Top 10 Best Architecture Schools in the World 

Best Architecture Schools in the World 

Suppose you’re dreaming of becoming a top-notch architect with the best skills and seeking the best architecture schools in the world to study. In that case, this article has got you covered, as we offer a list of the world’s best institutions that offer good courses in architecture, including their direct school portal links for more inquiries.

Everyone with a passion/interest in architectural design and creativity should consider education as a proper education offers you with variety of knowledge to perfect you for a career in architecture.

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Top 10 Best Architecture Schools in the World 

Architecture plays a crucial part in human development, and those interested in pursuing a career in architecture should consider any of the best institutions to enrol in.

1. Harvard University (Cambridge, MA), United States 

One of the world’s best architecture schools to consider is Harvard University, in the United States, known to offer good Architecture courses. which started in 1864 and has graduated a reasonable number of students doing great in the industry.

You may love to know that this School’s Department of Design offers two Master of Architecture degrees in a conducive learning environment with equipped drawing studios. Click the link below to visit the School for more inquiries.

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2. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Cambridge, MA), United States 

MIT is also acknowledged among the best architecture schools in the world and also the best in the United States, as it has kept a good record for itself since its establishment in 1865.

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This institution (MIT) offers an excellent learning atmosphere to students with a good drawing studio and professional teachers ready to perfect your skills.

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3. Politecnico di Milano (Milan, IT), Italy

Another world’s best architecture institutions to enrol in and get the best knowledge is the Polytechnic University of Milan, known to be the largest and outstanding technical university in Italy and the oldest university in Milan with a good reputation.

Furthermore, all graduate students from this School have a good range of options that incorporate the proper study of architecture for the Bachelor of Science degree, including Design, landscape and urban architecture, history and engineering. 

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4. Delft University of Technology (Delft, NL), Netherlands

With a good curriculum that covers the vital aspects of architecture and practical lessons to build students greatly, this institution has gained a spot among the best architecture schools in the world.

You may love to know that the Delft University of Technology has an undergraduate program that limits the number of students to 400 so they can enjoy a conducive learning environment/classroom. 

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5. National University of Singapore (Queenstown, SG), Singapore

The National University of Singapore, also identified as NUS, is among the best architecture schools that offers a good range of programs, which includes urban Design, landscape architecture, urban planning, and integrated sustainable Design.

One of the good aspects of this institution is that it aims to provide all admitted students with great opportunities to freely choose from creative paths fitting their design talent and research interests.

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6. ETH Zurich (Zurich, CH), Switzerland 

Suppose you seek a well-disciplined world’s best architecture schools. In that case, ETH Zurich, also identified as the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, in Switzerland and was established in 1854 to perfect a student’s future with good education and practical knowledge.

Design and construction, including science and technology, humanities, and the arts, are the three (3) areas that run through the length of the architecture course for undergraduate students at ETH Zurich.

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7. UC Berkeley (Berkeley, CA), United States 

The popular College of Environmental Design at the University of California, Berkeley (UCB), in the United States, is another outstanding architecture university in the world, known for its unique research and encouraging independent Design.

UCB’s architecture degrees focus on the Design’s aesthetic, cultural, and technical components. You may also love that the institution (UCB) offers all their undergraduate students a Bachelor of Arts in Architecture, including the option to study architecture as a minor alongside another degree freely.  

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8. University College London (London, EN), United Kingdom 

University College London Bartlett School of Architecture is another perfect choice if you want to excel as an architect, as they rank among the world’s best architecture schools with outstanding performance over the years.

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9. Manchester School of Architecture (Manchester, EN), United Kingdom

With over 100 years of good educational experience, the Manchester School of Architecture in the United Kingdom is another world’s best outstanding architecture university that offers a Bachelor of Arts (Honors) in Architecture degree.

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Furthermore, the Bachelor of Arts (Honors) in Architecture degree offered by this institution (Manchester School of Architecture) helps to prepare students for further study in one of its many graduate architecture programs. 

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10. University of Cambridge, United Kingdom

Lastly, the University of Cambridge also has a spot among the best architecture schools in the world, with well-equipped drawing studios to perfect your career path.

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Which Country is Best For Studying Architecture?

According to research, below are top best countries to study architecture:

  1. England
  2. Germany
  3. Italy
  4. Japan
  5. Netherlands
  6. China
  7. France
  8. Spain
  9. The United States of America, and 
  10. Canada. 

You should also know that each of the above-listed countries has unique architectural styles influenced by history, culture, and experiences.

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