Pharmacy Schools in Ghana – Cost, Address, and Other Facts To Discover

Pharmacy Schools in Ghana - Cost, Address, and Other Facts To Discover

Are searching for the best pharmacy schools in Ghana? Then TwinkleHub has a well-researched and compiled list of the best and outstanding pharmacy universities in Ghana, as well as the cost of study, address (Location), and other vital pieces of information you should know.

Most of the popular and outstanding institutions mentioned in this content, provide short courses and even 6 months of pharmacy courses to both Ghana citizens and international students as well. Furthermore, the cost of attending any of those universities is quite affordable, and all those institutions also offer courses in both Bachelor’s, Masters and even post-undergraduate degrees.

However, to ease your search for the best pharmacy colleges in Ghana, this article has narrowed everything down, ranging from their tuition fees, locations, and other essential facts about those great institutions, which might be helpful for you, just sit tight and enjoy this content.

Pharmacy Schools in Ghana - Cost, Address, and Other Facts To Discover

Why Study Pharmacy In Ghana?

Ghana has also earned recognition as one of the best countries that are doing great in education, with good learning environments and affordable fees.

Furthermore, all the universities that offer pharmacy in Ghana, are top accredited schools and also rank among the best pharmacy schools in the world, with good learning facilities to help build you through your passion, with great professionals who will always be available to teach and build you through your passion.

When you apply for pharmacy in any of the well-accredited institutions in Ghana, you will have more opportunities to meet new friends with the same passion and you have a higher chance of getting a job in any great company after graduation, with a good salary as well.

Graduating from a well-accredited institution like the ones listed in this content, will also help you in every aspect and better you in your field of passion because they offer a higher percentage of practical teachings with real equipment, which will offer you a wider knowledge of what you will do in future, and also perfect your skills the more.

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Lastly, when you graduate from any of the below pharmacy schools in Ghana, you will be offered a certificate which tells you are a professional in the field of learning, and ready to explore.

How Long Will It Take, To Study Pharmacy In Ghana?

Studying a pharmacy course, in general, can take you up to 4 complete years, and those courses to study, includes, pharmacology, biology and physiology pharmaceutics, chemistry, ethics, and economics. However, all students will benefit from every aspect of the course because they will also be taught using practical equipment, which will help build them to perform significantly after graduation.

Furthermore, the state-of-the-art labs will as well help sharpen your skills, and knowledge with the replica medicine-dispensing stations, consulting areas, and computers linked to the systems used by the Pharmacy industry, to help better you after graduation.

However, to fully practice as a pharmacist in Ghana you will need to get yourself registered with the General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC). And to register yourself, you will need to study for an accredited Master’s degree in pharmacy (MPharm), which requires you to study at any of the popular and well-accredited pharmacy schools in Ghana, listed below.

Pharmacy Schools in Ghana

The Best Pharmacy Schools in Ghana

1. University of Ghana

Address: Legon Boundary, Accra, Ghana

Tuition Fees: 1,525 GHS ($278.29)

International Tuition: 3,850 GHS ($702.57)

First, on our list of best pharmacy schools in Ghana, is the popular known University of Ghana, located at Legon Boundary, Accra, Ghana, and also credited as one of the oldest universities in Ghana, with a large landmass that makes it as well the largest institution in the whole of Ghana.

According to my little findings, the great institution was originally established as an affiliate of the University of London at the University College of the Gold Coast. Furthermore, the school is ranked as the Number 1 best pharmacy school in Ghana and also ranks 1209 best in the world as sourced from Webometrics.

The University of Ghana has a good learning environment and offers the best courses in law, medicine, basic sciences, engineering, social sciences, and agriculture at different levels of study, and the great institution also accepts both the citizens and other passionate students from all around the world, offering them the opportunity to pursue their career in Pharmacy or any other Pharmacy related course at any level they want, with practical activities to better them after graduation.

School Website: CLICK HERE

2. Kwame Nkrumah University of Science & Technology

Address: Accra Rd, Kumasi, Ghana

Tuition Fees: 21,285 GHS

International Students Tuition Fee: 4,500 USD

One of the best and most well-accredited pharmacy schools in Ghana, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science & Technology also known as KNUST was well-established to advance knowledge in the various aspect of science and technology through creating a standard setting for embarking on appropriate research, quality teaching, entrepreneurship activity, and community engagement to enhance the quality of human life.

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Furthermore, the great institution has great and well-equipped learning facilities, with professionals to guide and train all students of the institution. The dedication and aim of the institution in building great students make the institution rank as the number 2 best pharmacy school in Ghana, and also ranks 1673 in the whole world.

KNUST is one of the well-established and largest universities in the Kumasi Metropolis and in the Ashanti Region.

School Website: CLICK HERE

3. Kumasi Technical University

Address: Kumasi, Ashanti Region, Ghana

Tuition Fees: $324.28- $343.98 ( 1,777- 1,885 Ghs)

Located in Kumasi, Ashanti Region, Ghana, the popular Kumasi Technical University also made this list of best and outstanding pharmacy schools in Ghana, with well-equipped learning facilities, and has graduated a good number of students who are doing great in the society.

Furthermore, the institution is well-accredited by the National Accreditation Board in the year, 1954, and the great institution also offers both HND programs, Part-time programs, and bachelor’s degree programs including Online programs and short courses in pharmacy-related fields like pharmaceutical Science.

Lastly, the institution’s admission process is very easy and they offer admission to almost all who apply and meet their admission requirements. You should also know that the school ranks number 52 as the best in Ghana and 22426 in the world according to Webometrics.

School Website: CLICK HERE

4. King University College

Address: Aplaku Hills Off Old Weija Barrier Bojo Beach Road Accra – Ghana.

Tuition Fees: $6,541 (35,844 Ghs)

P.O. Box GP 18835, Accra – Ghana

Another great and outstanding university in Ghana that is well-accredited and offers pharmacy courses, is the great Kings University, known as a private institution located at Aplaku Hills Off Old Weija Barrier Bojo Beach Road Accra – Ghana.

The great private institution was established in 2009 and is affiliated with the University of Cape Coast, and offers higher admission chances as it accepts both internal and international students. The institution offers just Bachelor in Pharmacy, and it collaborates with the Liaoning University in China.

The Kings University college received both the institutional and program accreditation in January 2010 and it’s doing great in outranking other great institutions as it currently ranks number 52 best in Ghana and 22426 in the world according to Webometrics.

School Website: CLICK HERE

5. Central University College

Address: P. O. Box DS. 2310, Dansoman, Accra

Tuition Fees: $3,835 (21,015 Ghs)

Next on my list of best pharmacy schools in Ghana, is another famous and prestigious institution credited as Central University College, which was first established in 1988 as a pastoral training institute, and it was then identified as the Central Bible College, around Jube, 1991. However, the great institution graduated from a pastoral institution to a Central Christain College, which was in the year 1993, and now turns into a Central University College in 1997 to date.

Furthermore, the great institution is doing great in training students both within and international, and it is aimed to develop students to become successful in their passion, and affiliated with Cape Coast, Association of African Universities and councils for Christain college and universities with University.

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Lastly, Central University College, Ghana is one of the largest private institutions in Ghana with a good learning environment and facilities and ranks as number 16 best in Ghana and 13293 in the world.

School Website: CLICK HERE

6. Sunyani Technical University

Address: Address: Brong Ahafo Region of Ghana

Tuition Fees: $6,541 (35,844 Ghs)

Another great institution that makes our list of best and outstanding universities in Ghana that offer pharmacy courses, is the Sunyani Technical University, which was established in 1967 as a Technical Institution, and later upgraded to a polytechnic in the year, 1997.

The great institution, STU offers courses and programs leading to officially recognized higher education degrees, and the school ranks number 33 best in Ghana and 18874 in the world according to Webometrics.

School Website: CLICK HERE

7. Entrance University College of Health Science

Address: No.16 Okpoi Gonno, Spintex Road Landmark

Tuition Fees: $ 3,835 (21,015 Ghs)

Located at No.16 Okpoi Gonno, Spintex Road Landmark, Ghana, the popular Entrance University College of Health Science, ranks high among the best pharmacy universities in Ghana for both citizens and international students.

Furthermore, the great institution was established with the aim of producing the best Pharmacy graduates for the best Pharmaceutical care of patients, and they are doing great and achieving their aims, as the institution has graduated a good number of students who are doing great in their field of study.

The institution is among the best in Ghana, and it provides an ethical and entrepreneurial environment and well-equipped facilities for teaching, research, and training for Medical and Health Professionals to impact generations.

Lastly, the institution is listed among the best universities in Ghana that are offering pharmacy to both national and international students, with professionals to guide and equip you greatly.

School Website: CLICK HERE

8. Ghana College of Pharmacists

Address: Gamel Abdul Nasser Ave, Accra, Ghana

Tuition fees: $3649.70 – $12774 ( 20,000 – 70,000Ghs)

Next on our list of best pharmacy schools in Ghana, is the famous Ghana School of Pharmacist, and the institution is among the 6 schools under the College of Health Sciences, University of Ghana.

The institution didn’t only rank among the best pharmacy schools in Ghana but also ranks high among the best in the world. Furthermore, the aim of this great institution is to promote specialist training in pharmacy and related disciplines.

The institution also aims at Promoting continuous professional development in pharmacy and related disciplines, it also promotes research in pharmaceutical practice and related disciplines.

School Website: CLICK HERE

9. Baldwin University College

Address: P.O. Box 19872, Accra North, Accra, Ghana

Tuition Fees: $465.34 (2,550 Ghs)

The popular Baldwin University College ranks number 24 as the best in Ghana, and 16657 in the whole world, according to Webometrics, and the great institution made our great list of best pharmacy schools in Ghana, with good education facilities and it offers students a rich, multidimensional educational experience in an academically challenging environment.

School Website: CLICK HERE

10. University for Development Studies

Address: Tamale, Northern Region, Ghana

Tuition Fees: $401.47 (2,200 Ghs)

This list will be incomplete if we don’t include the popular and outstanding University for Development Studies, established in 1992 as a multi-campus institution, and also known as the fifth public university to be established in Ghana, and ranks number 4 best in Ghana and 3331 in the world according to Webometrics.

School Website: CLICK HERE

Pharmacy Schools in Ghana - Cost, Address, and Other Facts To Discover


The above-listed institutions, are the top and best pharmacy schools in Ghana, which you can confidently apply for, as we display their tuition fees, and also vital facts that could help you. Therefore, if you wish to seek more knowledge about the listed best pharmacy schools in Ghana, then use the comment section below, and our response teams will give you feedback.

Feel free to ask more questions surrounding the best pharmacy universities in Ghana, by using the comment section below.

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