Top 10 Best Law Schools in Europe (Latest Ranking) 

Best Law Schools in Europe

Just as we have a compiled list of the most outstanding law schools in Canada, we also offer a well-researched list of the best law schools in Europe, with some vital information you might love to know about those schools.

Law is one of the best and most sensitive courses that require education to the fullest because without education and a certificate, you will not make it in that field of study, and no one will want a lawyer who is not fully educated. 

Furthermore, if you want to study law, you need to enrol on the most outstanding School with accredited law courses to help you achieve your whole purpose and perfect your direction. However, without wasting time, our well-researched list of the best and most outstanding law colleges in Europe is below.

Top 10 Best Law Schools in Europe (Latest Ranking) 

1. University of Cambridge, UK

First on our list of best law schools in Europe is the University of Cambridge, UK. This School had taught law since the thirteenth century, when the core subjects of legal study in all European universities were Civil law (the law of ancient Rome) and the Canon law of the Church, which also makes the School rank among the best law universities in the world.

In addition, the School’s law society is open to members of the University, especially to all law students and those desiring to pursue a legal career, with a well-built classroom and professionals who will lecture you greatly. 

This great institution has offered its students an opportunity to pursue various programs in a wide range of courses stemming from The BA Tripos undergraduate degree. Students can also go for The Cambridge Master of Law (LLM) degree, The Cambridge Masters Degree in Corporate Law (MCL) degree, and Postgraduate Research (MLitt / PhD.) Degree.

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2. University of Oxford, UK

The University of Oxford, located in the United Kingdom, is one of the country’s most prominent institutions and one of the best colleges for Law in Europe. It is a federation of thirty law schools in the University. 

Furthermore, the institution has legal practitioners who greatly help all admitted students in all aspects of their passion. The School’s student-to-faculty ratio is approximately 7:1, which is considered significant.

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3. The University of Edinburgh, UK

With a wide range of undergraduate degrees, master’s degrees, online master’s degrees, and research degrees, the great University of Edinburgh, located in the United Kingdom, has been rooted in the open and interdisciplinary traditions of Scots law for many years, which offers it a spot in our list of outstanding law colleges in Europe. 

The institution is a world-leading law school shaped over many centuries by its great values and beliefs, its commitment to excellence, and the passion and achievements of the School’s staff, students, and alums. The School is a comprehensive law school that affects civic change locally and globally and the good record of the law school offers it a spot among the best law universities in Europe, with a good admission rate.

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4. King’s College London, UK

With over 31,000 students (including over 12,800 postgraduates) from different countries and more than 8,500 workers, the King’s College London is the fourth oldest University in England that has made a name for itself and ranks in this list of best law colleges in Europe. 

Furthermore, the great institution (King’s College London, UK) is credited as a research-led educational institution pioneering various areas of advancement in all the unique aspects of the law programme. The School also offers quality instruction and training to all admitted students using the best teaching practices.

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In addition, the University is in the top seven UK universities for research earnings. It has an overall annual income of just over £778 million, which makes it an excellent choice for you to study. 

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5. UCL, UK

Ranking number 5 in our list of most outstanding law colleges in Europe is the UCL, UK, which is currently pioneering a massive community of legal scholars. 

The great institution is located in the heart of London and continually draws a unique and diverse international body of students and staff. And has also recorded a significant number of graduated law students doing great. 

In addition, the School’s research has a real-world impact, shaping legal and judicial policy in the United Kingdom and across the globe. The UCL Laws are consistently ranked as one of the top law schools in the UK, with a standard building structure and well-equipped learning environment. 

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6. Queen Mary University of London, UK

Founded in 1965, the Queen Mary University of London is among the best law universities in Europe. It has grown from 30 students and four academic staff to over 2,000 students and over 130 academic staff in 2020. 

The institution’s School of Law focuses on the role of law and its institutions in contemporary international society. It has two organizational units, the Department of Law and the Centre for Commercial Law Studies (CCLS).

In addition, the School is ranked ninth in England, based on 86% of their research activity classed as world-leading in the latest Research Assessment Exercise (REF 2014). 

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7. Leiden University, Netherlands

Ranking number 7 in our list of best and most outstanding law colleges in Europe, the Leiden Law School is also one of Leiden University’s seven faculties, with a good admission record. 

In addition, the School has received significant international rankings, including Times Higher Education World University Rankings, and has recorded many graduated students doing great. 

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8. The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), UK

The London School of Economics and Law is popularly known as a community of students, staff and alumni from all over the world who have successfully introduced a unique/splendid interdisciplinary outlook in teaching and researching the law.

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This School’s law community is one of the largest in the School. It has executed a significant role in policy debates, policy-making and the education of lawyers and law teachers globally, which offers the great institution a spot among the most outstanding law schools in Europe. 

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9. Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne, France

This institution made our list of best law colleges in Europe because of its outstanding record and achievements over the years, and the School is also considered among the best schools in the world. 

Furthermore, the School has excellent building structures with professional teachers who will lecture you greatly. The School’s faculty of law always welcomes a significant number of students doing great, which also proves the School is doing great in offering splendid law courses to its students. 

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10. KU Leuven, Belgium

Established in 1425, KU Leuven is one of the oldest existing universities in the world. It recorded a world research expenditure of €365 million in 2012, with great courses, including law, which got a spot in this list of best law universities in Europe. 

In addition, the School is a leading research university in Europe, having a Faculty of Law with over 5 200 students and a comprehensive curriculum. You might love to know that the University’s Faculty of Law is one of the oldest Low Countries and the largest in Belgium, with a long tradition of public service.

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What GPA Needed for Law School in Europe?

The most common requirement is at least 70 per cent (or at 60 per cent) of a degree from a university with an average of 2.6 GPA.

How Long is a Law Degree in Europe?

Every applicant should know that the LLB in European law is a three-year taught degree program, earning 180 ECTS credits.


We have numerous European schools that offer law courses and are doing great. Still, the above listed are our selected list of best law schools in Europe, with some unique qualifications which can make you achieve the best law knowledge and offer you a more significant opportunity to be taught by professionals. 

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