Top 4 Physical Things a Woman Wants in a Man

Top 4 Physical Things a Woman Wants in a Man

Top 4 Physical Things a Woman Wants in a Man: Very little did most men know that they may be offending or simply put, they may not be satisfying their women, without shouting at or quarreling them.

Over the years, I have settled disputes among couples who are new to the family system. Not only have I shed light on couples, but I have also been privileged to put some young men through the dos and dons of a relationship. 

Well, I’m not trying to digress, this introduction will be leading me to the topic, ‘The Top Four Physical Things A Woman Notices In A Man.’

Remember that when the word top is mentioned, it’s talking about the highest in order of arrangements. Hence, we would be talking about the four most essential things you, as a man should do to your wife or woman. 

Top 4 Physical Things a Woman Wants in a Man

Top 4 Physical Things a Woman Wants in a Man
Top 4 Physical Things a Woman Wants in a Man

1. Women Like to See a Good-looking Man (Complete Handsomeness):

You ought to know this now! The first thing a woman notices in you, whenever you come together, is how you are dressed. 

Although, we should not dispute the fact that some women like rugged-looking guys. The reality with this is that; they won’t go for the type that’s looking unkempt, with some stinking clothes.  

For this reason, you should as a guy, learn how to appear good all the time. You ought to look smart, and healthy with some good outfits that can on their own, magnet a woman to you. 

Fortunately for guys that this may affect, appearing good (in a way that women will appreciate) is very easy to practice. You must not change four wardrobes of clothes to appear good. With three pairs of jeans and two shirts, you can still look good. All you have to do is to learn about how to maintain your outfits. Don’t wait until you have nothing in the wardrobe before you wash your stinking clothes. Sorry, I meant to dirty. I’m sure you understand. 

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Always wear shiny shoes, and take care of your hair, fingernails, and teeth.

To avoid looking rough, also ensure that you take your bath at least twice a day. 

2. The Perfect Structure of a Man: Posture or Structure? Either way is correct. 

You should know that women also like men who stand, walks, or sits confidently. Don’t mistake the confidence for arrogance (it won’t be nice to see my audience walking with hands above the shoulder like a helicopter, funny.) 

Well, one way to maintain your body posture is by exercising the body frequently. 

As a guy, make sure to go to the gym regularly. Or you take exercises in your room. 

3. The Tone of His Voice:

The first third thing a woman is more likely to notice in you is how you sound. On the other hand, the first thing a woman notices in you when you open your mouth to talk is the tone of your voice.

If you have a close observation; you will agree with me that during the first meeting, a woman is always attentive to hear your speech, word-by-word. 

There are speculations that women admire men with thick voices because it is a sign of muscularity 

4. Your Face:

Your face is one of the first four things a woman notices in you. Ideally, this should be coming first. But the case is not always the same with everyone. Different people with different wants. Over 50% of women, will want to look at how good your face is. 

Do you know the good news about this? You must not be a Handsome man before getting a woman attracted to you. All she wants is a good-looking face. This will tell her that you’re neat and caring. 

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Besides, you must have cared for such a look. Bathing regularly is one way to get a good-looking face. 

You want to show the ladies your well-kept facial hair (whether short stubbled or a full-grown beard). 

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Top 4 Physical Things a Woman Wants in a Man

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