Best Music Schools in Berlin (Top 10 Results)

Best Music Schools in Berlin
Best Music Schools in Berlin

Just as we have a compiled list of the best music institutions in Germany, we also made a good list of the most outstanding music schools in Berlin and other essential information about those music academies that might interest you to know. 

Studying music at Berlin, will offer you greater opportunities to meet various people with the same interest, and also learn under top professionals which will help perfect your music career, and as well offer you a bigger opportunity to work with bigger music platforms. 

10 Best Music Schools in Berlin

1. BIMM Institute Berlin

First on our list of best music schools in Berlin, is the BIMM Institute Berlin, known to have developed into one of the most prestigious and extensive music schools in all of Europe, with a good acceptance rate and graduation rate as well? 

The institute first opened its doors in the United Kingdom and has since expanded to other countries and cities, including Berlin, and students from the European Union and Switzerland are required to pay a tuition fee of €7,950 to enroll in undergraduate music courses.

Additionally, guitar, bass, drums, vocals, keyboards, music production, songwriting, music business, music marketing, media and communication, and event management are some of the subjects that are taught at this school.

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2. Berlin University Of The Arts

Next on our list of best music schools in Berlin, is the Berlin University of the Arts known to provide its admitted students with a wide variety of opportunities, both in their general education and in the areas in which they choose to specialize.

This school is not only the largest art university in Germany but also one of the largest art universities in the entire world with standard learning facilities, and good academic performances over the years.

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The College of Music at the Berlin University of the Arts has provided the city of Berlin with instruction in music of the highest caliber, and music students are allowed to learn a wide variety of musical styles and instruments, giving them the luxury of choice. 


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3. EMS – Electronic Music School

EMS provides study-preparatory seminars and courses for aspiring music producers, DJs, and artists through its offices in Berlin and Cologne as well as its online arm, and the institution’s academic performances over the years have made it stand out among the best music schools in Berlin, with a good graduation rate. 

At the Electronic Music School (EMS) which was established in 2010, admitted students are taught everything, from writing and creating electronic music to selling their tunes, all by veterans of the industry.

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4. Kara Johnstad School of Voice

Kara Johnstad School of Voice has a passion for passing on their knowledge of vocal coaching and training, in addition to teaching students how to play an instrument, which offered the institution a spot among the best music institutions in Berlin. 


One unique thing about this school is that they help their students in various ways, starting from fostering musical ability, appreciation, and passion in musicians of all ages, which in turn helps them develop more skilled musicians.

In this institution, the Teachers cultivate meaningful relationships with their admitted students to inspire a lifelong passion for music and creativity, and the school provides its students with a variety of activities and opportunities for employment through its various programs.

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5.  Berlin Music School

Ranking number 5 in our list of best and outstanding music schools in Berlin is the Berlin Music School, having outstanding performances over the years, and all admitted students who are interested in receiving training in classical music have been able to do so since the year 2002 at Berlin Music School. 

Admitted students at the Berlin Music School (BMS), have the opportunity to study a variety of musical instruments and production techniques, including the electric guitar, tape, piano, drums, bass, and singing, which is one of the unique aspects of this great institution. 

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6. Berlin Bass Academy

Berlin Bass Academy is one of the music institutions in Berlin that offers courses that are particularly geared toward young people (beginning at the age of 14) and young adults.

You might love to know that admitted students at the Berlin Bass Academy receive instruction through individual lessons, during which they can learn double bass or electric bass. 

Depending on which offer you select, the total cost of your tuition could range anywhere from 75 to 320 euros.

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7. The Hanns Eisler School of Music

The Hanns Eisler School of Music was established in 1950 and currently serves approximately 500 students across its two campuses by providing them with training and instruction in music, which made it rank among the best and outstanding music institutions in Berlin.

Additionally, the educational institution comprises numerous departments of study and admitted students have the opportunity to study the harp, guitar, violin, viola, cello, and double bass in the “department A and B” classes.

Everyone who has an interest in music and is situated in Berlin should consider the Hanns Eisler School of Music. 

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8. Global Music School

The next great institution in this list of best music colleges in Berlin is the Global Music Academy in Berlin. This institution is a center for education and culture that supports various types of music and dance from around the world. 

Having a wide range of classes, groups, workshops, and performances in the areas of music and dance, as well as additional educational opportunities, this school has also topped the chart of best music schools in the world. 

All admitted students in this great institution can learn to play a variety of instruments, including cello, percussion, violin, guitar, flute, clarinet, piano, trombone, saxophone, and drums, among others.

You might love to know that the school also offers advanced lessons such as foundation programs, improvisation, band coaching, reading and writing hymns, body percussion, theory of harmony, electronics and instruments, electronic music production, and a variety of other advanced topics that will help perfect you after graduation. 

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9. International Music School Berlin

The International Music School in Berlin is a highly regarded music institution in Berlin that offers instruction in a variety of languages for toddlers, children, and adults of all ages, which got it recognized among the best music academies in Berlin. 

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Established in 2013 and filled with cutting-edge classrooms where students are taught the piano, flute, violin, guitar, and singing by international teachers, this school keeps doing great in providing great musical students with degrees.

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10. Music Academy Berlin City Nord

Our list of best music institutions in Berlin won’t be complete without adding the Music Academy Berlin City Nord because this music academy provides high-quality instruction in singing and playing common rock, jazz, and pop instruments to children as young as two years old and up to young adults and adults.

This school has made a good name for itself since it was established, and its services cover a wide variety of instruments and genres, such as accordion, band coaching, bass, recorder, cello, choir/gospel, violin, singing, guitar, harmony theory and ear training, horn, keyboards, clarinet, piano, and drums, among many others.

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FAQs on Best Music Schools in Berlin 

What are the Best Music Schools in Germany?

Although we have numerous great schools in Germany that offer music courses, below are our top 15 best music schools in Germany. 
1. Johannes Gutenberg University Of Mainz
2. University of Bremen
3. Technical University of Darmstadt
4. University of Music Wuerzburg
5. The University of Music and Performing Arts, Frankfurt
6. Freiburg University of Music
7. Friedrich Schiller University
8. Ludwig Maximillan University
9. Heidelberg University
10. University of Bayreuth
11. University of Freiburg 
12. University of Muenster 
13. University of Greifswald
14. Leibniz University of Hannover, Hannover 
15. University of Regensburg

Is Berlin Good for Music?

Berlin’s electronic music scene is legendary, with some of the best techno clubs in the world, which makes it a good city to study music, and it has a list of great music schools that are recognized in Europe. 

What is the Music Academy of Berlin Famous for?

The Berlin Music Academy supports lay musicians of every age to improve musically, showcase their skills, and thus bring joy to others.


If you want to do great in music, then consider enrolling into any of the above best music institutions in Berlin, and obtain a degree that will offer you higher chances to do great in the music industry. 

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