Top 10 Best Universities in Canada Vancouver

Top 10 Best Universities in Canada Vancouver

Are you looking for the best University in Canada, Vancouver, to enrol in? Then worry no more, as this article offers you a list of one of the most outstanding Universities in Canada Vancouver, where you can achieve your studies. 

Where is Vancouver? 

Vancouver, a bustling west coast seaport in British Columbia, is among Canada’s densest, most ethnically diverse cities, with traditional buildings and great schools. 

The 10 Best Universities in Canada Vancouver

Although Vancouver has a list of best schools, below are 10 out of the best Universities in Canada Vancouver. 

1. Columbia College

The popular Columbia College also made this list of best colleges in Canada Vancouver. It has also ranked among the most outstanding schools in Canada with a good and standard learning environment. 

The great institution was founded in 1936 and has been among Canada’s longest-running international nonprofit colleges that have graduated many students who are doing great in society. 

Furthermore, Columbia College has consistently ranked as one of the top 3 higher learning institutions that channel international students to the University of British Columbia. The institution also offers a Senior Secondary Program for seniors to complete courses more. 

The institution has earned a spot among the best schools in Canada with good and equipped learning facilities. 

2. British Columbia Institute of Technology

The British Columbia Institute of Technology is recognized as one of the largest and standard colleges in British Columbia and ranks high among the most outstanding colleges in Canada Vancouver. 

Furthermore, the institution has almost a total number of 50,000 students, and it is made up of 6 schools that are dedicated to the below fields:

  •  Computing and Academic Studies
  •  Construction and the Environment
  •  Energy
  • Transportation, and 
  • Health Sciences. 

British Columbia, also acknowledged as BC, is the first permanent trade school in British Columbia and a high percentage of its graduates are employed and doing great. 

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3. Langara College

Ranking number 3 in our list of best colleges in Canada Vancouver is Langara College, also known as the “house of teachings,” the institution has great building structures and professional teachers. 

Furthermore, the institution is one of British Columbia’s top undergraduate institutions that offers career studies, continuing studies, and university studies. All admitted students are trained greatly in their various choice of studies and standard learning facilities and environments. 

4. Vancouver Community College

Next on our list of best colleges in Canada Vancouver is prestigious and accredited Vancouver Community College, which has a good acceptance rate and many students from over 150 countries and speaks over 50 languages. 

The great institution is a public college with good building structures. Most programs stipulate that all admitted students must train in local businesses or facilities to gain full workplace skills. The institution is also designed to immerse students in real-world work contexts.

Furthermore, the facilities at Vancouver community college include restaurants, an auto shop, a spa, and a salon, all of which offer lower-cost services to the Vancouver community. 

5. Simon Fraser University

Another on our list of most outstanding universities in Canada Vancouver is Simon Fraser University, established in 1989 and consistently ranked among the best and standard universities in Canada and the top 250 global universities.  

Furthermore, the institution houses a student-business incubator famously known as the Coast Capital Venture Connection, and its admitted students learn how to market and capitalize on their research. 

The great institution has standard learning facilities and buildings with professional teachers that help teach and impact great knowledge to all admitted students. 

6. University Canada West

Another great and popular institution that ranks well in this list of best Universities in Canada Vancouver is the University Canada West, established in 2005. 

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Global University Systems owns the institution, and the school recently received a 5-star rating from the QS Stars higher education rating system. You may also like to know that the institution is the 3rd Canadian University and the first in British Columbia to receive such a distinction, which proves how great the institution is. 

I acknowledge the institution as one of Canada’s best and standard schools, as it frequently receives accolades for its online programs. Its MBA program is also ranked number 4 in Canada by ApplyBoard. 

7. Emily Carr University of Art and Design

Next on our list of best universities in Canada Vancouver, is Emily Carr University of Art and Design, named after Canadian artist Emily Carr. 

This great institution is one of the oldest in British Columbia and the only one specifically dedicated to professional arts, design, and media education. The school was also named the top University for art & design in Canada in 2021 and ranked high among the best in the entire world.

8. University of British Columbia

The UBC was established in 1915 and ranks among the 20 best public universities around the globe, with a good record of graduating students. 

The school has a prestigious reputation and admitted students are offered the best. They learn from the many recognizable alumni who have made valuable contributions to various fields. 

9. Capilano University

Established in 1968 by the residents and school boards of Vancouver, Capilano University also made this list of the most outstanding universities in Canada Vancouver with standard learning facilities and buildings. 

Furthermore, the institution was named after Chief Joe Capilano, a leader of the Squamish Nation of the Coast Salish tribe. The school is also known for its dedicated efforts in teaching. It was also recorded as the first Canadian University accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities. 

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10. Kwantlen Polytechnic University

Established in 1981, the Kwantlen Polytechnic University got a spot in this latest list of best and standard universities in Canada Vancouver and ranked high in Canada’s list of best schools. 

The school has a good acceptance rate and is acknowledged as one of the polytechnic universities focusing on hands-on practical skills. All classes are capped at 35 students across their five campuses at Surrey, Richmond, Cloverdale, Langley, and Civic Plaza.

Furthermore, the institution offers unique programs that cannot be found at other Canadian or North American institutions. It is also the first public University to offer an acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine program.

Is Vancouver Good for International Students?

Yes, Vancouver is one of the best and perfect places to live and study in Canada for International students, and most schools have low tuition fees for international students. 

What is the Cheapest University in Canada?

We have various accredited lists of the best and cheapest Universities in Canada on which you can enrol, and those schools are listed below. 

  • The Memorial University of Newfoundland has a tuition fee of 2,150 – 11,460 CAD/year.
  • The University of Regina has a tuition fee of 1,715 – 20,050 CAD/year.
  • Royal Roads University also has a tuition fee of 3,750 – 27,600 CAD/year.
  • Lastly, the University of Saskatchewan has a tuition fee of 4,110 – 24,000 CAD/year.

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