Discover the Top Most Educated Tribes in Nigeria (Latest Update)

Most Educated Tribes in Nigeria

There is no doubt that Nigeria has numerous educated tribes with standard educational structures and facilities, but this article reveals the top most educated tribes in Nigeria.

Nigeria has a good number of well-built schools with citizens who value education. There are many top professors, and scholars who are Nigerians, and painting the country well in other countries.

Education has done greater good to the country and has helped shape the country to the better standard it is now, with the help of education politicians, scholars and professors. To those who seek to know the top most educated tribes in Nigeria, sit tight and enjoy this piece of article from TwinkleHub.

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The Top Most Educated Tribes in Nigeria

1. The Yoruba Tribe 

The Yorubas are always known to be the top most educated tribes in Nigeria and Africa, as they value education deeply, and also have the most educated people and scholars in the country.

The people of the Yoruba Tribe are very powerful in the country, very intelligent due to their love/value for education, and dominate a bigger position in the political sectors.

 UNESCO has also ranked Lagos as the most brilliant state in the country with a low illiteracy level, and standard learning structures like the UniLag (University of Lagos), and others.

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2. The Igbo Tribe

No doubt, the Igbos come next after the Yorubas whenever it comes to education, which got them ranked second on this list of most educated tribes in Nigeria, and they are also known among the most educated tribes in Africa.

The Igbos are not just the most intelligent tribe in Nigeria, but also among the richest for their unique business skills, and ability to stand out among others. In every aspect of education, the Igbos are found, and there is a good number of Igbo scholars, including politicians who are helping the country with their intelligence.

The Igbos are found in almost every part of the World, as they explore to find various opportunities, and they don’t joke with any opportunity that will excel them in both business and otherwise.

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3. The Edo Tribe 

The Edo Tribes are known as the largest city in the country, with prominent people who occupy various political positions because of their intelligence.

Because of their value for education, the people of Edo, are ranked among the most intelligent people in Nigeria, including having a good amount of schools that help perfect their young children.

4. The Calabar Tribe

The people of Calabar, also got a spot among the most educated tribes in Nigeria as they have value for education which has made them unique from others. We have many people from the Tribe of Calabar known all over the country for their intelligence and achievements in the Movie industry, political sectors and business industry.

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5. The Hausa Tribe

Most people in Nigeria don’t recognize the Hausas as intelligent people, but they value education as well. We have a good number of brilliant Hausa Politicians, professors and Businessmen who are doing great in the country, which got the Hausa Tribe a spot among the most intelligent tribes in Nigeria.

6. The Tiv

The Tiv people also value education and have people who have achieved greater goals and are recognized as well. Without a doubt, the people of Tiv are among the most educated people in Nigeria.

With a good purse for education and value for their culture, they have occupied various positions in the political sectors and business as well.

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7. The Urhobos Tribe

The Urhobos are people from the Southern part of the country (Nigeria), who dwell near the Niger Delta in the northwest and are among the most intelligent tribes in Nigeria with value for education.

8. The Ijaw Tribe 

The Nigerian ethnic group who inhabit the Niger Delta states of Akwa Ibom, Bayelsa, Delta, Edo, Ondo, and Rivers, the People of Ijaw also value education which got them on the list of Nigerian most educated tribes.

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9. The Isoko Tribe

Ranking next on our list of Nigerian most educated tribes are the people of Isoko, known to have a rich culture, they are people from Southern Nigeria, as they inhabit the states of Delta and Bayelsa. 

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10. The Ibibio Tribe

The people of Ibibio reside near the coast in southern Nigeria, with value good education which got them good educational structures, with facilities to help perfect their young children, and this has also got them among the most educated tribes in Nigeria.


Nigeria is a country blessed with 36 states and approximately 371 tribes across over 250 ethnic groups, with numerous schools, which got the country to have numerous educated people, professors and scholars.

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