Top Nursing Universities in Australia You Will Love

Top Nursing Universities in Australia

Are you searching for the top Nursing Universities in Australia? Twinklehub offers a few lists of the best Nursing institutions in Australia, with detailed information about those institutions and their direct school portal link for more inquiries.

Nursing is a vital element of the medical field, and it’s a profession that focuses on human health and promotes individuals’ well-being, making it a highly demanding educational course among many students and schools.

Due to the numerous career opportunities in Nursing, we have high demand in this field of education. Students who can enroll in this program in any institution must have what it takes to be there, as your results must be perfect.

We have various institutions that offer unique nursing courses. Still, it would help if you enrolled in a well-accredited nursing institution, so you can graduate with a certificate that will offer you higher chances for a job in the medical field.

Why Study Nursing in Australia?

Australia is among the best countries to pursue nursing education due to its advanced educational facilities, numerous job opportunities, and good pay.

Australia also has top institutions that offer unique nursing courses. Also, it accepts international students from all over the world, which allows you to mingle with people from various parts of the world.

Furthermore, Australia has a high demand for nurses with good pay, which gives you a higher chance of getting a good/decent job after graduation from any prestigious nursing university.

Top Nursing Universities in Australia

With little waste of time, below is a good list of top nursing universities in Australia, and each has a direct link to their school portal attached, which can offer you easy access to their portal for more inquiries.

1. Griffith University

Griffith University is ranked first in our list of best nursing universities in Australia, is known to have unique educational facilities, and the institution offers innovative teaching and learning.

You might love that this institution offers online, offline, and mixed learning modes. It also welcomes international students to seek nursing courses in different specializations with online classes, as they offer Bachelor’s degree in Nursing and Bachelor’s degree in Midwifery.

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2. Monash University

Offering a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing and Midwifery, Monash University also ranked among the best nursing schools in Australia, with numerous campuses, at Clayton Campus, Caulfield Campus, Peninsula Campus, Parkville Campus, Law Chambers, and 750 Collins Street.

This institution also has a good range of graduate and postgraduate programs in various specializations for students in the country and internationally.

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3. The University of Technology Sydney

University of Technology Sydney is a well-accredited public research institution that is also recognized among the best nursing schools in Australia, with well-equipped academic facilities and teachers.

This University has more than 20 campuses for international students, with a good admission rate, and has a good number of clinical facilities across New South Wales, which perfects admitted students as they get real-life practical teaching.

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4. Notre Dame Bachelor of Nursing

Notre Dame Bachelor of Nursing is a private catholic university in Australia, with over 12,000 students enrolled in this nursing program yearly. They offer undergraduate and postgraduate courses in different nursing specializations to help perfect admitted students for a career in nursing after graduation.

Students can also pursue online programs and webinars, and this institute has three campuses, which are situated spread cost-to-cost in Sydney, New South Wales, and Perth.

Admitted students can pursue some unique nursing courses in this school. The school has advanced educational ways to educate its students and offer them the best medical equipment to help better them.

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5. University of Melbourne

The University of Melbourne is one of the best nursing schools in Australia with outstanding academic performance as they have advanced educational facilities and unique courses for admitted students to help perfect them in their field of passion.

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You might love to know that the University of Melbourne has an acceptance rate of 70% for its international students, with up to ten residential colleges, and every college offers cultural and sporting facilities to students.

Some nursing courses admit students could seek Bachelor’s in nursing, a Master’s in advanced nursing, nursing science, and others.

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6. The Queensland University of Technology

The Queensland University of Technology is another great nursing university with high-tech educational facilities and medical equipment that helps perfect students’ learning. It has a good enrolment rate for international students.

Having four campuses at Garden Point, Kelvin Grove, Carseldine, and Caboolture, this University offers 100+ undergraduate and postgraduate programs, and admitted students could also seek courses in different fields of their choice to help perfect them for their future.

The school also offers online certification programs for scholars and advanced nursing and midwifery courses to scholars globally.

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7. Deakin University

Deakin University is another great nursing University in Australia and a public institution with outstanding academic performance. Established in 1974, this University is situated in Victoria, Australia.

One of the good facts about this University is that its professional educators work greatly on enhancing ethical, conceptual, and practical skills for its admitted students and admit brilliant students from different countries.

Having five good campuses, the school offers Bachelor’s Degrees in Nursing, and students can boldly seek admission on three campuses, which are Burwood, Geelong Waterfront, and Warrnambool.

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8. Adelaide Nursing School

Offering unique Bachelor’s degrees in Nursing and Midwifery, Adelaide Nursing school is another outstanding nursing university in Australia with a good admission rate for international students.

The quality faculty of Nursing in this school is highly-educated and works to enhance the hands-on skills of all admitted nursing students, as they offer 28 unique nursing programs.

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Adelaide Nursing School has four great campuses: the North Terrace, Waite, Roseworthy, and Melbourne, which offers students the opportunity to choose the location according to their course and convenience.

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9. University of New Castle

Established in 1965, the University of New Castle also got a spot in this list of best nursing universities in Australia, as it is a high-reputed institution in Callaghan, Australia.

Having over 100 undergraduate and postgraduate programs, the University of New Castle opens the gate to around 2000 international learners each year, and it has over 125 nursing undergraduate and 26 postgraduate programs.

Having campuses in Callaghan, Ourimbah, Port Macquarie, Singapore, and Sydney CBD, students can also pursue their education online.

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10. University of South Australia

The University of South Australia (UniSA) is another great institution that offers unique nursing courses. The school is known as its center of excellence and innovation, with over 19,000 students enrolled in various educational programs.

This school offers bachelor’s and master’s programs in Nursery and Midwifery in different specialties, making it one of the best nursing schools in Australia. It has a good acceptance rate for international students.

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Where Is The Best Place In Australia For Nurses?

Perth, Western Australia, is one of the best cities to grow yourself as a nurse, as they pay their registered nurses an average annual salary of $81,162.

Which University Is Best In Australia For Bsc Nursing?

We have various Universities that are perfect for Bsc Nursing in Australia, and those institutions are:

  1. The University of Sydney
  2. The University of Queensland
  3. Monash University
  4. The University of Adelaide
  5. University of Technology, Sydney

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