6 Basic Things a Man Should Achieve Before Getting Married

6 Basic Things a Man Should Achieve Before Getting Married

TwinkleHub offers the 6 Basic Things a Man Should Achieve Before Getting Married.

These days, the rate of divorce and separation among married couples is very high, and the major causes of these, are due to some minor issues which could have been avoided before getting married.

Among the issues that causes divorce in most homes, are stated in this content. Many men jump into marriage because of pressure, and they end up not enjoying their homes because they were unprepared.

Apart from Love, the below listed achievements determine a successful marriage. Please, all men should take note of these 7 basic achievements, if only they want to enjoy their homes.

6 Basic Things a Man Should Achieve Before Getting Married

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1. A Well Paying Job:

The number one achievement a man should make before marriage, is to have a well paying job. It’s either he is self-employed or works under someone, but it should be a well paying job, and worth working for.

Without a stable and well paying job, you should not even dare go close to a woman because no woman will accept a jobless man, and no jobless man can perfectly take care of a home.

Make sure you have a well paying job, and also the job should have a future, not the job you will jump into, and after marriage the job either falls apart or you get fired. Have a perfect job that will sustain you and your home.

2. A Comfortable Apartment / House:

A man should have a comfortable apartment or a house of his own, before thinking of marriage. It’s not wise to get married without a home of your own.

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Furthermore, when making preparations for an apartment or house, make sure you get a large apartment that will contain you and your children to come. It will be very okay to plan both the future well, so that when you are making availability of an apartment, you should make provision for your kids to come, so they can live a comfortable life.

3. Should Have Enough Money in His Savings Account:

You must have a huge amount of money, or you can call it a future savings account. This is a saving for future or emergency usage.

The more your home grows, the more expenses you stand to experience. So make sure you have a future savings, which can help sustain you in the future.

4. A Life Plan / Good Investment:

You must have plans on how to keep growing big, coupled with a lifetime investment for your children, so they won’t pass through much stress to make it when growing.

Make sure you have plans of yourself and a well-made investment, can save you / your children in the future. The best gift a father can also offer to his children is a profitable investment. They are many investments which a man can do, these investments includes, ownership of lands, properties, buildings, companies, crypto-currencies like bitcoin and others.

5. A Car (Optional):

I made car optional because without car, you can still enjoy your home. But if you can afford a car, then it’s necessary you do so before marriage. Having a car will help save your woman or kids from trekking too much.

6. A Good Cooking Skills:

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Most men think cooking is only meant for the women, but a wise man who wants to enjoy his home should know how to cook very well. They can be moments when your wife maybe tired or during her pregnancy period when she won’t need much stress, that moment you will need to assets her with some kitchen duties like cooking, washing of plates or clothes, sweeping and mopping. 

Most women also enjoy men that can cook, and every woman will love to taste her husbands’ meal. So try to achieve a good cooking skills before signing-in for marriage.

6 Basic Things a Man Should Achieve Before Getting Married

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