The Best Universities In Australia For Computer Science (Top 9 Results)

Best Universities In Australia For Computer Science

Do you have a passion for studying Computer Science in Australia? Then this article has a compiled list of the best Universities in Australia for Computer Science and other essential information about those schools. 

Why Study Computer Science in Australia? 

Computer science is a course or profession that requires education and practicals. Such education needs to come from a standard institution and a well-accredited computer science institution with complete facilities for practicals. 

However, Australia is one of the famous countries that are well known for their education performance and having the best schools in the world. 

Studying Computer Science in Australia offers you a more significant opportunity to learn from top professionals with practicals, and you can also meet many with the same passion. After your graduation, you have a higher chance of getting a job. 

Best Universities In Australia For Computer Science 

1. RMIT University

First on our list of best universities in Australia for computer science is RMIT University, with well-established building structures and standard laboratories for practical lessons. 

Furthermore, the school’s computer science and information systems courses emphasise programming and software development. They include input from various industry representatives, making it stand out and unique among others.

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2. The University of Adelaide

Established in 1874, The University of Adelaide is among the oldest universities in Australia, with global recognition for its high standards of teaching and research. It has over 100 Rhodes Scholars amongst its alums.

This great institution also ranks among the best computer science universities in Australia. It offers various computer science courses, enabling all admitted students to tailor their studies towards a particular career path.

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3. The University of Melbourne

The University of Melbourne’s School of Computing and Information Systems has been teaching great students for more than fifty years, and this school has also grown to become an international leader in both teaching and research, which got it ranked number 3 in this list of best computer science colleges in Australia. 

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4. Queensland University of Technology (QUT)

Located in Brisbane, Australia, the QUT is well recognised for its excellent performance and a good number of graduated students that are doing great in society as computer professionals. 

Because of its outstanding performance, the Queensland University of Technology also got a spot in Australia’s list of best and most exceptional computer science colleges. 

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5. The University of New South Wales (UNSW)

Ranking number 5 in this list of most outstanding computer science colleges in Australia, the University of New South Wale computer science students benefit significantly from the opportunity to use all the latest technologies in high-spec labs, including a Digital Investigation Lab and a Cyber Security Suite. 

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6. University of Technology Sydney (UTS)

University of Technology Sydney (UTS) has robust connections with some industry professionals through its unique teaching and learning, research and consultation. These partnerships allow the institution to give its computer science courses a more practical element, which helps improve graduate employability.

Feel free to apply for a computer science course in this institution as they also have a reasonable acceptance rate and tuition fee and offer excellent computer science courses. 

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7. The University of Sydney

You will love to know that most of this school’s courses are accredited by the Australian Computer Society (ACS) and teach fundamental principles and practical skills in computing. 

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The University of Sydney is among the most outstanding computer science schools because it has strong links to industry professionals, including Microsoft, IBM and CISCO, and has a purpose-built centre with advanced facilities, including access to Dell EMCs Artemis 3 supercomputer.

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8. Australian National University (ANU)

This institution is also credited as one of the best universities in Australia that offer computer science courses, and its computer degrees are constantly changing and updating. The school aims to meet the challenges of the future to help increase the employability of its graduates.

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9. Monash University

Monash University’s computer science course teaches all admitted students problem solving, programming and analytical skills, including how to apply these in the real world, which makes the institution ranked among the best computer science universities in Australia. 

In addition, the school’s admitted students benefit from research collaborations, global partnerships and a range of opportunities overseas, which also perfects them greatly. 

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FAQs on Best Universities In Australia For Computer Science Courses

Is Australia Good for Computer Science?

As earlier stated, Australia is recognised for its high-quality education and broad career opportunities. The country also has the best colleges that offer excellent courses, as we have the above list of best computer science schools in Australia. 

How Much Does it Cost to Study Computer Science in Australia?

The total cost of computer science study solely depends on the school, but the average tuition fee for Computer Science Engineering in Australia ranges from A$41,000 to A$52,000 in 2022. 
Furthermore, your living expenses differ in each city in Australia, but the average living expenses range from A$11,000 to A$22,000 per year.


We have numerous institutions in Australia that offer computer science courses with practical education, but the above are our selected best computer science universities in Australia because of their world recognition and uniqueness. 

You can still know more about those institutions by visiting their school portal, as shown above, and make sure you read more about those institutions before applying to see what you are signing in for. 

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