Veritas University Courses and School Fees (Latest Update)

Veritas University Courses and School Fees

Veritas University Courses and School Fees: Seeking to know the courses offered at any higher institution before applying is the best thing to do, as it will help you decide if the institution has what you want or not.

Every tertiary institution has a list of courses they offer, and in most cases, those courses are accredited for them to offer. So with proper research on courses institutions offer, you will know the institution that offers the particular course of your choice, and then you can further on in applying for it.

However, those who want to know more about Veritas University, including the courses they offer, school fees and others, should sit tight and enjoy this article from TwinkleHub.

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About Veritas University 

Veritas University is a well-known private university, located in Abuja. This school has earned a good reputation among the best private universities in Nigeria and has also graduated a good number of students doing great in society.

Established in March 2002 by the Catholic Church in Nigeria, Veritas University has good building structures, including conducive learning classes and equipment workshops for students’ practicals and perfections. 

Veritas University School Fees

Currently, the Veritas University school fees (tuition fee) range from ₦670,000.00 (Six Hundred and Seventy Thousand Naira) to ₦1,786,000.00 (One Million, Seven Hundred and Eighty Six Thousand Naira). 

Also, know that Veritas University School Fees vary as it depends on the course of study with other incurred fees as well.

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Veritas University School Fees For Foreign Students

Foreign students are welcomed at Veritas University, and their school fees vary as well depending on the faculty you are.

Veritas University school fees for all admitted foreign students range from $650 to $1,500. Also admitted foreign students are also welcome to pay their fees in foreign currency.

Veritas University Courses

Below is a list of courses offered at Veritas University for your pick. 

For Pre-University:

  1. Foundation in Arts (Conventional and ODL)
  2. Foundation in Science (Conventional)
  3. Diploma in Early Childhood Education (Conventional and ODL)


  1. BA (Hons) Business Administration (Conventional and ODL)
  2. BA (Hons) Accounting & Finance (Conventional and ODL)
  3. BBA (Hons) Digital Transformation (ODL)
  4. Bachelor of Information Technology (Conventional)
  5. Bachelor of Information Technology (Hons) (ODL)
  6. Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Psychology (ODL)
  7. Bachelor of Communication (Hons) Branding & Digital Marketing (Conventional)
  8. Bachelor of Communication (Hons) Branding & Digital Marketing (ODL)
  9. Bachelor of Education (Hons) Early Childhood Education (Conventional)

For Postgraduate: 

  1. Master of Business Administration (Conventional and ODL)
  2. Master of Arts in Law (ODL)
  3. Masters of Corporate Law & Governance (ODL)
  4. MBA in Corporate Law (ODL)
  5. MBA (Digital Transformation) (ODL)
  6. MBA in Digital Marketing (ODL)
  7. Master of Education (ODL)
  8. Doctor of Business Administration (ODL)

For Postgraduate Diploma in Teaching & Learning: 

  1. PhD in Education (ODL)

For further inquiries on Veritas University Courses, you can visit the school’s official portal using the link below.

Veritas University Portal for Courses ( 

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How To Pay For Veritas University School Fees

  1. The first step to paying Veritas University School fees is to visit their admission portal, using this link ( 
  2. However, new students should link to the ‘Applicant‘ option, but returning students should click on the ‘Students‘ option.
  3. The next step is to provide your correct login details to access the portal.
  4. When your portal is accessed, kindly locate a dashboard where you can click on the ‘Generate Remita‘ button.
  5. When you have hit the “Generate Remita” option, another page will shortly open, where you have options to pick which Payment Remita you want to generate.
  6. After selecting of desired payment option, then click on ‘Generate RRR‘ should it open the RRR interface.
  7. When the RRR interface is opened, click on ‘Pay”, complete your payment process with the payment method of your choice, and then you’re done paying your school fees.

Note, that once you have successfully paid your fees, a notification message should be sent to your registered mail as well, as part of confirmation. You can also use the same method to pay for other fees.

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