7 Basic Things A Lady Should Achieve Before Getting Married

7 Basic Things A Lady Should Achieve Before Getting Married

Are you ready for marriage as a lady? Below are 7 Basic Things A Lady Should Achieve Before Getting Married.

No man will want to marry a woman who will be a liability to him. So, a wise woman must have achievements of her own, before saying “Yes” to marriage, so she can enjoy her home and as well, make her hubby happy.

Many ladies jump into marriage without any achievements in hand, which crumbles their homes by making their husbands suffer more in the union, because they have nothing (achievements).

I will never advise a lady to jump into marriage empty-handed because it’s the major reason, why we have high rate of divorce. Majority of the failed marriages are due to the high demands a woman place on her her man.

Not everything is expected of a woman to ask from her husband. Once a woman has something doing, there are certain things you are expected not to ask your husband, rather you do them yourself. But when you have nothing doing, that’s when you end up placing lots of demand on your man, which may bring him down financially.

In most cases, when demands are much on a man, he gets fade up of the union and blames the woman for her joblessness, and it turns out to be crisis in the marriage, which leads to divorce.

So if you wish for a happy home, and want your hubby to be proud of you at all time, then you must achieve the followings, before taking a bold step to married.

7 Basic Things A Lady Should Achieve Before Getting Married

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1. A Good Paying Job:

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A wise and intelligent woman should never agree to any form of marriage proposal, without having a job. Not just any form of job, but a well paying job.

As a woman, you can be self-employed or an employee, but just be sure that your income is good enough, to take care of yourself and your man up to a certain level.

No man will enjoy having a woman who is not hardworking, so be sure to have something doing, to support your man and help build your home.

2. Good Cooking Skills / Home Economic Skills: 

We all know that the easiest and fastest way to a man’s heart is his stomach. So, every woman who wants to enjoy her home and make her hubby happy at all time, should have a good cooking skill because without it, there is no way you will enjoy your home.

Make sure you learn from your mum or others, on how to cook delicious meals and most especially, how to prepare your local meals because most men are lovers of their local made foods. Achieve a great / good cooking skills, so your man can always run back home just to taste of your sweet food.

Furthermore, to rank yourself well in the kitchen, you have to achieved an economic skill by knowing how to manage your kitchen items, and also how to keep your kitchen utensils clean and sparkling. No woman will get a compliment pass mark if her kitchen is always messy. Learn to take good care of your kitchen and foods.

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3. You Should Have More Than 500k in Your Savings Account (Bank Account):

Few may agree with me on this, while many may disagree, but it’s the bitter truth. Every woman, or I can say every sensible woman, should have more than 500 thousand Naira in her savings account before filling her acceptance form for marriage.

The money can be a saviour, if she gets to encounter any emergency in her home when the husband is cashless. Most times, the man may be in need of money urgently, just to resolve some certain issues, so if you have good savings, then you have saved your man at such moments.

The money can be used to assist your man, or used for some personal issues which may not necessarily need the man’s attention.

4. Create a Good Relationship With Your In-Laws:

If you want to fully enjoy your marriage, then you should create a good and long-lasting relationship with your in law. This will make them happily accept you into their home, and support you with the necessities.

5. You Should Have A University Degree:

This one happens to be my opinion, and I see it to be very necessary, especially in this our recent days when education leads. Every lady should have an educational degree, which tells she is a graduate. This will help her build her children in educational aspect.

6. Have Future Plans:

You should have a life plan and also more goals / dreams to achieve. Getting married should not be your final stop in life, so make sure you have more life plans, and you won’t turn out a liability to your hubby.

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7. A Good Bedroom / Love Making Skills:

The most important of all is to have a good bedroom and love making skills, which will help you keep your man to yourself. Without a good bedroom skill to make your man enjoy you very well, he may be tempted to get it outside, which leads to cheating. So make sure you achieve a good skill in making love.

7 Basic Things A Lady Should Achieve Before Getting Married

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