Is Ordnance And Accessories A Good Career Path? And Best Paying Jobs in the Ordnance and Accessories Industry 

Is Ordnance And Accessories A Good Career Path

This article from TwinkleHub covers the various aspects of the ordinances and accessories industry, including the best-paying jobs in the industry and other vital things you should know.

For every individual who has a good interest in firearms and wants to work in a connected profession, the ordnance and accessories industry is an excellent alternative to pick from, and there are numerous good job opportunities which are also revealed below.

Although the job-searching process for this career path can be exhausting, and the competition can be severe, just know that the pay you stand to earn is worth every effort you put in, to get the job.

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What Exactly are Ordnance and Accessories?

In a simpler explanation, Ordnance and accessories are items that go with weapons, which might range from bullets to gunpowder to optics and sights, and others. 

Small weapons (like handguns, rifles, and machine guns are examples of small arms), artillery (like cannons and missiles), and explosives (like bombs, grenades, and mines) are the three (3) basic types of ordnance. 

What are the Duties of Ordnance and Accessories Workers?

Workers in Ordnance and Accessories work majorly in the good and proper design, construction, repair, and safety of all military weaponry, including guns, all kinds of ammunition, combat vehicles, components, and others.

Is Ordnance and Accessories a Good Career Path?

Yes, a career in ordnance and accessories is a great option and will be rewarding for those who have an interest in the production of military supplies like all kinds of weapons, ammo, components, battle vehicles, and maintenance of military equipment.

A secured job in the ordnance/accessories industry will offer you certain opportunities for advancement, including competitive pay, and exposure to good cutting-edge technology in some industries including defence, law enforcement, manufacturing, and others.

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Whether you want to design, manufacture, or repair ordnance and accessories, this area or career path offers you numerous prospects for career advancement.

Lastly, the Ordnance and accessories industry plays an important part in ensuring the smooth running of many operations, from military and defence applications to law enforcement, certain industries, and others.

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Best Paying Jobs in Ordnance And Accessories

Below are a few outstanding paying job positions in the ordinance and accessories industry you should know.

1. Ordnance Handler 

One of the paying jobs and available job positions in the ordinance and accessories is the Ordnance Handler position, known to play a critical role in ensuring that all procedures in the industry run successfully by ensuring that all weapons items and components are well produced, properly stored, received, shipped, well-inspected, maintained, and also tested safely. 

2. Ordnance Officer 

Another good-paying position in the ordinance and accessories industry is the position of ordinance officer, known to focus on ensuring that all weapons systems, including vehicles, and equipment are operational and always available for purchase/usage.

3. Quality Control Inspector 

As a quality control inspector, your duty is to properly inspect the incoming and outgoing quality of weapons and components in production plants and warehouses, and make sure they meet standards. 

4. Mechanical Ordnance Assembler 

Having a good amount of available positions, the Mechanical Ordnance Assembler is another good-paying position that specializes in the fabrication of critical mechanical parts. 

5. Aviation Ordnance Officer

The duty of an aviation ordnance officer in this industry is to take charge of maintaining and repairing all weapons aboard an aircraft. This position is also in charge of all loading and unloading ammo from the plane. 

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6. Warehouse Employee

The duty of a warehouse employee is to receive, store, and transport all weapons and accessories, and this position requires you to be physically fit and have the muscle to lift heavy weapons and big boxes.

7. Armament Weapons Support Equipment Technician 

This position requires an expert with all the best experience as they have to regularly check or inspect, test, and fix/repair all electrical components in workshops or on the job. 

What are the Benefits of Choosing a Career in Ordnance and Accessories?

Picking a career in ordnance and accessories comes with many benefits and below are those benefits you stand to enjoy.

  1. One of the benefits of picking a career in ordnance and accessories is that you will enjoy good career stability.
  2. Working in the ordnance and accessories field offers you a good opportunity to work with advanced technologies and cutting-edge equipment that will help improve your technological knowledge.
  3. You will enjoy working in various workspaces like laboratories, field operations, and others.
  4. Lastly, you will enjoy a good salary when you work in the ordnance and accessories field.

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Value of Ordnance and Accessories in a Variety of Industries

Below are the good importance or value of ordnance and accessories in industries like defense and military, entertainment, law enforcement, manufacturing, and construction industry.

1. Value of Ordinance and Accessories in the Defense and Military.

The Ordnance and Accessories play a vital role in the defense and military field, as they offer weapons that help offer national security and promote the sweet operations of the military. 

Certain equipment offered includes a wide range of weapons and ammunition, including explosives and vehicle-mounted weapon systems that help in the training of the military and securing of the society.

2. Value of Ordinance and Accessories in the Entertainment Industry

Yes, the ordinance and accessories play an important role in the entertainment industry by offering realistic props, explosions, and special effects used in most spectacular action sequences in movies, television shows, and video games.

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3. Value of Ordinance and Accessories in Law Enforcement 

The ordnance and accessories field offers weapons like guns, batons, handcuffs, pepper spray, and others to the armed forces like police, army, security, navy, and others, used to enforce law and order, and also to protect the public.

4. Value of Ordinance and Accessories in the Manufacturing and Construction Field

The ordnance and accessories industry also benefits the manufacturing and construction industry as they produce most heavy-duty machinery, power tools, fasteners, and safety equipment that are used in manufacturing/building industries which helps workers to complete activities efficiently and securely.

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Skills Required to Be Successful in Ordnance and Accessories Career Path 

  1. Excellent communication skills
  2. Good technical expertise skills, which include knowledge of firearms, and how to maintain and repair them as well.
  3. Problem-solving skills

Are There Any Disadvantages In Working in An Ordinance and Accessories Industry?

Yes, working in the ordnance/accessories industry, comes with a few disadvantages which include, exposure to potential risks and dangers because of the nature of the work, high level of responsibility and it’s physically demanding as well.

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