Top 6 Best Nursing Schools In Canada Toronto 

Best Nursing Schools In Canada Toronto 

Suppose you are searching for the best Nursing Schools in Canada Toronto. In that case, your search is over, as we offer you a well-researched list of the most outstanding colleges in Canada Toronto that offers Nursing courses and has well-equipped facilities for your practical studies. 

Everyone who has a passion for becoming a Nurse should enroll in a prestigious institution with a good graduation record of students doing great. And Canada is a perfect country that houses great institutions, ranks among the world’s best schools, and has standard building structures. 

Although nursing is a practical course, it also requires education to perfect you. And most nursing schools do more practicals, so you need to enroll in a school with standard laboratories and facilities, with professionals who will guide you through enabling you to learn well and be perfect in your field of study, so you can also do great after graduation. 

Why Study Nursing In Toronto, Canada? 

Canada is regarded as one of the best countries with a top education record and the best schools in the world. Most schools in Canada also accept international students and have a reasonable acceptance rate. 

Therefore, when you study Nursing in Canada, you have the opportunity to be taught or lectured by great professors, giving you higher chances of doing great in your field. 

In addition, Nurses are in high demand in Canada, making it easier for you to get a job more quickly if you study Nursing in Canada, and you can also meet new people with the same passion as you. 

Best Nursing Schools In Canada Toronto 

We have numerous outstanding colleges in Canada which also offer Nursing courses. Still, below are the top 6 best Nursing Schools in Canada Toronto, which you can enroll in and make great in your passion. 

1. The University of Toronto 

The first great institution on my list of most outstanding Nursing colleges in Canada Toronto is the University of Toronto, known as a public research university in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. 

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The institution was established in 1827 and is one of the best schools in Canada. And it is located because surrounding Queen’s Park. 

In addition, the institution offers excellent courses in Nursing and has built facilities and labs for practical studies to help you greatly in the practical aspect of your system, which makes the institution rank high among the Best Nursing Universities In Canada Toronto. 

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2. Toronto Metropolitan University

The Toronto Metropolitan University is another well-known public research university located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, which also made this list of best nursing schools in Canada Toronto with professional teachers who will educate you significantly in your field of learning. 

This institution is ranked among the best in Canada, and its core campus is situated within the Garden District. However, it also operates facilities elsewhere in Toronto and has a reasonable acceptance rate and affordable tuition fee.

You can study nursing in this great institution as it offers many nursing programs for all admitted students. 

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3. York University

The famous York University, also known as YorkU or simply YU, is another excellent and unique public research university in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, with many nursing students and offers nursing courses. 

This institution is Canada’s fourth-largest university, with approximately 55,700 admitted students, 7,000 excellent faculty, educated staff, and over 325,000 alumni worldwide. And offers nursing courses with excellent facilities for the practical aspect, which makes it rank high among the best nursing schools in Canada Toronto for international students. 

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4. Humber College 

The Humber College is a great and well-known Institute of Technology & Advanced Learning, commonly credited as Humber College, and one of the best schools in Canada. Also got a spot in our list of best nursing colleges in Canada Toronto, with standard building structures. 

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This school was established in 1967. It is also a public College of Applied Arts and Technology in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It has two main campuses: the Humber North campus and the Lakeshore campus, with many admitted students and affordable tuition fees, and this made the school rank among the best nursing colleges in Toronto Canada.

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5. Seneca College

The Seneca College of Applied Arts and Technology is a multiple-campus public college located in the Greater Toronto Area and Peterborough, Ontario, Canada, with standard building structures and well-established classrooms for perfect learning. 

The great institution was established in 1967 and is also known among the best nursing schools in Canada and Toronto, with a reasonable enrollment rate and affordable tuition fee for all international students. 

In addition, the school also offers full-time and part-time programs at the baccalaureate, diploma, certificate, and graduate levels. It has exceptionally educated teachers who do great in teaching students, and this school got a spot on our list of best nursing colleges in Toronto Canada. 

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6. Centennial College 

Last on our list of best and outstanding nursing colleges in Canada Toronto is the Centennial College of Applied Arts and Technology, a diploma- and degree-granting college in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. 

This great institution is the oldest publicly funded college in Ontario. It has a great learning environment, with campuses on the city’s east side, particularly in Scarborough, with an aerospace center at Downsview Park in North York. 

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How Many Years is Nursing in Canada?

For a Bachelor’s degree in nursing in Canada, you will have to spend four years, and the postgraduate program is two years. 

In addition, you should know that the duration of most courses depends on the universities you applied to and the path you choose to study in Canada.

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Is there a 2 Year Nursing Degree in Canada?

We have a two years nursing degree program in Canada, and you can study that at the below universities:

  • Lakehead University.
  •  Ryerson University. 
  • Langara College. 
  • Conestoga College of Applied Arts and Technology.

How Much Does a Nursing Degree Cost in Canada?

The appropriate fee for a nursing degree mostly depends on the school you choose, but the average cost for a bachelor’s degree in nursing colleges in Canada can range from 53,000 CAD to 170,000 CAD. 

Furthermore, the average tuition fee of postgraduate students can range from 80,000 CAD to 180,000 CAD.

Which School is Best for Nursing in Canada?

We have lots of the best schools in Canada that offer nursing courses, but the below are our selected best. 

  • McMaster University. 
  • The University of British Columbia.
  • McGill University. 
  • The University of Calgary. 
  • Dalhousie University. 
  • Western University. 
  • Queen’s University. 
  • The University of Ottawa.


Nursing is a great profession, and for you to be excellent in that area, you need to study hard and also study in a great institution that offers more practical studies, so you can be perfect in your field and get an excellent job because nurses are in high demand. Those who are good are hot CAKE. 

We hope your search for the best nursing schools in Canada Toronto is over? as we have offered you the above list of most outstanding, and best nursing schools in Canada Toronto.

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