6 Major Medical Tests Couple Should Do Before Marriage

6 Major Medical Tests Couple Should Do Before Marriage
6 Major Medical Tests Couple Should Do Before Marriage

TwinkelHub offers the Best medical test for couples before marriage.

If you really want to enjoy a healthy marriage with healthy kids, then you should/must go for some necessary medical tests with your spouse, so you can have full knowledge of your partner’s health and other medical issues he or she may be suffering from or may face in the future.

Most times, medical test is a must to do for couples, so they can know what the current/future health condition of themselves, before jumping into marriage.

A man jumped into marrying and getting his wife pregnant without medical tests, and later in the future, they found out that their blood groups are both SS, which lead to them giving birth to sickle cell (SS) kids, and we know the dangers of that.

So, you can save yourself from such deadly encounter, by making sure you get yourself and your partner tested of the 6 important Medical Test listed below.

6 Major Medical Tests Couple Should Do Before Marriage

1. A Genotype Test:

This, in my opinion, is the first test you should consider going for. This will determine if you both are sickle cell (SS) carries, (AS) or if you both have the normal genotype, known as (AA). Having the knowledge of your genotype, has a greater role to play in your coming together as husband and wife.

2. STDs and HIV:

This is the very next test every couple should go for. You must have a total check on some deadly diseases like HIV, Hepatitis C and B, and most especially gonorrhea (mostly for the woman), syphilis, bacterial and many more deadly diseases.

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6 Major Medical Tests Couple Should Do Before Marriage

Having the knowledge of these diseases, will give you a strong backup to either end or continue the union. Furthermore, let the doctor get you both tested for more diseases aside the above listed. The medical practitioner has greater knowledge of what to test for, and also has the perfect advice for you both, if it can be treated or how it won’t affect your union and children. He will also let you both know on the dangers of coming together as a couple.


3. A Fertility Test:

This is the next and most important aspect which majority of the couples neglect. Many homes are broken because of infertility, which is something that can be avoided initially if the fertility test is taken.

The test is done to know the production rate or the possibility of production, in both the man and woman. So, I will advise every couple not to avoid this important test, and not to let love make you ignorant of the truth. Most homes are not happy because of infertility, so make sure you go for the test before it’s too late.

4. Blood Group Compatibility Test:

Going for a blood group compatibility test, will surely help avoid some complications which the mother might have during pregnancy. This will surely help to avoid some major / minor complication for a pregnant woman, like Rhesus disease, and many more.


Why I recommend the blood group compatibility test because some antibodies, that is found in a pregnant woman’s blood, can kill the blood cells of her unborn child.

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It is very risky for a woman who has rhesus blood group to get married to a man with same blood group, and when it affects the baby (growing fetus), it may result in miscarriages. So, it’s better to save such situations and go for a blood group compatibility test before marriage.

5. A Genetically Transmitted Condition:

Most couples also ignore this because of the ignorant of how deadly it can be. The genetically transmitted condition, can be defined as the pass down from generation to another generation. But when you do the test, you will get to know if your partner is having some diseases like breast cancer, kidney illness, diabetes and many more.

If you can detect such disease earlier, you can get proper treatments if possible.


6. A Thalassemia Test:

In this type of test, it is used to determine or find out if a pair has the thalassemia gene, which is most likely to be inherited from some blood condition. Also take the caution of your medical counselor if noticed any of the above stated diseases.

No matter how much you love your partner, don’t be ignorant of the above-mentioned diseases, and make sure you get tested of them, to avoid future regrets in marriage.

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