Is Farming/Seeds/Milling A Good Career Path? (All You Should Know)

Is Farming/Seeds/Milling A Good Career Path

Is Farming/Seeds/Milling A Good Career Path

Farming, Seeds, and Milling is a great and rewarding career path for those who have the interest and knowledge.

Despite the numerous changes in modern society and technologies, agriculture remains a vital industry, essential to humans and a cornerstone of human survival and economic growth.

Because we can’t survive without food, this has boosted the relevance of agriculture (farming/seeds/milling career path) and keeps it on the chart trend of best/profiting career paths.

Furthermore, there are numerous job opportunities in the farming/seeds/milling industry, which are also revealed in this content below.

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What is Agriculture and Farming All About?

According to research, agriculture involves everything that has to do with growing plants and rearing livestock to deliver nutrition and substances that humans can consume pleasantly and grow the economy.

One component of agriculture is Farming, which consists of the cultivation of the soil and animal husbandry as well as crop science. One can also refer to Farming as the act of plowing the garden or ground, sowing and harvesting the food crops. 

Also, Farming is not just about growing food crops for human consumption. The act of raising animals for milk or meat, which is also consumed by humans, is another form of Farming.

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The Importance of Farming

Below are the vital importance of Farming to humans and society.

  1. Farming has helped food production (food security), as it is the world’s primary food source. 
  2. Farming or Agriculture has promoted economic stability, as it has offered employment opportunities to many.
  3. Farmers have helped to care for the land and preserve natural resources.
  4. Farming has preserved certain cultural traditions and identity, which is also known as cultural heritage.
  5. Agriculture has brought more technological innovations, which are used to process and preserve foods for human consumption.
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The Various Processes of Farming

Below are the listed steps or processes of Farming you should know.

Is Farming/Seeds/Milling A Good Career Path
Is Farming/Seeds/Milling A Good Career Path

1. Plowing the soil: This is the first step, and it involves pushing nutrients under the ground, which helps in the faster growth of plants.

2. Leveling the soil: After plowing the soil, you need to level it, and this can be done by a levelling tractor.

3. Sowing of Seeds: Required seeds to be planted are done after soil levelling.

4. Addition of Fertilizer or Manure: This step is essential because having your soil mixed with good fertilizer or manure will promote the good health of your plant growth.

5. Irrigation: After planting and adding fertilizer to your plants, you need to send water to those plants for their proper growth, and irrigation comes in place.

However, if the land is watered by rain, you don’t need to send water again manually.

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6. Weeding: The process of weeding is done to remove unwanted plants that grow around your plant, so to help your plants absorb enough nutrients from the soil and grow well.

7. Harvesting: When your crops have grown, you need to harvest them, and this involves picking out only the fully grown and healthy crops.

8. Threshing: When harvesting is done, you need to properly thresh the crops, which is known to be the process of splitting the grains from crops, and it’s done for some crops.

9. Storing: The next step after threshing is storage, known to save the excess for future consumption or future sales.

10. Selling: Lastly is the selling stage, which is when you enjoy the reward of your hard labour.

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Best Careers in Agriculture To Know 

  1. Farm manager
  2. Soil and Plant Scientist, 
  3. Conservation Planner, 
  4. Agricultural Engineer, 
  5. Agricultural Economist, 
  6. Commercial Horticulturist, 
  7. Agricultural salesperson.
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Best Paying Jobs In Farming/Seeds/Milling?

1. Agriculture Inspector

Agriculture Inspector is one of the best-paying jobs in the Farming, seeds and milling industry, and the occupant of this position takes charge of monitoring the quality of products and issuing certifications.

2. Horticulturist

With a good scientific knowledge of plant development, the position of a horticulturist is to take care of plants, trees, fruits and vegetables and ensure they develop well.

3. Agriculture Operation Manager

Another good paying job opportunity in the farming/milling/seeds industry is the position of the Agriculture Operation Manager, known to operate the important operation processes in the industry, which includes labour management, business maintenance and others.

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4. Agriculture Equipment Technician

With a good salary, the duty of an agriculture equipment technician is to fix and maintain machines used for production in the industry.

5. Farm Labor or Farmer 

Occupying this position, your duty is to work on properly cultivating farms, starting from ploughing to harvesting, and they earn good pay as well.

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Benefits of Choosing a Career in the Farming/Seeding/Milling Industry 

  1. There is job security with good pay in this industry because the need for food is present, which gives rise to the demand for workers.
  2. Another benefit of this career path is once you have an interest in agriculture, you will feel satisfied picking this career path.
  3. This industry offers numerous job opportunities, which gives you options to pick from the one that best suits you.
  4. In this career path, you will enjoy independence in various ways.
  5. Lastly, in this industry (farming/seeds/milling) there is an excellent opportunity for growth, as technological advancement is a must, and more technologies are used to make sure product standards are reached.

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Basic Skills Required to Excel in the Farming/Seeding/Milling Industry

  1. Knowledge/Strong understanding of agriculture, including knowledge of soil health, good crop rotation practice, pest management, irrigation, and others.
  2. You should have good business acumen, which includes good financial management, budgeting, marketing, and sales.
  3. Adaptability skill is required as well because the farming industry constantly changes, so you need to adapt to new technologies, practices, and regulations to be able to meet up with customer’s standards and demands.
  4. Good problem-solving skills are also required, which will help you identify certain problems like diagnosing plant or animal diseases, properly fixing equipment malfunctions, and managing unpredictable weather conditions.
  5. Excellent communication skills, which will help you pass information or properly communicate to your employees, suppliers and customers.
  6. Good physical strength or stamina is required because the career path is physically demanding.
  7. Lastly, having environmental awareness skills will help you excel in the farming/seeds/milling industry.
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Careers in Farming/Seeding/Milling Industry You Should Know

1. Agricultural Researchers

This career covers all research or studies done on plants, animals and soil to help develop new farming techniques that will help the industry.

2. Agricultural Production

This aspect covers Farming and management of plants and livestock.

3. Agricultural Engineering

This covers all about the design and development of good/workable equipment and structures for agricultural production.

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4. Agronomy

This aspect covers all about plant science, including studying the genetics, physiology, and ecology of crops and soil, which will help you develop new/helpful farming practices and technologies.

5. Agricultural Sales and Marketing

This covers aspects like the sales representatives, marketing specialists, and merchandisers focused on promoting and selling agricultural products.

6. Food Science and Technology

As the name implies, this career focuses on improving food processing products that will be free from harm when consumed.

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7. Milling and Processing

This is another career that covers the aspect of converting crops into other usable products, like flour, feed, or biofuels, by the use of specialized equipment and processes.

8. Agricultural Education and Extension

This career in Farming, seeds and milling focuses on educating farmers and the public on all they need to know about agriculture and Farming practices. Also, it offers good training, workshops, and resources to help farmers improve their operations.

Which Agricultural Degree is the Best? 

Agroecology, animal science, environmental sciences/studies, nutrition & food sciences, and dietetics are known or categorized among the best agricultural degrees at the baccalaureate level.

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Which Agricultural Course is Best for My Future? 

B.Sc. in Agriculture is the Best you can think of, as it’s a course that offers students with vital and in-depth knowledge of Agro-based industries and their growing technology.

Is Farming Still a Viable Career Option? 

Yes, Farming is a viable career option for those who have a passion for agriculture and have the skills required.

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