Top 15 Best Music Schools in Germany 

Best Music Schools in Germany 
Best Music Schools in Germany 

Just as we have made a list of the best music schools in California, we also offer you the top 15 best music schools in Germany and other important facts about those schools that might benefit your interest in various ways and ease your search. 

If you have a passion for music, then you need to enroll in a well-accredited music institution that will publish you greatly in your passion and perfect your career path, and with the best guidance and teachings, you stand to do great in the music industry. 

Best Music Schools in Germany 

Although we have numerous institutions in Germany that offer unique music courses, below are our top 15 best music colleges in Germany. 

1. Johannes Gutenberg University Of Mainz

First on our list of best music universities in Germany, is the Johnannes Gutenberg University of Mainz, known to offer quality music education, since it was established, and has outstanding music facilities that help its students acquire all the basic knowledge needed to excel in music. 

With good educational facilities, this institution trains its students to a variety of musical topic areas as well as hands-on learning with professionals, which also helps to perfect all admitted students to do well after graduation.

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2. University of Bremen

Ranking second in our list of best music colleges in Germany is the University of Bremen, known to offer quality degree programs in music education, with a good acceptance rate, and graduated students who are doing great in the music industry. 

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You might love to know that of the unique features of this school is that they train all admitted students to do well in:

  • Church Music, 
  • Performance, and 
  • Orchestral Academy. 

The school offers courses that consist of a variety of courses that every admitted student can choose from, such as vocal and instrumental instruction, composition, church music, jazz, music education, and lots more, which prepares its students great and also pave way for them to participate in several exercises or occasions that designed to help them gain wider experience in the music field. 


The school also offers a great opportunity for young kids for those students who are solely interested in advancing their skills while finishing their secondary education, and students can enroll for music courses online. 

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3. Technical University of Darmstadt

The Technical University of Darmstadt also got a spot among the best, unique, and most outstanding Music colleges in Germany and Europe, for their great academic performances over the years. 

This school offers unique program courses in digital philology, german studies, history, musical culture, philosophy, political science, sociology, and others, to help students excel greatly after graduation, and students are opportune to make more choices on courses to study.

Some of the great educational programs that are offered at this institution “combine artistic practice, social commentary, musical theory, as well as aesthetics and musical philosophy.”, with top professionals who handle those courses. 


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4. University of Music Wuerzburg

Ranking 4th in our list of best and unique music institutions in Germany is the University of Music Wuerzburg, well known for its outstanding academic performances over the years, and also the number of great graduated students who are doing well in the music industry.

This institution emphasizes historical instruments, and they feature study spaces for the guitar, organ, piano, saxophone, and accordion in the orchestral instruments department. You may love to know that the school also provides classes in jazz, classical percussion, leading, and composition to help perfect all their students. 

With qualified teachers, this school also takes time to train its pupils in the most effective learning environments and has cutting-edge facilities for practical studies.

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5. The University of Music and Performing Arts, Frankfurt

Ranking 5th in our list of best music schools in Germany, is the famous Frankfurt University of Music and Performing Arts, having a total number of 63 professors and 350 lecturers currently teaching around 950 students from over 50 nations. 

You might love to know that the range of artistic, pedagogical, and scientific teaching is reflected in 26-degree programs in which the great institution has successfully trained students for careers in music, theater, and dance in a practice-oriented manner, and this school not just recognized in Germany as the best Music school, but also the best in Europe.

The mission of the school is to inspire enthusiasm for the arts and thus ensure the preservation and expansion of a vibrant cultural life, and they look forward to the future with excitement.

Additionally, the great University of Music and Performing Arts, Frankfurt, offers a variety of quality and unique degree programs, which includes Graduate Studies and a Diploma, is also one of the best music schools in Germany.

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6. Freiburg University of Music

To do great in music, you can consider enrolling at the Freiburg University of Music, as it also ranks not just among the best music academics in Germany, but also in Europe, and has created a great standard for itself, since established.

This school haha excellent facilities to support instruction, and a good number of orchestras, choruses, and ensembles that all admitted students can use to get stage experience and practical knowledge.

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7. Friedrich Schiller University

If you want to do great in the music industry, then consider Friedrich Schiller University as an option because they are among the best music colleges in Germany, with a standard learning environment, and professionals to guide and educate you greatly in your career path.

This school offers varieties of music-related courses, and advanced practical sessions to help perfect the boldness of students on stage, and as well prepare them for real-life events after graduation.

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8. Ludwig Maximillan University

Ranking number 8 among the best music Academics in Germany, is one of the oldest schools in the country, having a well-structured learning environment and facilities as well, with a good acceptance rate and tuition fee.

The school also offers real-life performances, which help all admitted students to do great after their graduation.

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9. Heidelberg University

Talking about another great school that’s also acknowledged among the outstanding music universities in Germany, is the famous Heidelberg University, known to offer great music courses to admitted students.

Additionally, for admitted students who are majoring in music, the school offers various options, which include free private lessons, recital chances, and the chance to network with working musicians, which helps them do great in real events. 

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10. University of Bayreuth

Our list of best music Universities in Germany won’t be complete without adding the famous University of Bayreuth, known for its unique music programs and academic performances over the years, with professional teachers who are impacting great knowledge into the students and preparing them for their great futures.

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Other great Music Academics in Germany Includes: 

11. University of Freiburg 

12. University of Muenster 

13. University of Greifswald

14. Leibniz University of Hannover, Hannover 

15. University of Regensburg 

Best Music Schools in Germany 
Best Music Schools in Germany 

FAQs on the Best Music Universities in Germany

Is Music a Good Career Path?

Yes, music is a great career path that you will enjoy most if you are doing great in the field because it will display you greatly to the world, which will attract love from many, and will also earn you a good living (Money).

What Is The Cost of Attending A Music School in Germany?

The cost of attending a music school in Germany solely depends on the school you enroll in, but according to some research, the average fee might cost around 100-350 EUR per semester and 3,000 EUR per year. However, make sure you do more inquiries on the tuition fee for the school you want to enroll in. 

Is Germany a Good Place to Study Music?

Indeed, Germany is a good place to study Music, as they have a list of outstanding music schools that also ranks high among the best in Europe. Most institutions in Germany offer students an excellent education and qualifications that are highly regarded internationally.


We have numerous great schools in Germany that offer music courses, but the above listed are our top 15 Music colleges in the country.

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