6 Major Reasons Why Married Men Cheat

6 Major Reasons Why Married Men Cheat

Ever sat down to think why 60% of Married men cheat on their legal married wives? Then this article offers you 6 major reasons, why most married men cheat on their wives.

6 Major Reasons Why Married Men Cheat

  1. When they are tired of the marriage.

“Why Should a Man Get Tired of His Marriage?”. This should be the question running through your mind.

Sincerely, there are many factors that kills the vibes in marriages, just as it kills most relationships.

Moreover, most men jump into the wrong union (marriage) with the wrong person as a wife, due to some circumstances of either impregnating the lady, and many more, which after some month / years of marriage, they end up not getting the fun/joy the wished for. This accounts to the reason a man will confidently cheat on his wife just to get over with the marriage.

Every marriage should to retain its burning candle of LOVE because it’s the only oxygen that keeps the Union (Marriage) Breathing. Without love, that marriage is good as a lifeless creature.

  1. The woman’s poor sense of fashion.

80% of African woman of victim of the above-mentioned. Women think after marriage, everything about fashion is over for them, that’s when you will see a young marries lady dressed like a 60years old woman.

Women mostly lack the value of fashion and how much it can save their marriages. Every man is attracted to what he sees, and when a woman dresses well, in a s*xy and attracting outfit, she tends to keep her husband’s sight and desire away from other women.

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You can’t be dressing so dull / old-fashioned, and expect your man to see you and feel emotionally or sexually attracted, that’s not possible. You should do your best to always look sweet and captivating to the sight of your man.

The best way a woman can look stunning and captivating, is by dressing with the trendy and classy outfits, that will bright forth her beauty / make her attracting to her man. Men are always proud of their woman whenever she dresses good, and will love taking you out dressed well. Moreover, your husband can only be attracted to you, whenever you look sweet and attracting.

  1. Last long misunderstanding.

I do advise friends and couples to always put away pride, and fix every form of misunderstandings because the more it’s left unsettled, it grows to cause damages that might not be able to fix accurately.

Misunderstandings in a relationship can kill love, thereby leading the man to find pleasure or joy with someone else. A man cannot settle his argue for s*x with his woman, when they are not in good terms. That’s why most men end up cheating / sleeping outside because of the misunderstandings at home.

Always do your best to take away pride and settle every form of misunderstandings, that may lead to greater damages in your home.

6 Major Reasons Why Married Men Cheat
  1. Lack of attention.

Attention is a key factor that keeps every marriage alive. You should always give your partner attention whenever he needs it. Most times, why men cheat is because their wives are too busy to give them attention when they are having some argue for s*x.

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This can be a result of the busy work schedule of the woman, maybe she leaves home very early in the morning, and get back late at night, then she tends to be exhausted and wants to rest. Forgetting that the man may be needing her attention to please himself at a particular moment. So because of that lack of attention as necessary / countless times, the man will be forced to get pleasure elsewhere.

  1. S*xual addiction.

We all understand the meaning of addiction? When a man is a s*x addict, this means he is strongly bonded to s*x, and cant do without have s*x regular. Most s*x addicts can stay hours without s*x, just as an addicted smoker can’t stay without smoking.

Most times, when a s*x addict married a woman who is not addicted to s*x like he does, it can lead the man to getting satisfied outside his home.

  1. Lack of Maturity.

Only a matured mind / man can maintain his home, and also stick to his woman till death parts them.

Twinkle Hub will be glad to know your opinion on the above-mentioned factors that lead to men cheating outside their marriages.

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