Best Psychology Schools in the World – Cost, Locations, Admission Rates, and Others

Best Psychology Schools in the World

Suppose you have a passion for psychology and want to study psychology at a prestigious institution. You should use this list of the most outstanding, unique, and best psychology schools in the world.

What is Psychology All About?

According to research, psychology is the scientific study of the human mind and behavior. This can also include the study of conscious and unconscious phenomena, like human feelings and thoughts.

Studying psychology will offer you an understanding of human behavior and mental processes and allow you to fully understand how humans think, act, and feel.

What Are The Reasons To Study Psychology?

Studying psychology helps you in various aspects, which include:

Develop domain-specific knowledge.
It also allows you fully understand yourself.
Psychology enables you to understand the people around you.
It also allows you to improve your communication skills.
Cultivate the ability to research.
Psychology sharpens your critical thinking.
It also enhances your employability.

List of Universities for Psychology Degree Program

1. Stanford University – United States
2. University of Cambridge – United Kingdom
3. Princeton University – United States
4. UCL – United Kingdom
5. Harvard University – United States
6. University of California, Berkeley United States
7. Yale University – United States
8. King’s College – London United Kingdom
9. University of Pennsylvania – United States
10. University of Michigan-Ann Arbor – United States

What are the Best Psychology Schools in the World

Although we have numerous institutions that offer unique psychology courses in the world, the below listed are our world’s best and their locations.

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Furthermore, we attached each school’s direct link to their department of psychology web portal to help you make more inquiries before applying.

1. University of Cambridge

Cost: £9,250 Per Year

Location: Department of Psychology, Downing Pl, Cambridge CB2 3EB, UK

Admission Rates: 21%

Ranking first on our list of most outstanding psychology schools in the world is the University of Cambridge, known to have kept an exceptional academic record since its establishment.

This institution’s psychological and behavioral sciences trips tend to cover teaching in cognitive, social, developmental, and biological psychology within the broader context of the behavioral sciences, which helps all admitted students greatly to excel in psychology after graduation.

You might be interested to know that most undergraduates at the University of Cambridge can conduct regular laboratory work from their second year onwards to supplement their coursework and seminar learning.

Some of the potential areas of study in this institution are:
Developmental psychology
Cognitive psychology
Family relationships and influences
Personality and group social behavior.

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2. Harvard University

Cost: $57,246 Per Academic

Location: ___

Admission Rates: __

Suppose you want to study psychology in a well-acknowledged and prestigious institution. In that case, you should consider Harvard University, as it also got a spot among the world’s best psychology institutions with outstanding academic performance over the years.

You might love to know that psychology is among the most popular courses of study at the undergraduate level at Harvard University, and all undergraduates in this institution are allowed to freely choose one of three study tracks, which are:
The general track (offers the most excellent flexibility),
The cognitive neuroscience and evolutionary psychology track
The cognitive science track.

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Lastly, the graduate psychology program at Harvard University covers four (4) major research themes: cognition, brain, and behavior; developmental psychology; social psychology; and clinical science.

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3. Stanford University

Cost: Undergraduate: 55,473 Graduate: 1,166-24,354

Location: Building 420, 450 Jane Stanford Way, Stanford, CA 94305, USA

Admission Rates: ___

Studying psychology at Stanford University offers a more significant opportunity to research addictive behaviors, psychopathology, risk, and stereotyping, which will help perfect you for real-life activities.

Stanford University ranks among the best psychology schools in the world. Its psychology department was one of the first to be established at the institution and has good undergraduate and postgraduate programs, with the latter emphasizing research training.

According to research, the department of psychology in this great institution is split into five (5) research groups, which are:

Cognitive psychology
Developmental psychology and
Social psychology.

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4. Princeton University

Cost: $57,410

Location: Peretsman-Scully Hall

Admission Rates:__

The psychology department at Princeton University has produced six Distinguished Contributions awards from the American Psychological Association and three (3) William James Fellow Awards from the Association for Psychological Science, and this institution has also ranked among the best and most outstanding psychology institutions in the world with good acceptance and graduation rate.

Consider studying psychology in this prestigious institution as their graduate study is focused on systems neuroscience, cognitive neuroscience, personality and social psychology, perception and cognition, and physiological psychology to help perfect students to do great in psychology after graduation.

You might love that the school’s psychology department is closely affiliated with the Princeton Neuroscience Institute, which conducts various dept research on neuroscience and psychological function.

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5. UCL


Location: 26 Bedford Way, London WC1H 0AP, UK

Admission Rates: 11%

Another outstanding institution to study psychology and graduate with a degree in UCL is known to have a unique Division of Psychology and Language Sciences and also the largest department of its kind in the United Kingdom.

This school also got a spot among the world’s most outstanding psychology institutions with splendid academic performance over the years. The school has more than 120 academic staff members and approximately 1,500 students.

You might love to know that the British Psychological Society accredits the undergraduate program offered at UCL, and graduates are also eligible to become members.

UCL is worth applying for if you want to study psychology, as the department offers 20 master’s degrees in business psychology, neuroscience, decision science, and human-computer interaction.

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