7 Best Animation Schools In Europe – Location and Degree Programs

Best Animation Schools In Europe
Best Animation Schools In Europe

Just as we have compiled a list of the most outstanding animation schools in the world, we have compiled a list of the top 7 best animation schools in Europe and their locations.

We all know that animation is among the fastest-growing industry and the most exciting field of art in our time, and most big film industries or studios like Pixar and Dreamworks create animations that reach millions of people every year.

To do great in the animation industry, you need education, which will help perfect you to do well in all aspects of animation and offer you a certificate that will increase your chances of getting work in big industries after graduation.

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What is Animation?

According to research, animation (cartoons) uses digital methods to manipulate still objects to appear as moving objects. Furthermore, in traditional animation, most images are painted, hands-on, transparent celluloid sheets, which will be photographed and exhibited on film.

However, in our modern days, most seen or watched animations are made with computer-generated imagery, which shows how fast the animation industry is developing.

What Is The Use Of Animation?

Animation, also known as a cartoon, is used on TV, phones, and the internet.

Most watched animations keep young kids busy and their eyes glued to the television, making them happy and educating them.

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Importance Of Animation

1. Animation helps educate children and keeps them entertained/busy.
2. It allows one to communicate ideas quickly.
3. You might love to know that animation is a cost-saving communication strategy.
4. Lastly, most animations provide ideas for real-life scenarios faced during learning and other activities.

What are the Best Animation Schools in Europe?

You should know that Europe is home to the best animation institutions in the world, and we have numerous schools in Europe that offer animation courses, which below listed are the top best you can apply for.


You can also visit the school’s direct website by clicking the links attached to read more about the institutions before applying.

1. Aalto University

Location: 02150 Espoo, Finland

Degrees offered: Masters

Ranking first in our list of best animation schools in Europe is the Aalto University Masters of Animation, known to be among Finland’s top design schools with a reasonable acceptance rate.

You might love to know that the Master’s degree offered in this school’s Animation department provides admitted students with all the opportunities needed to study under some of Finland’s best and most experienced animators.


Students in this institution are focused on specific unique topics like character animation, pre-production, and direction, with many other options available to help perfect them for real-life experience.

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2. Berlin School of Business and Innovation

Location: Alte Post, Karl-Marx-Straße 97-99, 12043 Berlin, Germany

Degrees offered: Bachelor

If you want to do great in the animation industry, consider enrolling in the BSBI Faculty of Creative Industries. They offer a unique bachelor’s degree in animation and have a reasonable admission rate for interested students.

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BSBI also got a spot among the best and outstanding animation schools in Europe, as they offer premier animation courses that rank high among other schools in Germany.

You might love to know that the Bachelor’s degree in animation available at the BSBI offers admitted students the opportunity to study the principles of animation and gives them room to partake in various practical classes that will allow them to build up their portfolios.

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3. The Animation Workshop

Location: Kasernevej 5, 8800 Viborg, Denmark

Degrees offered: Bachelor

Having unique Animation Workshop Programs and Courses, this school also got a spot among the best animation institutions in Europe, with unique degrees in character animation and computer graphics art.

The school offers an open workshop daily practice, which helps perfect its students greatly. All applicants who succeed well in the workshop can work on specific projects within a supportive and talent-rich environment.

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4. Bournemouth University

Location: Fern Barrow, Poole BH12 5BB, UK

Degrees offered: Bachelor, Masters

Bournemouth University Faculty of Media & Communication is another excellent animation department in Europe, with over 17,000 students attending the college.

This outstanding school offers admitted students the opportunity to practice cutting-edge techniques, such as virtual reality alongside cinematography fundamentals, to perfect its admitted students to do great as well.

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5. University Ramon Llull

Location: Carrer de Claravall, 1, 3, 08022 Barcelona, Spain

Degrees offered: Bachelor, Masters.

Another excellent animation institution you can enroll in is Ramon Llull University, which offers unique Bachelor’s and Masters’s degree programs. This school is perfect for every student wanting to do great in animation.

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Admitted students study topics like 3D Modeling, Composition, and Rigging, which helps perfect them for real-life experience.

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6. Royal College of Art

Location: Kensington Gore, South Kensington, London SW7 2EU, UK

Degrees offered: Masters

Royal College of Art Masters of Animation also ranks among the best animation universities in Europe. The school offers an excellent opportunity for students to practice illustration and painting, which can help perfect them for the future after graduation.

You might love that this great university also offers more specialized techniques like extra-cinematic animation and installations, as it helps graduate students do great in the real world.

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7. Gobelins, l’École de l’image

Location: 73 Bd Saint-Marcel, 75013 Paris, France

Degrees offered: Bachelor, Masters.

Gobelins Animated Filmmaker Programs is among the best programs that can make you perfect in the field of animation, as the school has graduated a good number of students who are doing great in society, ranking it among the best animation schools in Europe.

In this institution, you get several long-term unique animation programs, which include certain degrees at the bachelor’s and Master’s levels to offer a solid grounding in animation, as you can learn about gestures, visual storytelling, and character animation.

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Studying animation in Europe offers a more significant opportunity to do great in that field and quickly get jobs in prominent industries, as Europe is home to several excellent animation schools.

Make your choice of institution to enroll in, and also visit the school’s portal to gain more information about each school before applying.

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