6 Bad Behaviors That Affects Relationships

6 Bad Behaviors That Affects Relationships

What is Relationship?

In my opinion, Relationship is a “very close connection” between two people who have deep emotional feelings for each other.

When you are in a relationship with someone from the opposite sex, you become connected to that person and share things together, also share solutions.

Relationship is a sweet union that brings joy, not pain. You can have misunderstandings, but should be settled without hurting anyone’s feelings. But when the misunderstandings becomes a daily routine, then that relationship is on the line of crashing.

Everyone is pron to make mistakes and be corrected immediately. We learn from our mistakes and also make adjustments, so it won’t repeat itself again in the future. But when that mistake continues, then your relationship has opened up to crashing.

Most human behaviors affects relationships if not corrected. Occasionally, we display some behaviors that affect our partner, and as it continues, it makes the partner get bored with the relationship, and may want packing out.

In this Article, We will be looking at some behaviours that kills the Joy, Fun and Love in Relationships. Take note of the Joy killer behaviours are make necessary amendments if you really want to enjoy your sweet LOVE.

6 Bad Behaviors That Affects Relationships

6 Bad Behaviors That Affects Relationships


Never pressure your partner in anything, always know her opinion. Your opinion should not always count, let your partner also contribute because you both are equal. Never pressure her into doing things she may not want to do at a particular time.

Most people pressure their partner into sex, when he/she may not be ready or willing to do so at the moment. Some pressure their partner changing their lifestyles and many more.

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Pressure is among the best relationship killer because at the end it may turn to regrets. Try to seek your partners’ opinion in things, don’t let only your opinion to count.

Most times, when we adopt the behavior of “nagging and complaining”, it’s another form of pressure, which can lead our partners into doing things not their choice, just to please you.

Try to always appreciate the little your partner has done, and offer corrections with love and tenderness, that person will surely learn. (NOBODY IS PERFECT)


Humiliation is another relationship killer, and they are different forms of Humiliation. You can humiliate your partner by calling him/her names in front of people or even in private.

We have physical humiliation, which involves beating your partner up (Bullying). Furthermore, don’t compare your partner with others because it’s another great killer of relationships.


Jealousy is a sign that you love someone, and you want to avoid sharing that person with another, but when it comes in excess, then it becomes a killer in the relationship.

Excess jealous, can lead you into not trusting your partner, which in turn makes him/her feel hurt and uncomfortable in the union.


Many things are agents that promotes lack of communication in a relationship. Which are listed below:

(a). Social Media: Many pay more time to the fun of social media, and forget to give time to their personal life/partner.

(b). Cell Phone: This is another killer in a relationship because most people offers more attention to their cell phones than partner.

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(c) Work: Most times, our daily work can be a preventive measure to the fun in our relationships.


Many people choose to act ungrateful to what their partner does, as a sign to make him/her do more, but truth remains that been ungrateful kills the zeal of that person.

Try to always appreciate him/her for the little done, then that person can have the zeal to do more.

Say “NO” to the above stated Behaviors, and you will surely enjoy your relationship.

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