Top 6 Best Music Production Schools In Atlanta

Music Production Schools In Atlanta
Music Production Schools In Atlanta

Do you plan to begin a career in music production and search for the top most outstanding music production schools in Atlanta? We have gathered a few top and well-known music production institutions in Atlanta, with detailed facts about those great academics you may love to know.

Studying music production offers you the best knowledge about the various aspects of music and its production. It also increases your chances of working in a bigger industry and earning well because of your certificate.

Requirements for Music Production Schools in Atlanta

Although the requirements for music production institutions in Atlanta vary (every institution has different requirements), the major requirements for music schools in Atlanta are listed below.

You must submit an official high school, GED, or college transcript(s) with graduation dates.
It would help if you had a work ethic to show you are fit and capable of properly carrying out production processes efficiently and effectively.

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Cost of Music Production Schools in Atlanta

According to research, the Atlanta school of Music and Media costs around $17,909 annually and a national price of $15,523.

Furthermore, the SAE Institute, situated in Atlanta, costs a net price of $20,313 yearly and a national price of $15,523.

You may love to know that the average annual cost for The Art Institute of Atlanta is around $23,140 per year.

How Much Do Musicians Make In Atlanta?

According to research, the average salary for an artist in Atlanta is $24.16 per hour, depending on your talent and the industry you work for.


Furthermore, most Atlanta top musicians earn an average salary of $47,585 per year, as sourced from the 2021 report.

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Best Music Production Schools In Atlanta

1. Atlanta Institute of Music and Media

Ranking top in our list of best music production schools in Atlanta is the well-known Atlanta Institute of Music and Media in Georgia.

The Atlanta Institute of Music and Media (AIMM) has 147 undergraduate enrollments, with a quality and unique education curriculum comprising classroom instruction, perfect stage performances, computer labs, recording studios, and live clinics.

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2. SAE Institute, Atlanta

Having a net price of $20,313 yearly and a national price of $15,523, the SAE Institute also got a spot among the most outstanding music production schools in Atlanta, and it has an active campus in the Cornerstone Building in Downtown Atlanta,

This great music production Institute, SAE, offers unique music production courses in audio, digital film, and entertainment business, with good and standard facilities and equipment to help perfect students.

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You might love to know that this institution aims to offer hands-on, project-based learning to help all who have a passion for music production become fully ready for a career in the arts.

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3. The Art Institute of Atlanta

Another good music production institution in Atlanta is the Art Institute of Atlanta, located in Sandy Springs, Georgia, near the metropolis of Atlanta. This institution has well-equipped facilities that have helped students learn greatly, and they have around 633 enrolled undergraduate students.


With an acceptance rate of 80%, the school’s music production department aims to develop/master the good music skills needed for a perfect and entertaining music career.

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4. Recording Connection

The Recording Connection’s Atlanta Music Production School is another great music institution in Atlanta. This school is geared to help all passionate music students get started in a real recording and engineering studio immediately when granted admission.

This school has a reasonable admission rate, and its well-equipped learning facilities have helped perfect its students greatly.

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5. TRCoA The Recording Conservatory

Suppose you are interested in music production and are an Atlanta resident. In that case, you can enroll in TRCoA, as this school is also one of the best and most well-known music production institutions in Atlanta.

TRCoA has a good reputation, as they offer a quality/unique Recording Arts Program, with a Recording Arts Associates Degree and a range of individual production classes that can help you start your profession as a music producer.

You might love to know that this school has got you covered if you want to pursue a career as an audio engineer, a career as music producer, beat producer, live sound engineer, record label owner, film and audio game producer, or independent artist.

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6. Atlanta- CRAS

Another great school for audio engineering and music production is CRAS, known to have graduated a reasonable number of students doing great in the career path of music production.

This institution has the perfect resources to help you succeed as a musician, audio engineer, and sound designer, including a conducive learning environment.

You might love to know that CRAS is open for you, even if you are experienced in home recording, live sound, or video or seeking to get started from zero knowledge. This school will also equip you with the know-how/abilities to launch a successful career in the Atlanta audio recording industry.

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Best Paying Music jobs in Atlanta

Music industry-related jobs in Atlanta – $51,560 per year.
A music lawyer – $81,924 annually.
Music strategy role – $80,428 per year.
The music-together role – is $66,336 per year and $31.89 per hour.

FAQs on Best Music Production Schools in Atlanta

1. What Should I Major In For Music Production?

You can major in Bachelor’s programs in fine arts, music production, and sound engineering to achieve a productive career in music production.

2. Is Music Production A Good Career?

Yes, music production is a rewarding career path for anyone passionate about it, and music producers also make good money from selling their tracks.

3. Is It Hard Being A Music Producer?

Once you have a passion for music production, the career path won’t be difficult for you to blend and become perfect.

4. Is Music Production Schools Worth Enrolling for?

Yes, the music production school is worth every effort you put into it, as it will perfect you to become an outstanding music producer with a certificate or degree.

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