Top Best Technical Schools in Zambia

Best Technical Schools in Zambia

Seeking for the best technical schools in Zambia, TwinkleHub got you covered with the current list of some most outstanding Technical Schools (both high schools and tertiary institutions), to perfect your knowledge in science.

Every Technical Institution is known to offer the best in science/engineering using real laboratory equipment to help quicken your learning process during practical classes. Below are some of the best technical institutions in the country, including each school’s direct website link for your inquiries.

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Best Technical Schools in Zambia

1. Technical University Zambia

Type: Public University

Technical University Zambia is one of the biggest and most outstanding technical institutions in Zambia with good academic performances and standard building structures.

This school (Technical University Zambia) has made a name for itself as among the best in Zambia and Africa, with a good conducive learning environment.

2. David Kaunda National Technical Secondary School

Type: High School

Address: Yotam Muleya Rd, Lusaka, Zambia

Another outstanding technical school in Zambia is the David Kaunda National Technical Secondary School, previously identified as Hodgson Technical College, which is a well-established government boarding school in Zambia.

This school is located in popular woodlands Prospects Hill or main off Burma Road, along Yotamu Muleya Road, you can use the link below to visit the site for more inquiries.

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3. Lusaka Business and Technical College (LBTC)

Type: College 

Established in 1956 as Hodgson College, and later renamed to Lusaka Business and Technical College (LBTC), is another outstanding Technical School in Zambia with unique Business and Technical courses in the College portfolio.

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4. Solwezi Technical Secondary School

Type: High School

Solwezi Technical Secondary School is another perfect technical high school for kids who want to build their engineering career path, as the school has perfected many engineers in the country.

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5. BH Technical College

Type: College 


Tel. Contact:: +260 95 3259031/ +260977259032 +2609777335351

School Address: Off los angeles rd, opposite New Soweto BH Market 10101 Lusaka, Zambia

Founded in 1996 BH Technical College is another perfect technical school in Zambia established to produce qualified mechanics, as they offer different courses that will prepare all their admitted students for an exciting, perfect, and excellent paying career path as a Diesel Mechanic, an Auto-motive mechanic and also an Auto Electrical Mechanic. 

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6. Chizongwe Technical High School

Type: Boarding School

Location: Eastern Province, Zambia

Founded in the 1950s, the Chizongwe Secondary School is a well-known technical secondary school located north of Chipata, Eastern Province, Zambia, and has earned a spot among the best technical schools in Zambia and Africa.

It might also interest you to know that this institution is the only technical school in Eastern Province with a good learning environment and professional teachers as well.

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7. Kambule Technical Secondary School 

Type: High School

Established in March 1907 as the Barotse National School, before it was changed to Kambule Technical Secondary School, is the biggest and also the oldest government technical school in the Western Province of Zambia.  

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Located in Mongu, Zambia, Kambule Technical Secondary School offers good teaching and practical lessons in a conducive learning environment. Every parent who seeks the best technical school for their child should also consider the Kambule Technical Secondary School in Zambia.

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Be sure to visit the school website links attached for more inquiries before making your final decision on which school to enroll in. 

Also note that we have a combination of both high schools (secondary schools), universities, and colleges above, so check for the school type to know which you are seeking.

Feel free to use the comment section before to ask any questions regarding this topic and get quick feedback from our team. Good luck from TwinkleHub.

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