Top 10 Best Music Schools in Australia

Best Music Schools in Australia
Best Music Schools in Australia

Are you searching for the best music schools in Australia? TwinkleHub has made a good collection of the top 10 outstanding music institutions that are situated in Australia, and other vital information about those institutions. 

Studying music in Australia will offer you a variety of opportunities to learn music uniquely and diversely, under top music professionals with real-life equipment that will help perfect your career in music. 

Studying music in a well establish music institution will offer you careers in music to pick from, and those careers include Music Educator, Music Festival Director, DJ, Songwriter, Sound Artist, Sound Engineer, Vocal Coach, Vocalist, Instrumental Teacher, Accompanist, Musical Theater Performer, Musician, Musician / Singer, Musicologist, Opera Singer and many more. 

10 Best Music Schools in Australia

1. Australian Institute of Music

First on our list of best music schools in Australia, is the Australian Institute of Music (AIM), which began its operations in 1968, and has proven to be a top music institution due to its excellent and innovative education over the years. 

Admitted students at the music school have the opportunity to earn several different diplomas, degrees, and certificates, including professional diplomas, undergraduate degrees, master’s degrees, and postgraduate certificates.

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AIM is widely acknowledged as the place of origin of the world’s most gifted musical children, and a perfect choice for anyone who wants to grow well in the music industry. 

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2. Melbourne Conservatorium of Music

If you want to do great in the music industry, then consider enrolling in the University of Melbourne, as it has made a name for itself to rank among the top music schools in Australia since it was established in 1891. 

Admitted students in this institution have the opportunity to major in a wide variety of subjects that are intimately connected to music at this conservatory, which helps perfect them after graduation. 


Some examples of these subjects include composition, early music, ethnomusicology, interactive composition, jazz, new music, music performance, music theory, and music psychology.

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3. ANU School of Music

Another outstanding music institution to consider is the Australian National University, which can be found in the capital city of Canberra. The school has a good learning environment and facilities that can help perfect you for real-life events. 

This great music school has been at the forefront of Canberra’s and Australia’s cultural life for nearly half a century now, making significant contributions to both. 

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4. Australian National Academy of Music

The next institution on our list of best music universities in Australia is the 

One of the few pre-professional Australian National Academy of Music (ANAM), well-known for its innovative, high-energy, and adventurous programming.

The American National Academy of Music (ANAM) brings together some of the most talented musicians and music educators from around the world to participate in a year-long program that explores a wide range of musical genres and settings for live performances.

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5. Sydney Conservatorium of Music

Ranking 5th position in our list of best music academics in Australia is the University of Sydney, known for its outstanding academic performances over the years. 

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You might love to know that the Sydney Conservatorium of Music teaches not only classical music but also jazz, and hip-hop. All admitted students have various options to choose from regarding the types of classes they take based on their passions.

Furthermore, graduates from this music school have a variety of career options to choose from, most students go on to play in orchestras, while others go on to conduct operas, others become lead singers for rock bands, and still, others compose music for films.

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6. Sir Zelman Cowen School of Music at Monash University

If you are thinking of an outstanding music academy in Australia, then you can enroll in the Sir Zelman Cowen School of Music at Monash University. 

This great music school is considered to be one of the best in Australia because it fosters an excellent learning environment for its students and maintains a highly qualified faculty. 

You might love to know that a large number of the music school’s lecturers and instructors hold degrees from highly regarded educational establishments such as the Royal College of Music and the Manhattan School of Music, amongst others.

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7. Lisa Gasteen National Opera School

Established in 2011, the Lisa Gasteen National Opera School is ranked among the best music schools in Australia, and since its establishment, it has provided aspiring classical singers and repetiteurs from Australia with training and career development opportunities, thereby preparing them to be competitive when seeking education or employment in other countries.

The Lisa Gasteen National Opera School is one of the few outstanding and well-recognized music schools in Australia that offers successful applicants a full scholarship to attend the Program. 

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8. Simply Music

Simply Music was the first company in the world to focus on teaching music through playing, and also got a spot among the best music schools in Australia for its outstanding performance over the years. 

Their core belief is that every single person possesses an innate capacity for profound musicality. This school uses music as a platform to cause breakthroughs in creative thinking and to contribute to a world in which everyone plays.

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9. Tasmanian Conservatorium of Music

If you want to do great in the music industry, then consider the Tasmanian Conservatorium of Music, known to offer unique music programs for students in a wide variety of performance, recording, and creative opportunities.

You can choose to concentrate on music production, performance, songwriting, or music technology at this institution, as well as take classes in other academic fields to broaden your skill set and expand your professional options.

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10. Australian Youth Orchestra

Our list of best music schools in Australia won’t be completed without adding the AYO, known to be a training pathway responsible for the musical development of some of Australia’s most talented young musicians.

This institution provides individualized instruction and performance programs for aspiring musicians, composers, arts administrators, and music journalists between the ages of 12 and 30.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Best Music Schools in Australia

Is a Music School Degree Worth it in Australia?

Yes, a music degree from an institution in Australia is worth getting. There are a large number of notable music schools in Australia, each of which has left its mark on the history of the nation.

Do Music Therapists Have to Sing?

Yes. Music therapists typically play at least one instrument and sing in addition to their therapeutic work.

What Degree is Good for Music Production?

A Bachelor’s Degree is perfect for anyone who wants to venture into music production. 

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