Top 5 Cheapest Universities in Cameroon to Apply

Cheapest Universities in Cameroon

Are you searching for the top best and cheapest Universities in Cameroon? We have compiled a list of outstanding institutions with affordable tuition fees, which you can apply for as they have good admission rates and graduation rates. 

We all know that Cameroon is a central African country on the Gulf of Guinea with its capital at Yaoundé. This city has one of the top and outstanding institutions in Africa, with also good admission rates for international students as well. 

Cheapest Universities in Cameroon

Without much wastage of time, let’s take a look at the below listed cheap institutions in Cameroon, their tuition fees, and their locations. 

1. Cosendai Adventist University

Tuition Fees: The school’s average tuition fee is around $470

Location: Nanga Eboko

Established in 1996 Cosendai Adventist University is among the best and cheapest universities in Cameroon, and is also a private Christian university affiliated with the Seventh-day Adventist church. 

You might love to know that the first mission church and station were founded between 1926 to 1928, and was named in memory of Aime and Madeleine Cosendai; the missionaries who committed all their life to evangelism and preaching of the gospel through the advancement of the mission in Cameroon. 

This institution also has a good educational environment and facilities, which has made it rank among the best and most affordable schools in the country, with a good admission rate and graduation rate. 

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2. International University of Bamenda

Tuition Fees: The average cost for this institution is around $310. 

Location: Bamenda

Established in 1990, the popularly known International University of Bamenda is another great and affordable university in Cameroon located in Bamenda. 

You might love to know that this great school is one of the oldest government-owned and cheapest universities in Cameroon, and the school has partnerships with other prestigious universities around the world.

According to research, this institution has sustained itself financially and academically for years now and has also graduated 16 batches including doctoral graduates who serve as Teachers, Head of Departments, Vice Principals, Principals, Engineers, Agriculturist, Lawyers, Bankers, Business Managers, Inspectors of Education, etc.

This great University comprises a total of nine(9) faculties arising over one hundred twenty-degree programs, which include: Administrative Management, Agriculture, Architecture, Arts, Business Administration, Computer Sciences, Economics, Education, Psychology, Engineering, Food and Nutrition, Home Economics, Industrial Education, Journalism, Law, Medicine, Nursery Education, Nursing, Pharmaceutics, Pharmacology, Physical Education, Science of Education, Science Technology, Sciences, Veterinary Medicine, and others, which is up to the doctorate, and these offers admitted students with great opportunities to choose any of the school’s study method

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3. University of Buea

Tuition Fees: the University of Buea has an average tuition fee of $610

Location: Buea

Established in 1992 the University of Buea also got a spot among the best and most affordable schools in Cameroon, with a good acceptance rate for all students. 

The University of Buea is a government-owned university established by the wide-ranging university reforms in Cameroon during that period. 

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This school offers a rich portfolio of degree programs at the Bachelor’s, Master,’s, and Ph.D. levels, all of them designed to comply with the European Bologna BMP-System, and this school’s degree programmes continue to attract thousands of applications from within and abroad.

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4. Bamenda University of Science and Technology

Tuition Fees: This school has an average tuition fee of $800

Location: Bamenda

Established in 1995 by INDECO Ltd, and admitted the first batch of students in October 1998, the Bamenda University of Science and Technology also appeared among the best and cheapest institutions in Cameroon, and this school is also a government-owned university. 

One of the good aspects of this institution is that it has a good specialization in scientific research and technological advancement hub in the country, which helps to enrich all admitted students in the core of learning as a STEM ( science, technology, education, and mathematics). 

Bamenda University of Science and Technology, also known as BUST, is accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education and affiliated with the University of Buea (UB), the University of Dschang (UDs) and the University of Bamenda (UBa). This great school offers courses leading to the HND, through the Ministry of Higher Education, in the following fields of Studies:

This school is one of the best you can think of applying for, and also offers various degree programs with an affordable tuition fee, which got it recognised among the cheapest universities in Cameroon. 


5. Catholic University of Cameroon

Tuition Fees: The schools average cost is around $610

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Location: Bamenda

Last on our list of top cheapest universities in Cameroon is the Catholic University of Cameroon, established in 2016 with well-equipped learning facilities for all admitted students. 

This school is also among the outstanding private Christian universities in the country and it is affiliated with the Catholic faith church. The Catholic University of Cameroon, also known as CATUC, or in Latin (Universitas Catholica Cameruniae). 

You might love to know that this great school is the Provincial University of the Catholic Church in the Anglophone part of Cameroon and the only Catholic Institution of Higher Education, which was fully established by the Anglophone Catholic Bishops of the Ecclesiastical Province of Bamenda. 

One of the good things about this institution is that it provides undergraduate, graduate, and professional studies in both the arts and the sciences with a good learning environment and facilities.

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The above-listed universities are not just the affordable schools in Cameroon, but also the best in the country, which offer unique courses, and have graduated a good number of students who are doing great in society. 

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