Is Meat/Poultry/Fish a Good Career Path? / Best Paying Jobs  

Is Meat/Poultry/Fish a Good Career Path

Suppose you are interested in the Meat, poultry and fish industry. In that case, the first step should be determining whether it is a good career path, including finding out about the highest-paying jobs available within this industry.

The meat industry can be segmented into two groups – Red Meat (beef, pork, lamb and veal) and White Meat (chicken, turkey, and others).

In this article from TwinkleHub, you’ll get 7 Rewarding job opportunities in the meat/poultry/fish industry and other important things to know about the career path.

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Is Meat/Poultry/Fish a Good Career Path?

YES, meat/poultry/fish is a top rewarding career path in the food industry, with numerous job opportunities and benefits for those who have a passion for the food processing industry. 

This industry (Meat, fish and poultry) is one thing most people can’t do without because we consume them regularly, and they benefit the human body in various ways.

Because of the high demand for Meat, fish and poultry, this industry is likely to stay strong rather than keep increasing and require more skilled workers to keep the industry growing.

Furthermore, before seeking a career in this industry, you need to carefully research the various workspaces (job positions) and pick the one that best suits you, and most of those work positions are listed below for your choice-making.

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Lastly, to fully enjoy this career path depends on your level of skills and knowledge, which the basic skills required to excel in the Meat, fish and poultry industry are listed below as well.

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What is The Meat/Poultry/Fish Business All About?

According to research, the meat/poultry/fish business focuses on the proper production, processing, distribution and sale of all animal-based food products.

Furthermore, this Meat, fish and poultry business includes various activities, starting from raising livestock and catching fish to slaughtering, processing, proper packaging and distribution to customers like retailers, restaurants and consumers.

Available Jobs in The Meat/Fish/Poultry Industry 

  1. Production Worker
  2. Butcher
  3. Quality Assurance Inspector
  4. Sales Representative
  5. Supply Chain Manager
  6. Fishmonger
  7. Marketing Coordinator
  8. Research and Development Specialist

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Best Paying Jobs in the Meat/Fish/Poultry Industry 

Below are the best-paying positions in the meat, fish and poultry industry, with average salaries. 

Also note that most salaries are dependent on certain factors like working hours, industry financial strength, workload, location and others.

1. Food Safety and Quality Assurance Manager – $80,000 yearly

Earning around $80,000 yearly, the food safety and quality assurance manager is a good-paying job position in the meat, fish and poultry industry.

Their duty is to ensure all Meat, poultry, and fish products fully meet all safety and quality standards and regulations. 

2. Meat and Poultry Plant Manager – $83,000 yearly

Another good-paying job position in this industry is the position of the Meat and poultry manager, known to oversee all the operations of meat or poultry processing plants.

3. Meat and Poultry Scientist – $70,000 yearly 

Seeking another good paying job in the meat/poultry/fish industry, you should consider the position of Meat and Poultry Scientist, known to work in researching and proper development of new products and technologies in the industry, and they earn around $70,000 per year.

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4. Fishery Biologist – $66,000 yearly 

Earning Around $66,000 per year, the job position of fishery biologist is focused on researching and proper management of fish populations and habitats to help ensure sustainable fishing practices.

5. Fish Processing Plant Manager – $62,000 Yearly 

Another excellent job position in the meat, fish and poultry industry is the Fish Processing Plant Manager, known to manage all the processing and proper packaging of fish products and make sure they meet the standards.

6. Aquaculture Farmer – $53,000 yearly 

The position of aquaculture farmer focuses mostly on properly raising fish and other aquatic animals for food or recreational purposes. 

7. Fish and Game Warden – $57,000 yearly 

Earning around $57,000 per year, the position of the fish and game Warden is another good-paying job position that involves enforcing fishing and hunting regulations that will help protect fish and wildlife populations and also ensure public safety.

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Benefits of Choosing a Career in Meat/Fish/Poultry

Below are some advantages/benefits of the meat, fish and poultry career path.

  1. One of the benefits of picking this career path is that you will enjoy a stable job, as the industry has numerous job opportunities and is always in high demand.
  2. The various job opportunities in this industry will offer you various roles to pick from, starting from production, processing, distribution, marketing and sales.
  3. Working in the meat, fish and poultry industry, you will enjoy a good salary and other food benefits.
  4. Lastly, the industry has potential for growth because demands for Meat, fish and poultry keep increasing daily.

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Easy Tips on How to Start a Career in The Meat/Poultry/Fish Industry

If you want to start a professional and rewarding career in the meat, fish and poultry industry, consider the helpful tips below.

1. Education and Experience: The first step to starting a career in this industry or any food processing industry is to obtain relevant education qualifications, which includes getting a degree either in agriculture, food science/technology, animal science or another related field.

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Furthermore, more experience can be obtained from working in other related or food processing industries, or you can complete a certain internship or apprenticeship program to get basic experience that will help you excel in the industry.

2. Research: The next step is to do your proper research on the industry, which includes learning more about the various segments of the industry, starting from processing, distribution, and sales, and understanding consumer trends to help the sector stay updated.

3. Create a Business Plan: It’s proper to continually develop a business plan first after being satisfied with your research. However, when developing your business plans, consider certain factors like the sourcing suppliers, logistics, pricing, and marketing of the business.

4. License and Permits: After developing the plan for your business, you need to obtain the necessary license and Permits for that business by contacting the local and start regulatory agencies.

5. Build Relationships with Suppliers and Customers: Building a good network (relationship) with your suppliers and customers will surely be beneficial in growing your business faster than expected.

You can also attend certain trade shows to mingle with people in the same field and share some helpful ideas.

6. Purchase Good Equipment/Facilities: Investing in good and quality equipment/facilities will help you meet Industrial standards and also help you offer quality products that will keep your consumers.

7. Improve your Knowledge and Skills: Keep increasing your knowledge and skills by staying up to date with all industry trends, which will keep your business floating high among your competitors.

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Most Popular Types of Meat, Poultry, and Fish are sold in the Market.

1. For Meat, we have Beef, Pork, Chicken, and Lamb. 

2. Poultry: Chicken, Turkey, and Duck. 

3. Fish: Salmon, Tuna, Cod, and Tilapia.

How To Determine The Quality of Meat, Poultry, and Fish

According to research, the good quality of Meat, fish and poultry can be easily determined by their appearance (colour), their texture, smell and also their fat content.

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Meat, Fish and Poultry Processing Techniques

  1. Smoking 
  2. Curing
  3. Marinating
  4. Canning
  5. Smashing method (for meats) to form sausages and roasts

Is Fish Considered A Meat Or Poultry?

Fish is not considered Meat or poultry because it belongs to its category known as seafood, while Meat refers to the flesh of mammals, and poultry is specifically referred to the Meat obtained from birds. 

What Nutrient Comes From Meat And Fish?

Protein is the nutrient that comes from the regular consumption of Meat and fish, which is an essential nutrient required for good growth and healthy bones.

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