Is Plastic Products A Good Career Path? / 12 Best Paying Jobs In Plastic Products 

Is Plastic Products A Good Career Path

This article from TwinkleHub covers all the necessary quarries and things you need to know about the plastic products industry, including answering the question, ‘Is Plastic Products A Good Career Path?”.

Before venturing into a career path, you need a clearer understanding/knowledge about that field, the skills required to excel, and also the job opportunities, so you know how productive the industry is, and your capability to flourish in the career path.

However, the plastic products career path is one essential field that has relevance in society, and because plastic items are mostly used in our modern society, the demand for them will keep increasing.

One of the best parts of this career path is that it allows you to express your creative skills in designing/producing what millions of people will use.

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What Exactly is the Plastic Products Industry?

The plastic products industry is an industry that focuses on the design and manufacture of various usable items from certain plastic fibres.

Furthermore, the products obtained from plastics are categorized into two types, which are the thermoplastic and the thermoset. 

You may wonder what’s the difference between the thermoplastic and the thermoset. Thermoplastics in a simpler term is said to be those plastic products that can be dissolved and reshaped, and examples include bottles, packaging, medical devices, and others.

The thermoset can’t be dissolved and reshaped, and examples of thermoset products are kitchenware, kid toys, electrical insulation, and others.

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Is Plastic Products A Good Career Path?

YES, the plastic products industry is an outstanding, rewarding, and great career choice because most items we use daily are made of plastic, and the demand for plastic products is so high, which offers you chances of getting a stable job without much stress.

If you have a passion for the production field and enjoy working with your hands, the plastic products industry will suit your taste, and will also expand your knowledge of advanced technologies used mostly in plastic production.

There are numerous job opportunities and benefits you stand to enjoy if you work in the plastic products industry, and those job opportunities and benefits are listed below, so sit tight and enjoy more information about the plastic products career path.

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Benefits of Choosing a Career in Plastic Products?

Working in the plastic products industry comes with numerous advantages or benefits, which are listed below.

  1. The industry has numerous job opportunities that offer you a wide range of job options to choose and work in the position that best suits your interest.
  2. Another benefit of working in this career path is that you will enjoy technological advancement, as you will with new technologies like 3D printing computer-aided design (CAD), and others.
  3. Working in the plastic products industry, you will enjoy flexible work hours and have time for yourself as well.
  4. Lastly, you will enjoy a competitive salary as the industry pays well.

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Top 12 Best-Paying Jobs in the Plastic Products Industry 

1. Quality Assurance Technician

One of the best-paying jobs in the plastic products industry is the quality assurance technician, known to take charge of proper inspection of all finished plastic goods, and also evaluating measurements to ensure they meet specified standards.

The quality assurance technician also monitors for various problems in the products and implements a system to report and remedy defects of the finished product. 

2. Technician In Blow Molding

The technician in blow moulding focuses on operating machines that form certain plastic products by blowing air into the plastic, which causes it to expand. 

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Therefore, the technician in blow moulding works on assembling all blow moulding equipment, maintaining them, and repairing them as needed.

3. Pattern-Maker

Another outstanding and good-paying job in the plastic products industry is the position of pattern maker known to take charge of producing all plastic foundry patterns and also make sure that they meet industry and customer requirements.

4. Mold-Maker

Mold Maker is highly sought after in the plastic products industry and they enjoy good pay. The duty of a Mold Maker is to use their creativity skills to make moulds for the mass production of plastic items.

5. Assembler

The position of assemblers is vital in the plastic products industry as they take care of assembling a wide range of plastic items, as well as tools and machinery, and they also test the quality of finished products before packaging them.

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6. Maintenance Manager

The maintenance manager’s position in the plastic products industry takes care of fixing or repairing all production equipment, enhancing injection moulding, and supervising other maintenance workers to ensure work moves smoothly. 

7. Plant Manager

Enjoying good pay, the duty of a plant Manager is to take charge of the daily operations of a plastics department or manufacturing facility.

8. Plastic Manufacturer

The plastic manufacturer’s position is to make sure all moulding, casting, and assembling of plastic products are done properly.

9. Production Operators

Working as a production operator, your duty is to monitor the production process, ensure they meet quality standards, and troubleshoot any issues.

10. Engineers

The duty of engineers is essential as they can work in various aspects of the plastic products industry, including design, research and proper development, and process engineering.

11. Grinder

The duty of a grinder in the plastic products industry is to take charge of operating, maintaining, and repairing all devices that break big chunks of plastic into smaller bits for processing. 

12. Sales and Marketing

The duty of sales/marketing professionals is to work properly in the promotion and sale of plastic products to customers. 

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Significance of Plastic Products

  1. One of the significance of plastic products is that they can survive for a longer period of time without breaking or decaying, and this makes them perfect for a variety of uses, including packaging and storage.
  2. Plastic products are lightweight, which makes them very easy to handle and transport without much stress.
  3. Plastic items or products are quite versatile, and we can make them in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors.
  4. Plastic products can be used for important purposes like food and beverage packaging or storage, household items, and medical device storage.
  5. Plastic products are often less expensive (affordable) than other materials such as metal, glass, or wood. 
  6. Lastly, Many plastic products may be recycled, helping to minimize waste in the environment. 

Basic Skills Required to Excel in the Plastic Products Industry 

  1. Good technical knowledge is required to excel in the plastic products career path, and some of the technical knowledge includes knowledge of materials science, thermodynamics, and engineering principles.
  2. Good quality control abilities are also needed to ensure product quality is achieved at all times.
  3. Creativity skill is needed also to get good designs.
  4. Excellent Communication skill is another basic skill required to excel in this industry.
  5. Lastly, you need to have problem-solving skills, to be able to face certain challenges.

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How To Begin A Successful Career In Plastic Products

Below are tips on how you can perfectly start a career in the plastic products field.

  1. Conduct good research that covers all the basic aspects of the field, including the basic skills required to excel and know if you are capable.
  2. Gain more experience by working with a few industries and enrolling in some practical lessons from professionals.
  3. Be familiar with or know about the operation system of machines and equipment used in the industry.
  4. Lastly, a good touch and organizational abilities are required.

What Are The Best Types Of Plastics To Work In It?

According to research, the best type of plastics to deal with are plastics that are stable, adaptable, and recyclable. However, polycarbonate, polyethylene, and polypropylene are three (3) of the most prevalent types of plastics used in products.

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