15 Best German Language Schools in Germany

German Language Schools in Germany

You should take advantage of this splendid list of the best German language Schools in Germany if you are interested in studying the German Language in Germany. 

One good thing about studying in any course of choice in Germany is that you gain a good education at an affordable rate, as most institutions in Germany have reasonable tuition fees for both in-house and international students. 

It will be good to learn the German Language if you are situated in Germany, as it will help offer you a deeper understanding of the local culture, which enables you to associate freely with their native Language, and as well offer you a bigger opportunity to mingle and make new friends. 

What are the Best German Language Schools in Germany? 

Although numerous institutions offer German language courses in the country, the below listed are the best German Schools you can apply for. 

1. Council on International Educational Exchange (CIEE)

First on our list of best German language schools in Germany is the CIEE, as the institution offers all admitted beginners unique German classes, which focus on their basic cultural understanding and language skills. 

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2. Institute for International Education of Students Abroad (IES)

Studying the German Language at IES (Institution for International Education of Students Abroad) offers you bigger opportunities to study deep German, as they dedicate their time to teaching admitted students how to speak and communicate in German. 

This institution also has a good study environment and admission rate, making it rank among the best and most outstanding German Language Schools in Germany. 

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3. Junior Year in Munich (JYM)

Brush yourself in Germany with the German Language as you apply to study German at the JYM institution. The school also ranks among the best German Language Institutions in the country. 

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However, before enrolling in this great school, you must have at least two years of college-level German classes, which helps perfect you greatly. Also, during or before your orientation into this institution, your level of German will be tested to determine which level of classes you take. 

You might love to know that all courses in JYM are taught in German, ensuring full German immersion. 

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4. NACEL Education Travel

The NACEL Education Travel is another outstanding institution that offers unique German Language courses to all admitted students interested in doing well in the country’s Language. 

One good aspect of this institution is that its curriculum is tailored to native English and Spanish-speaking students. After most classes, admitted students can move around the city and visit historical landmarks, such as the Dachau concentration camp.

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5. The Middlebury School

With German professional teachers and over 100 years of intensive German courses in Germany, the Middlebury School also got a spot among Germany’s most outstanding German language institutions and is well recognized abroad. 

Situated in Berlin, this school gives room to international students and reasonable tuition fees. In this school, one can also gain the opportunity to participate in extracurricular activities.

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6. Languages Abroad

In Language Abroad, they take in students ages 12 to 21 interested in learning the German Language. 

You might love to know that all admitted students taking the program’s standard German course are given four group lessons per day and four days per week. 

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Furthermore, 10% of students admitted to this institution come from non-English speaking countries, which means the school has a good admission rate for international students. 

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7. GLS Campus Berlin

If you want to study the German Language, and do great after graduation, consider GLS Campus, situated in Berlin, with good academic performances over the years. 

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8. Center for Study Abroad (CSA)

Another great German language school you should consider applying to is the CSA. The school-based program offers open admission to interested students worldwide and has a reasonable tuition fee for applying to international students. 

All admitted CSA students will live in Central Munich or with a German host family in the student halls. All the classes are offered at various proficiency levels, with students taking 20 hours of German Language four days a week. 

The classwork focuses on speaking, grammar, reading, and writing, plus cultural activities, which is a helpful method to perfect students greatly. 

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9. ASSE International in Germany Congress-Bundestag Youth Exchange (CBYX)

If you are a student between 15 and 18 and want to study the German Language in the country, consider this institution, as it has a good enrollment rate for international students, mostly from America and other top countries. 

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10. Goethe University

Get the best German Language teachings as you study at Goethe University, known to be among the best German Language Schools in Germany. 

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Other German Language Schools in Germany which has good admission rate for international students are listed below:

11. DAAD University Summer Course Grant

12. Center for International Studies Abroad (CIS)

13. European Study Center (ESC) in Heidelberg

14. The Summer School at the University of Mannheim

15. University Studies Abroad Consortium (USAC)

Frequently Asked Questions on the Best German Language Schools in Germany

Which City In Germany Is Best For Foreigners?

1. Berlin is among the best and perfect cities in Germany for international students or foreigners because it is among the largest cities in Germany. 
2. Munich is another great city in Germany for International students/people. 
3. Hamburg is also perfect for international students. 

Which Part Of Germany Is Best For International Students?

1. Munich.
2. Frankfurt.
3. Berlin.
4. Hamburg.
5. Aachen.
6. Bonn.
7. Dresden.
8. Stuttgart.

Where Can I Learn German For Free In Germany?

According to research, there are free online courses in the German Language, and most are offered by Deutsche Welle (DW). So you can visit his website and watch or take German Language classes, as they range in various levels, from the beginner to the advanced level.

How Much Is German Language School In Germany?

Although the cost of intensive German courses fluctuates due to various factors, you should calculate between 440 and 600 € for four weeks of intensive learning.

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