Top 10 Best Schools In Canada For Computer Science 

10 Best Schools In Canada For Computer Science 

We all know that Canada is among the top countries with a high educational system and provides quality education with good facilities. Everyone who seeks to study computer science should consider our below list of the best schools in Canada for Computer Science. 

In addition, the demand for computer scientists and engineers keeps rising significantly daily. The job opportunities in Canada are also constantly increasing, which gives you a high chance of getting jobs after graduation. All you need to do is just focus on your Education and make good grades from any of the below outstanding colleges in Canada that also have reasonable tuition fees. 

Is Canada good for Computer Science?

As I stated above, Canada is home to Education and has numerous institutions that are among the world’s best schools with standard building structures and education facilities. 

Therefore, Canada is a perfect country for your computer science education. You will also have higher chances of getting jobs after graduation because computer scientists and engineers are in high demand in the country. 

Top 10 Best Schools For Computer Science In Canada

Below is our researched list of best schools for computer science in Canada, which you can confidently apply for even as an International student. 

1. University of Waterloo – Waterloo

First on our list of best colleges in Canada for computer science is excellent and accredited the University of Waterloo, which is also acknowledged as one of the best schools in the world and ranks in the highest position on a global scale. 

In addition, all first-year admitted students in this university can engage in an extensive range of programs; BCS + BBA double degree, CS Major and Computing minor and CS minor, and the institution has a reasonable acceptance rate and tuition fee, which also makes it able to house a significant number of international students. 

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2. University of Toronto – Toronto

Ranking second position in our list of most outstanding colleges in Canada for Computer science is the University of Toronto. This school is among the oldest institutions in the country, with an excellent teaching record and a good graduation record. 

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In addition, at the great University of Toronto, the computer science department is appreciated and acknowledged for its computer science courses and great programs. 

The institution also offers research opportunities to its students and the academic staff that lecture there. Most computer science programs at the institution allow students to combine their studies with any other course in the Faculty of Art and Science if that student wishes to explore. 

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3. University of British Columbia – Vancouver 

Established in 1908, the University of British Columbia also got a spot in our list of best schools for computer science in Canada. This great institution also ranks among the world’s best schools with a reasonable admission rate and tuition fee. 

In addition, the institution is located in the Canadian province of British Columbia. One of the most extensive / and outstanding campuses of the University of British Columbia is the Vancouver campus, where all admitted students can start computer science studies with well-equipped laboratories and facilities. 

Lastly, the great institution has excellent faculties, with professionals who can teach you extensively in your study area. 

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4. University of McGill – Montreal

Another great and well-known institution that offers computer science courses in Canada is the University of McGill, ranked among the world’s best schools with traditional buildings and a good enrollment record. 

This institution has a variety of computer science programs offered at the Faculty of Science that shape all admitted students into software engineers, web developers, game developers, user experience designers, etc. The University of McGill is greatly acknowledged among the best Computer Science Universities in Canada

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5. McMaster University – Hamilton

McMaster University, located in Hamilton, ranks number 5 in our list of best and most outstanding colleges in Canada for computer science. 

This great institution offers computer science programs and well-equipped laboratories for practical studies with professionals who will guide you. 

In addition, the population of admitted international students in this great institution comes from more than 70 countries, and most of them are doing great after graduation. 

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6. University of Alberta – Edmonton

Students who want to do great in computer science and study in a well-acknowledged and credited institution in Canada can also enroll in the great University of Alberta, situated in Edmonton, with a reasonable acceptance rate for international students. 

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This outstanding school also ranks high among the best colleges in Canada for computer science and offers all admitted students excellent opportunities to study periodically in prestigious universities in Europe.

In addition, the University of Alberta department of Computing Science introduces its students to several disciplines, including Communication Networks, Algorithmics, Computer Graphics, Robotics, Software Engineering, and others, which helps perfect the students in that course, and this made the Unversity of Alberta rank among the best Computer Science Universities in Canada. 

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7. Simon Fraser University – Burnaby

Simon Fraser University is among the best schools in Canada for computer science. It has also received world recognition as one of the best schools with a reasonable acceptance rate and standard learning environment. 

This school offers admission remarkably to international students, so if you are an international student, you have nothing to worry about in the admission aspect. Just ensure you have all the school requirements and good grades, then you have a higher chance of gaining admission into this great institution to study any course of your choice, including computer science.

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8. University of Ottawa – Ottawa

Among the numerous engineering and computer science schools in Canada, the University of Ottawa holds a record among the best and got a spot among the best colleges in Canada for computer science, with a reasonable acceptance rate. 

This institution has graduated a significant number of students, and the majority of students who graduate from the University of Ottawa are doing great. 

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9. University of Montreal – Montreal 

This school has ranked high among the best institutions in Canada and also got a spot in this list of best schools in Canada for computer science because of its outstanding records. 

In addition, the great and well-known University of Montreal is awarded as the best international university for computer science. The school also provides numerous exceptional programs in this field, with significant building structures, campuses, and splendid professors that attract more than 8,000 international students. 

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For over 50 years, the school’s computer science department has been doing great and has great programs. All admitted students could also follow interdisciplinary programs, which include: Bachelor’s in Bioinformatics, Bachelor’s in Mathematics and Computer Science, and Bachelor’s in Physics and Computer Science. 

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10. Concordia University – Montreal

Last on our list of best colleges for computer science in Canada is the excellent Concordia University located in Montreal, with suitable building structures and learning facilities. 

This school offers its students an excellent opportunity to explore different areas of computer science like artificial intelligence, hardware, gaming, and various courses within the department, with teachers who will guide them greatly and facilities for practical learning, and this made the institution rank among the best Computer Science Universities in Canada. 

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Is Computer Science Popular in Canada?

Yes, computer science is popular in Canada and in high demand, giving you a higher chance of getting a job as a computer scientist or engineer after graduation. 

How Much Does it Cost to Study Computer Science in Canada?

The cost of studying computer science in Canada solely depends on the institution you want to enroll in. 

However, the average cost should be around 1,535 – 55,500 CAD/year for the Bachelor of Computer Science and Information Technology. 

If you want a Masters’s degree in Computer science, the average tuition fee is between 8,000 and 18,000 CAD per year.

How Many Years is Computer Science in Canada?

The average duration of Computer Science in Canada is four years unless you want to go furthermore for other degrees. 


Make good results and get good jobs in Canada as a computer scientist if you study in any of the above-listed top colleges in Canada for computer science. 

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