The Best Dental Schools in Arizona (Updated List)

Dental Schools in Arizona – Do you want to study in the best and most well-accredited dental institution located in Arizona? then TwinkleHub has your interest in mind, as we offer you a well-researched list of the best dental schools in Arizona, which you can confidently apply to because they all have good acceptance rates and affordable tuition fees.

However, before applying for a dental institution, you should know that studying dentistry needs time, patience, and constant effort in studies, and the course takes a huge time before you can become a professional in that field because it deals with the human body, it is more specifically concerned with the face and mouth rather than just the dentition.

Therefore, if you have passion and love to study the course to become a professional dentist in the future, then the below outstanding and great institutions, will help polish you greatly in that educational field, and offer you practical opportunities with great professors in that field.

All you need to do now is sit tight, and check out the well-compiled list of the best dental schools in Arizona, in which you can enroll.

The Best Dental Schools in Arizona (Updated List)

The Best Dental Schools in Arizona

1. ATSU-Arizona School of Dentistry & Oral Health – Dental Clinic

The great institution was established in 2007, and it is also located close to Scottsdale and Phoenix, with well-equipped learning pieces of equipment for its students. Furthermore, the curriculum for ATSU-Arizona School of Dentistry & Oral Health includes integrated human systems, integrated dentistry, dental tissue, and interdisciplinary clinical experiences.

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Also, all students of the great institution are well educated about oral health issues and dental skills, students have the opportunity to interact with caring community-based health care providers.

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2. Phoenix College

One of the best, and most well accredited dental institutions in Arizona, you can apply to Phoenix College. This institution has been known to be doing great in that field and has graduated different great students that are doing great in that field.

The famous and prestigious institution, Phoenix College, offers 2 programs under dental school; the certificate program, which is Dental Assisting and Dental Hygiene (34.5-42 credits), with well-equipped learning instruments to offer all students the best knowledge through practicals.

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3. Northern Arizona University

Northern Arizona University, also made this list of the best dental schools in Arizona, with a good learning environment, and professional lecturers who will polish you in the field. The Institution offers a comprehensive education in dental hygiene’s practical and theoretical knowledge, and all ental studies include dental anatomy, oral medication, radiography, management of pain, and dental supplies.

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4. Carrington College

The famous and outstanding Carrington College is another great dental school located in Arizona, with a spacious, pleasant classroom, a clinical learning area, a fully equipped laboratory, and functional orthodontic chambers for all students.

The great institution offers a certificate and a degree in Dental Assisting and Dental Hygiene program. Typically, the technical courses for both programs concentrate on acquiring clinical, administrative, and laboratory abilities needed to support a dentist throughout different dental treatments, and it can take 2 years to complete a program in that institution.

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5. My Dental Dentistry and Education

Another great institution that made this list of best dental schools in Arizona, is the My Dental Dentistry & Education, which is well known among the best dental schools to apply to, with well-equipped learning instruments.

Furthermore, the institution also offers training in three certifications; the most well regarded are the RHS certification, the Certified Dental Assistant certification, and the Certified Dental Assistant National Board certification (DANB).

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Dental Schools in Arizona (Updated List)

6. Brookline College

Brookline College is also among the best and most outstanding dental schools in Arizona, where you can confidently apply, and make good grades. The institution also offers a 10-month dental assistant course in Dental Specialties, Preventative Dentistry, Dental Radiography, and Anatomy.

Furthermore, you will complete a 180-hour externship in a dentist’s practice to use your new skills after graduation, and the school can offer you an opportunity to work after graduation.

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7. The Midwestern University College of Dental Medicine

The popular and well-accredited dental school in Arizona, The Midwestern University College of Dental Medicine, is also doing great to date and offers a high level of education with a good laboratory and various types of equipment for practicals.

Furthermore, at the great institution, CDMA, every student has a good chance of achieving success as a dentist, and also a four-year program by preclinical faculties with extensive experience and accreditation.

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8. Pima Community College

Another great institution that made my list of best dental schools in Arizona is the Pima Community College also ranked as one of the best dental schools to enroll in. This institution offers various dentistry programs to students interested in pursuing a career in the dental industry for a complete 2years.

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Furthermore, if you are a student at the Pima Community College, you will be able to qualify in biomedical sciences, oral x-rays, dentistry, preventative dentistry, dentistry, and dental office duties such as management and administration of dentists while at college, and you can as well be qualified to sit for the National Certification Examination, as well as for the Arizona Oral Radiology Certification and the Coronal Polishing Certification after you have finished the course work.

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9. Mohave Community College

Next on my list of best and most well-accredited dental schools in Arizona, is the Mohave Community College, having a well-equipped learning environment, and is ranked among the best dental schools in Arizona.

The great institution also offers two programs for keen learners, dental assisting and a dental hygiene program, with professionals that will guide and teach you all through your learning days.

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10. Fortis College

The Fortis College is one of the best dental schools you can apply to, and also ranks among the best dental schools in Arizona, with well-equipped learning laboratories and professionals. The institution is doing great in producing great students, who are making a good impact in the dental field.

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Best Dental Schools in Arizona (Updated List)


The above-listed great institutions are the best dental schools in Arizona, where you can enroll and get the best learning with practical equipment and laboratory to enlarge your knowledge as a dentist.

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