Top 10 Best Barber Schools in the World and Their Locations

Best Barber Schools in the World

Just as we have a list of the best barber schools in the United States, we also compiled a list of the top outstanding barber schools in the world. 

If you want to do great as a barber, then enrolling on a standard and well-accredited barber institution will help you greatly in perfecting your career path as a barber and also help offer you a certificate of qualification after graduating from the academy. 

What are the Best Barber Schools in the World?

Below are a few outstanding Barber institutions in the world and their locations for easier finding. 

1. American Barber and Beauty Academy

Located: The school is located in Reading, Pennsylvania. 

Ranking first in our list of outstanding and unique barber academies in the world is the American Barber and Beauty Academy known to have successfully trained numerous barbers and cosmetologists to be high-quality professionals and leaders in the beauty industry. 

One positive part of this institution is that students can enrol in cosmetology, barbering, esthetics (skincare), or a combination of these areas, and students can even continue their education to become certified instructors in cosmetology or barbering.

Another fantastic feature of this institution is that students may fit their barbering classes or education into their everyday schedules due to the weekday or evening class schedules, with occasional Saturdays.

The ABBA’s programs are nationally approved as well as cheap, with numerous financial aid packages available for students, which has considerably assisted in preparing their pupils to pass local and national tests.

Finally, all admitted students at this barbering school receive a computer to use throughout their program and assistance with job placement following graduation.

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2. Blade Craft Barber Academy

Location: located in Dallas, Texas

Next on our list of best barber schools in the world, is the Blade Craft Barber Academy, known to be a fairly new establishment, and undoubtedly the best you can think of in the world. 

Prospective barbers are educated at this institution by a staff of Blade Masters with real-world expertise. You may be interested to know that all admitted students at this institution are eager to learn in an upmarket learning atmosphere committed to barber education, state razor shaves, patterns, and skin care, as well as all of the abilities required to pass their state boards with flying colours.

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Accepted students will have a deeper awareness of the complexities of the male style, a balanced curriculum of theory and practical skills, and will study a wide range of methods and techniques that will boost their professions beyond comparison.

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3. Empire Beauty Schools

Location: This school is headquartered in Pottsville, PA. 

Established in 1934, Empire Beauty Schools have been training beauty professionals throughout the country for decades and has kept a clean record of outstanding performances over the years which has offered it a spot in this list of good barber schools in the world. 

One thing I like about this school is that they hire industry specialists to teach a wide range of courses and professions, and their students can work as Hairstylist, Hair Color Specialist, Nail Technician, Salon Owners, Platform Artists (promoters), or mix of these.

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4. Paul Mitchell Schools

Location: This school operates in over 100 locations throughout the United States of America. 

If you want to be a brilliant barber and are looking for the greatest barbering schools in the world, Paul Mitchell School is the place to be.

Every year, over 10,000 students graduate from one of this school’s six different programs and admitted students who choose a profession in barbering from this institution will learn/practice all foundational skills throughout their curriculum.

One positive element of this school is that admitted students have the option of studying barbering, cosmetology, esthetics, nails, cosmetics, or teaching, and each of these areas of study progresses pupils through a three-tiered plan: Core, Adaptive, and Creative. 

Finally, at the completion of each degree at this university, students are paid to work under the supervision of a licensed professional, gaining further real-world experience and good recommendations before entering their sector.

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5. Aveda Institutes

Location: Headquartered in Blaine, Minnesota. 

Aveda Institutes has also been named one of the finest barber schools in the world, and they take pleasure in being an industry-leading and professional barber and cosmetology school.

Aveda Institution, founded in 1977, is most recognized for its high-quality hair, skin, and body products, but its standard of quality extends to its institutes as well. This school provides an eco-friendly and wellness-oriented alternative to traditional beauty schools.

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All admitted students at this institution have the option of enrolling in cosmetology or massage therapy, and each of these programs has a reputation for providing a solid core curriculum and is well-regarded in the business.

Since the establishment of this school, it has blossomed into a highly sought-after professional, due to its reputation and rigours. 

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6. American College of Barbering

Location: Louisville, Kentucky, and Northern Kentucky. 

Since 2008, the American College of Barbering has been largely focused on the barbering arts, and it has established a strong brand for itself as well as graduated a large number of students who are doing well in the barbering industry.

This institution’s admitted students will master the noble arts of trimming, cutting, fading, beard treatment, and straight razor shaving. This school also has full-service barber shops that are open to the public at reasonable prices so that students can learn how to cut, groom, and work with clients throughout their studies.

One good thing about this school is that all instructors are professional barbers who have decades of experience in the industry, which helps the students to have a high level of confidence in the skills they developed and be highly marketable upon graduation. 

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7. Tricoci University

Location: Tricoci University has 15 different campuses located primarily in Illinois, with 4 in Indiana, and 1 in Wisconsin.

The Tricoci University of Beauty Culture is named after its founder, Mario Tricoci, and it is also one of the world’s greatest barber schools.

Having 15 separate universities and still doing well because each university offers a superior curriculum in cosmetology, barbering, esthetics, nail technology, and education that meets Mario Tricoci’s high professional requirements.

This school features well-equipped facilities that are used to provide all admitted students with the opportunity to master the finer points of retail sales and how to create good customer connections.

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8. Central Oklahoma College

Location: Oklahoma City 

Central Oklahoma College provides a variety of cosmetology and medical sciences degree plans, as well as programs in cosmetology, esthetics, massage, and barbering.

Accepted students are exposed to a varied spectrum of experts at the school, which also has a big facility with clinics, labs, full-service salons, and a dozen fully-equipped massage treatment rooms.

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One positive aspect of this school is that admitted students have the option of taking classes in a variety of subjects or following a predetermined path.

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9. Spa Tech Institute

Location: Westbrook/Portland, Maine (New Campus)

Spa Tech Institute is ranked among the best barbering schools in the globe because they provide students with a wide range of cosmetology courses and degree programs to choose from, and their barbering program is a rigorous and accredited curriculum that students may complete in as little as eight months.

Spa Tech students have access to high-quality personnel and participate in community outreach initiatives, and the school works hard to develop its students to be imaginative and creative thinkers, understanding that the barbershop is much more than a place to get your hair cut.

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10. Borner’s Barber College

Location: 8913 S Western Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90047, USA

Broner’s Barber College is another great barbering institution in the world you can confidently apply for as they have a good admission rate. 

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FAQs on Best Barber Schools in the World

Do Barbers Make Enough Money?

Barbers earn an average income; according to studies, the average yearly compensation of a barber in the United States is roughly $37,230.
Following a little research, I discovered that most barbers work at least 40-hour weeks, and considering the amount of time spent at work, they are not well-compensated, but they earn as much as the typical person.

Where Are Barbers Paid the Most?

Below are some cities where barbers are paid a good salary. 
1. Washington, DC. $59.71 per hour. 12 salaries reported.
2. Tampa, FL. $37.79 per hour. 30 salaries reported.
3. Los Angeles, CA. $35.46 per hour. 27 salaries reported.
4. San Diego, CA. $31.06 per hour. 11 salaries reported.

Can I Make a Living as a Barber?

YES, you can make a living as a barber, and many barbers in big cities make six figures or more; it all depends on how hard you work.

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