Top 8 Best Schools In Canada Toronto (Latest Ranking) 

Best Schools In Canada Toronto
Best Schools In Canada Toronto

Are you residing in Toronto and want to know the best colleges? Then this article has what you want, as we have made a list of the top 8 most outstanding schools in Toronto, Canada, with other handy information you might love to know. 

Top 8 Best Schools in Canada Toronto

Below is the compiled list of the best colleges in Toronto, Canada. 

1. University of Toronto

The remarkable University of Toronto is a big name in Canada and ranks among the most outstanding schools in Canada. And this school ranked number one in this list of best schools in Canada Toronto, with an excellent record of exceptional performance and graduated students. 

Furthermore, the prestigious and standard University of Toronto is the first higher learning institution in Upper Canada. It is renowned as one of the world’s best research universities that are doing great and imparting excellent knowledge to students with standard learning facilities. 

Lastly, the University of Toronto is ranked number 18 globally by the Times Higher Education (2020) and 17 by U.S. News. This great institution has created over 500 start-up companies in the last ten years. 

2. York University

York University is among the best schools in Canada and ranks high as one of the best colleges in Toronto with unique building structures. 

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Furthermore, the institution is Canada’s fourth-largest University, and all the students who obtain their degrees from the prestigious and outstanding University can expect to be hired soon after graduation. 

You might love that 94% of graduates are employed within two years, and the school is ranked 1st in Canada by Corporate Knights, Forbes, and CNN. 

York University also ranks 1st in all of Ontario for global collaborative research publications. The Times Higher Education Global Impact Ranking considers the institution as the 11th best in Canada and 67th best throughout the entire globe.


3. OCAD University

Established in 1876, OCAD University, also identified as Ontario College of Art and Design University, is one of the most outstanding colleges in Toronto Canada, with a reasonable admission rate. 

Furthermore, the school received university status in 2002 and is acknowledged as one of the oldest, largest, and most expansive design, media, and art universities in Canada. 

OCAD is also North America’s 3rd most prominent of 40 art and design universities. The great school is best known for its studio-based courses and commitment to research and experiential education, with an excellent record of graduated students doing great.  

4. Ryerson University

This great institution has a high admission rate, and it was recorded that more students apply to the school Ryerson than any other university located in Ontario, based on their high available space. 

Furthermore, the great institution has standard buildings and is the first University in Ontario to receive the Eagle Staff, recognizing schools’ efforts to support indigenous students. 

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You may love to know that in 2014, Ryerson University ranked as the best academic institution for undergraduate research in Canada, and they also boast a long list of successful students and alumni from diverse fields. 

5. Seneca College

Established in 1967, Seneca College also ranks high among the best schools in Toronto Canada, with an enrollment record of over 10,000 international students from over 120 different countries. 

The school is an English language institution that helps prepare its students for collegiate-level study through a 2- to 12-month language training program. It has expansive tech labs specializing in mechatronics and robotics courses, where students learn their practical skills to perfect them for their future. 

Furthermore, the institution has contributed to several noteworthy alumni’s success and kept a good record with a good number of graduated students. 

6. Centennial College

Established in 1965, the Centennial College is one of the best schools in Toronto Canada, and one of Canada’s Top 10 research schools. 


Furthermore, the institution is Toronto’s first community college and the oldest publicly-funded college in Ontario. The school offers a diverse environment, with over 100 ethnic groups represented and more than 80 languages spoken on campus. 

The Centennial College also offers a scholarship opportunity, a reasonable admission rate, and standard building structures for learning. 

7. George Brown College

In downtown Toronto, George Brown College is one of the best schools in Toronto Canada, and the first college to initiate a distance learning system. 

Furthermore, the institution is highly committed to providing experiential opportunities for admitted students. The great institution takes pride in many notable graduates, including comedian/actress/writer/TV host Samantha Bee. 

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8. Humber College

One of the largest polytechnic colleges in Canada with suitable building structures is Humber College. This school also ranks among the best polytechnic colleges in Canada and has a spot in this list of best schools in Canada Toronto. 

Furthermore, Humber College has been recognized as one of Canada’s Greenest Employers, and the school is known for its good works of donating or repurposing several thousand textbooks and offering 20 electric vehicle charging stations.

With a reasonable acceptance rate and tuition fee, you can apply to this school and enjoy the best education you wish for. 

Which College is Best for International Students in Toronto?

We have numerous best colleges for international students in Toronto, but our selected list of best colleges in Toronto, Canada, is below. 

  • Seneca College. 
  • Humber College. 
  • Centennial College. 
  • Algonquin College.
  • ILAC College.
  • Toronto School of Management. 
  • Tamwood International College. 
  • Evergreen College.


We hope our above-researched list of best colleges in Toronto, Canada, has eased your research and offered you some handy information you need. 

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