Is Containers/Packaging A Good Career Path? And Best Paying Jobs

Is Containers/Packaging A Good Career Path

Seeking to know if a career in containers and packaging is a rewarding one, you need to read through this article and gain more knowledge about this industry, including the best-paying jobs and vital skills required to excel in the industry.

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What is the Containers/Packaging All About?

Any work or duty that involves proper packaging, packing, shipping, designing, organizing, and also the presenting of products is classified as a container and packaging. 

Working in any sector of the container and packaging industry requires your skills to arrange goods or products in a perfect and orderly way to prevent breaking during shipping or storing.

What is the Duty of a Packager?

Working as a Packager in the container and packaging industry, your duty is channelled to properly assemble products into packages for sale.

Some types of packaging to handle include cardboard boxes, certain plastic containers, and metal cans. 

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Types of Container/Packaging

1. Glass Containers

Glass containers are majorly used in the packing or packaging of foods and other beverage products for preservation and future consumption. Some examples of glass container packaging include wine, soda, bottled drinks, and others.

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2. Plastic Containers

Plastic containers are also used mostly for packaging of certain household products, medical supplies, and cosmetics. We see most plastic container packaging around our homes.

3. Metal Containers

Metal containers are majorly used in the proper packaging of industrial products and chemicals for future usage.

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4. Paperboard Containers

Lastly, paperboard containers are used for packaging cereal boxes, shoe boxes, and other retail packaging.

Is Containers/Packaging a Good Career Path?

Yes, the containers and packaging sector is a rewarding career path for those with ideas and passion, as the industry also offers a wide range of good-paying jobs which are also revealed below.

Best Paying Jobs in the Containers/Packaging Industry 

1. Quality Assurance Manager 

One of the best-paying jobs in the container and packaging industry is the position of quality assurance manager, known to earn around $72,300 yearly salary.

The duty of a quality assurance manager is focused on checking or testing for the quality of products before they can be packed for customer satisfaction.

2. Product Designer 

The position of a product designer is another good paying position that covers the aspect of the development of new items and also making certain improvements to already existing ones so they meet up to customer satisfaction.

A product designer earns around $98,321 yearly, which offers a comfortable life.

3. Packaging Operator 

Earning an average annual salary of $47,932, the packaging operator who is in charge of running and maintaining packaging machinery, to ensure items are correctly packaged and safeguarded from harm during shipping and handling, is another good-paying job to consider in this industry.

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4. Production Manager

The position of a production manager is also a good-paying job in the container and packaging industry, as they oversee the good and smooth function of all production that takes place in the industry and make sure that everything moves according to budget to prevent losses.

5. Packaging Designer

Earning good pay, the position of a package designer is to take charge of all design, development, and production of containers and packaging. Use your creative skills to develop and design good containers that will suit certain products and look attractive to sights.

6. Warehouse Worker

Earning a national average salary of $31,184 per year, your duty as a warehouse worker is to receive goods and pack them properly in the warehouse and also distribute goods in the warehouse.

7. Warehouse Supervisor 

Occupying the position of warehouse supervisor, your duty is channelled to proper supervision of all shipping and receiving departments, making sure all the operations of warehouse facilities are done properly. 

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8. Stocker / Loader 

The stocker and loader are two different job positions, but work in hand with the proper loading and unloading of products from shipment vessels and also assist managers with shipping records.

9. Shipping Coordinator

Working as a shipping coordinator, your duty is channelled to proper collection and organization of all shipping information, including researching shipping methods for different products and choosing the appropriate shipping plans that will benefit the company you work for.

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10. Assembly Technician

Earning a good pay of around $35,457 annual income or $1,828 monthly income, the position of assembly technician is also a good paying one to consider and their primary duties include proper data entry, product assembly, and unstacking items. 

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Reasons/Benefits of Picking a Career in the Containers/Packaging Industry

Below are a few reasons and benefits of Choosing a career in the container and packaging industry.

1. The containers/packaging industry offers numerous job opportunities with good pay, which gives you options to pick the field you want to venture into, and also enjoy good pay.

2. Another benefit of working in the container and packaging industry is having a good time off from work, which allows you to engage in other activities or spend quality time with your family.

3. Container production is a high-tech field that gives room for technological advancement.

4. The shipping of containers has recently become an affordable and efficient way to transport goods, which puts this industry on a demanding side and keeps the industry multiplying.

5. Lastly, working in the containers and packaging industry offers an excellent work-life balance, as you can work regular hours without having to put in overtime.

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Skills Required to Excel in the Container and Packaging Industry 

  1. Excellent communication skills are required to help you interact with customers and workers.
  2. Good technology knowledge is required as well because of some aspects of technology usage.
  3. Industrial working experience and team spirit are required to excel in the container and packaging industry.
  4. Creativity and good packing knowledge are also needed.

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