Top Best Universities in Liberia (Discover More)

Top Best Universities in Liberia

Are you seeking the best universities in Liberia, this article will ease your search, as it offers a list of outstanding tertiary institutions with accreditation in the country. 

Everyone who wants the best education, should take out time and search for the best in the state/country, know more about those schools and make a decision on the one that suits your interest, then move ahead into application.

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What are the Best Universities in Liberia?

Although we have many outstanding tertiary institutions in the country, below are our top universities with a few things about those schools that might interest you.

You can also visit each school’s official website for more inquiries, by using the links attached below them, or feel free to use the comment section below for questions.

1. The University of Liberia (UL) 

Address: 76X3+MX3, Monrovia, Liberia

Telephone: +231 77 632 2781

One of the best universities in Liberia is the University of Liberia, also known as UL. This university is a public institution, which was established in 195 by the Liberian government. 

The university has four (4) campuses and six (6) schools that offer unique courses and programs. With the standard learning facilities and conducive environment, this school has graduated a good number of students who are doing great in the country.

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2. The United Methodist University 

Address: 859V+2X4, Ashmun St, Monrovia, Liberia

Telephone: +231 224-911

Popular United Methodist University (UME), is another great tertiary institution in Liberia and also a private university with accreditation and a good enrollment of students every year.

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This school values its student’s interest, and since it was established in 1998 it has kept a good profile of graduating a good number of outstanding students. The school (UMU) offers 30 diploma, undergraduate, and graduate programs through six colleges.

Some of this school’s programs include Computer Science, Management & Administration, Education, Health Sciences, Liberal Arts, and Fine Arts. 

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3. African Methodist Episcopal University (AMEU)

Address: 856X+6GX, Monrovia, Liberia

Telephone: +231 779002214

Ranking next on our list of best universities in Liberia is the African Methodist Episcopal University, also known as AMEU and it’s found in Monrovia. This school was founded in 1995 and was fully accredited by The Liberian Ministry of Education.

This school’s unique curriculum has kept them unique and also recognized among the best. AMEU offers good/unique undergraduate and graduate programs organized by academic faculties, and they have good facilities for learning as well.

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4. Adventist University of West Africa (AUWA)

Address: 120 Camp Johnson Rd, Monrovia, Liberia

Telephone: +231 77 051 2279

Owned and Operated by The Seventh-day Adventist Church in Liberia, the Adventist University of West Africa, also known as AUWA is another good university in Liberia you can think of enrolling, as they welcome every student who has a passion for learning.

Established in 2003, AUWA has earned recognition among the best universities in Liberia because of its unique curriculum, and the school is made up of three colleges that provide more than 12 programs.

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5. Cuttington University (CU)

Address: 2CRW+5FC, Phebe, Liberia

Telephone: +231 227 413

Cuttington University, also recognized as CU is an outstanding private university in Liberia, keeping good standards since it was established in 1998. This school is officially accredited by Liberia’s Ministry of Education.

You may love to know that CU’s curriculum covers programs like Medicine, Arts & Humanities, Psychology, Biology, Chemistry, Biochemistry, and others. The school has a good enrollment and graduation number, and it’s known very well in most cities of Liberia.

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6. Smythe Institute College of Management & Technology (SICMT)

Address: Monrovia, Liberia – West Africa

Telephone: +231 06516503

Smythe Institute College of Management & Technology, also known as SICMT is a perfect university for those who seek a degree in management, business, or engineering.

Established in 1863, the SICMT is another good private institution in the country with official recognition, and the school aims to properly deliver high-quality educational programs.

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7. St Clements University College (SCUC)

Address: Tubman Blvd, Liberia

Telephone: +231 88 675 0083

The St Clements University College, also known as SCUC, is another outstanding university in Liberia with a conducive learning environment and facilities.

This school offers unique degree programs, with a good acceptance rate and professional lecturers to help shape young students into better people.

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8. Tubman Institution

Address: 98V5+3C3, Tubman Town, Harper, Liberia

Telephone: +231 88 639 8593

Another outstanding university in Liberia is the Tubman Institution, also known as William V.S. This school is another great public university in the country offering various degree programs.

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You might love to know that the Tubman Institution was established in 1978, with recognition by Peru’s Ministry of Education.

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9. Starz University (SU)

Address: Cheeseman Ave, Airfield Monrovia

Telephone: 0886-119-104

Anyone who seeks a well-disciplined tertiary institution in Liberia should consider Starz University, also known as SU. This school has contemporary facilities and highly qualified lecturers, which got it a spot among Liberia’s best universities.

SU was established in 2009, with the aim of perfecting young dreams, as it offers the best and unique IT learning environment, with standard facilities and conducive learning classes. This school is licensed by the Liberian government and has registered partners like Microsoft, Cisco, and IBM.

Students interested in learning computer skills or learning about information technology, in general, can enrol on SU, as they offer unique programs that cover all these aspects. You can visit the school for more information, by using the link below.

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