Discover the Top Richest Tribes in Africa (Latest Update)

Richest Tribes in Africa

If you seek to know the wealthiest/richest tribes in Africa, TwinkleHub offers you a list of top African Tribes that are very rich in resources and currency, including other important things about those tribes.

A higher percentage of tribes in Africa are naturally blessed with natural resources, and they also work hard to make good from those resources, which got them globally known among the wealthiest.

A brief look into the top wealthiest tribes in Africa will help you with a better understanding of what makes them prosperous, including how other tribes can be better as well. Below are the top African richest tribes to know.

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What are the Top Richest Tribes in Africa?

1. The Igbo Tribe

First on our list of richest tribes in Africa is the Igbo tribe, known to be located in Nigeria, occupying various top business sectors in Nigeria.

The Igbos are known for their unique business abilities, which got many Igbo businessmen and women known not just in Nigeria but around the African continent.

Most Igbo people are intelligent, as they value education and also occupy some political positions, while others occupy most business sectors, and have numerous investments that keep them on the chart of wealthy people in the country.

Richest Tribes in Africa
Richest Tribes in Africa

2. The Yoruba Tribe 

The people of Yoruba are known to be also wealthy, which made them among the richest people (tribe) in Africa with good education as well. Education is among the things they value, which got them not just the richest, but also among the most educated tribes in Africa.

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Because the people of the Yoruba Tribe value education strongly, it has helped keep most of their people in political positions with influential powers, and we also have philosophers who are Yorubas.

South Western Nigeria, is the homeland of the Yoruba, with a number of developed cities in Nigeria like Lagos, Ogun, Ibadan and others.

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3. Suri Tribe

The people of Suri are another wealthy tribe in Africa, found in the highlands, and countries like Sudan and Ethiopia with a rich culture of piercing lips and insertion of broad metal plates.

The Suri tribe are known to speak Surma, and they are located in southwestern Ethiopia, with a pastoral nature. The people of this tribe are rich because of their modern agriculture practices, as they farm greatly, harvest things in bulk and sell to earn good money.

4. The Ashanti Tribe

Located in Ghana, the Ashanti Tribe also got a spot among the top richest tribes in Africa, with a large quantity of Gold, which makes them very wealthy among others.

They are not just the wealthiest but also the largest in West Africa. Kumasi is known to be their motherland, and their zeal to make wealth has kept them in some political positions and businesses in the country.

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5. The Zulu Tribe 

Ranking 5th among the richest tribes in Africa, is the people of Zulu, found in South Africa, known to speak isiZulu, and they can be also found in other African countries like Zambia, and Zimbabwe.

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We all know that South Africa is also among the biggest countries in Africa, including some tribes like Zulu, also known to be among the tribes that value Agricultural activities, education, and politics which has grown them widely in wealth and popularity.

6. The Oromo Tribe

Located in Northeastern Africa, and they make up 40% of Ethiopia, with a good work passion that got them among the wealthiest people in Africa.

The Oromo tribe are strong in Agriculture and business, which has helped sustain them, and also made them wealthy with various business opportunities.

Richest Tribes in Africa
Richest Tribes in Africa

7. The Xhosa Tribe

The people of Xhosa, found in the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa, are among the wealthiest tribes in Africa with a love for Agricultural activities, business and education.

Their strong work zeal has painted them among the richest people (The Xhosa Tribe) in South Africa and also in Africa.

8. The Pedi Tribe 

Just as the people of Zulu are known for their wealth in South Africa, the People of Pedi are also among the richest tribes in South Africa and in Africa as well. 

The people of Pedi, own a high portion of land, coupled with their work energy, which makes them wealthy and remain wealthy among other tribes.

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9. The Hausa/Fulani Tribe

The people of Hausa/Fulani, are located in the Northern part of Nigeria, known to be very strong in Agriculture with numerous lands which gives them wealth, and sustains them among the richest tribes in Africa.

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Secondly, the Fulani are known for cattle rearing and they are not just found in Nigeria but in other African countries like Niger Republic, and Chad.

10. The El Molo Tribe

Last on our list of wealthiest tribes in Africa is the El Molo, also acknowledged as Elmo, occupying a small portion of Kenya with a rich culture of agriculture, as they major in fishing and hunting. 

Not just agriculture, the people of El Molo are good in business, and they speak their mother tongue, which is El Molo.

Which Is The Largest Tribe In Africa? 

The Oromo Tribe, occupying 40% of Ethiopia is recognized as the largest tribe in Africa, with agriculture and business opportunities for their people.


Africa is blessed with numerous natural resources and has tribes that are very wealthy and known around the continent, but the above listed are our top 10 richest tribes, so if you feel there is a need for a certain tribe to be included, you can use the comment section to list those tribes or the tribe, and further research will be done before including.

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