good record with them, and enjoy higher loan offers with good repayment rates.

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