The Best Gunsmithing Schools in PA You Can Afford 

Gunsmithing Schools

We have done in-depth research and compiled a list of the most outstanding gunsmithing schools in PA, tuition fees, and other vital information you should know about Gunsmithing. 

What is Gunsmithing?

According to my research, Gunsmithing is said to be the practice of repairing, modifying, and making real guns for use. Furthermore, Gunsmithing is a practice that involves dismantling, repairing, assembling, and maintaining rifles, pistols, and shotguns. 

Gunsmiths are professionally skilled in using various hand-held devices such as drill presses, lathes, milling machines, and computerized CNC machines. To become a prosperous gunsmith, one must have some basic knowledge of blacksmithing, metalwork, woodwork, or blacksmithing.

What is a Gunsmith’s Job?

Gunsmiths are credited to be talented craftspeople who focus majorly on creating, modifying, remodeling, and also fixing a wide range of firearms. Most times, they might as well do some professional artistic thinking like metal engraving or fine woodworking.

A gunsmith can work as a producer of firearms, military and security agencies, gun shops, and can also work in a hardware stores. 

Why Pursue a Degree in Gunsmithing in Pennsylvania?

Pennsylvania is one of the best places to study Gunsmithing and has well-equipped facilities and professionals who will guide you properly through practical teachings. 

Furthermore, when you study Gunsmithing in Pennsylvania, you have a higher chance of meeting new people with the same passion, and you’ll have a better chance of getting industry support during your training. 

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What are the Best and Cheap Gunsmithing Schools in PA? 

Gunsmithing Schools
Gunsmithing Schools

We have numerous gunsmithing schools in PA that offer the best teachings with practicals and also has well-equipped learning facilities, but the below listed are the best and cheap gunsmithing schools in PA. 

1. Pennsylvania Gunsmith School

Tuition Fee: $15,000

The first Institution on our list of cheap and best gunsmithing schools in PA is the famous Pennsylvania Gunsmith School in Punxsutawney, PA. 

The Institution is one of the best in PA and offers great teachings with professionals who can guide you through practicals; the Institution has a reasonable acceptance rate and a low tuition fee. 

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2. Harrisburg Area Community College

Tuition Fee: $7,828  

Next on our list of the most outstanding affordable gunsmithing schools in PA is the Harrisburg Area Community College, known to be a public community college that was established in 1964. 

The great Institution is acknowledged as one of the best because of its sound output. The school’s firearms technology program teaches admitted students how to repair, modify and customize firearms of different types. 

Furthermore, the gunsmithing program is a diploma certificate that, on average, takes one year to complete and earn a certificate that can offer you a job as a firearms manufacturer or as a licensed gunsmith.

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3. Luzerne County Community College

Tuition Fee: $6,960  

Popular Luzerne County Community College also made this list of great, affordable gunsmithing schools in PA with standard building structures and facilities. 

The Institution offers a firearms technology program at its campus in Nanticoke. The gunsmithing program helps prepare students with the practical and professional skills to work as a gunsmith in various capacities, including working at retail stores or opening their businesses. 

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4. Piedmont Community College

Tuition Fee: $1,923

When we talk about the cheapest and best gunsmithing schools in PA, Piedmont Community College must be inclusive, as it ranks as one of the best schools in PA, with a reasonable acceptance rate and cheap tuition fee. 

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Furthermore, the Institution, PCC, provides job placement services for graduates who need assistance finding work after graduation. They also offer financial aid opportunities such as federal grants and loans to help cover costs while enrolled at Piedmont Community College.

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5. Montana State University of Northern

Tuition Fee: $7,450

Established in 1899, the famous Montana State University of Northern also ranks as one of the Cheap Gunsmithing Schools in PA. 

The great Institution is a public university located in Havre, Montana, United States. It has a reasonable acceptance rate of 84%, a graduation rate of 35%, a total enrollment of 2,792 students, and a school student-faculty ratio is 17:1.

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6. The Gunsmithing School in Trinidad, Colorado

Tuition Fee: $7,000

Ranking high among the best gunsmithing schools in PA is the famous Gunsmithing School in Trinidad, Colorado, which has a well-equipped laboratory with many tools used by gunsmiths to make guns. 

The great Institution has a shooting range where students can practice shooting and offers a program that lasts for 42 weeks to prepare all students for careers as gunsmiths fully.

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7. Keystone Technical Institute

Tuition: $17,000

Established in 1970, the Keystone Technical Institute ranks high among the best and most affordable gunsmithing schools in PA, with a reasonable admission rate. 

The Institution is a private for-profit institute. It is the only private gunsmithing school in PA that offers the student a 12-month gunsmithing program that will lead to a diploma and prepares all admitted students for careers as gunsmiths, armorers, and firearms repair experts. 

Furthermore, the great Institution also offers a unique program focusing on handgun and minor arms repair. All great InstitutionInstitution students are properly taught how to fix or build custom firearms from scratch to better them in their careers. 

Is it Possible to Take your Gunsmithing Classes Online?

It is possible to take a complete gunsmithing class online. However, most of the on-campus gunsmithing programs have requirements that online gunsmithing programs do not, that’sthat’s why I said it is possible to study Gunsmithing online. 

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Furthermore, online gunsmithing courses cover a variety of theoretical core concepts in lethality, ammunition, blacksmithing, various types of weapons, and essential tool use, but the practical aspect can’tcan’t be done online; bear in mind that most of the online gunsmithing programs are typically offered by for-profit colleges and done majorly online, also all the applicants must pass hands-on instruction in the comfort of their own homes.

The Best Gunsmithing Schools Online 

Although the best way I prefer one can study and enjoy a gunsmithing program is on-campus because of the practical aspect. However, below are some best gunsmithing schools online: 

  • American Gunsmithing Institute
  • Ashworth College
  • Sonora Desert Institute 
  • Modern Gun School 
  • Penn Foster College 
  • Colorado School of Trade
  • Montgomery Community College 
  • Flathead Valley Community College
  • Piedmont Technical College

How Much Does Online Gunsmithing School Cost?

Although the cost of an online gunsmithing school solely depends on the program and the length of the program, the average cost for you to acquire a proper Gunsmithing certificate in Gunsmithing is around $5,000, according to my source, the Bureau of Labor Statistics. A student can complete their online gunsmithing program for less than $2,500.

How Long Will It Take me to Become a Certified Gunsmith?

How long it can take you to become a certified gunsmith depends on the Institution and how good you are. However, the average time interval to acquire a gunsmith associate degree or certificate can be completed in two years or less. Still, it often takes years of training for gunsmiths to attain the expertise needed to open their industries or be employed in a big organization.

Salary Of Gunsmiths

The average annual salary of a gunsmith is around $50,000, or more, depending on where you work and the job you do. 

Is Gunsmithing A Good Career Path? 

Yes, Gunsmithing is a good career choice, and you have numerous work awaiting you as you graduate because the career is in high demand. 


The above is the best and most affordable gunsmithing schools in PA, which you can confidently apply for, and other handy information you need. We hope you love what you got, and if you have any question concerning the best Gunsmithing Schools in PA, then feel free to use the comment section below. 

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