Study Abroad: The Japan Africa Dream Scholarship / 2022

Japan Africa Dream Scholarship

Have you been seeking ways whereby you can study abroad? You’ve got all it takes to study in Japan, as we currently have the Japan Africa Dream Scholarship for 2022.

Japan Africa Dream Scholarship is the best to choose as. In this article, I will be analyzing everything you need to know about this scholarship program.

The Japan Africa Dream Scholarship Program is a joint initiative by the Africa Development Bank(AFDB) and Japan. The main objective of this scholarship program is to provide two-year scholarship awards to the most achieving African graduate students.

And to enable them to go through post-graduate studies (a two-year Master’s degree program) in most developing areas of the world and overseas (also in Japan).

In line with the Bank’s high five strategies.

(To light up Africa and to power up Africa, to industrialize Africa, to feed Africa, and to improve and enhance the quality of life of the people of Africa as a whole). The Government of Japan Fully funds this Japan Africa Dream Scholarship program.

However, the Japan Africa Dream Scholarship program is a capacity-building project, that was created in 2017 by the African Development Bank and The Japan Africa Dream Scholarship.

This scholarship program also provides tuition, a monthly stipend, round-trip, airfare, health insurance, and travel a

After candidates are through with their studies, they are expected to return to their various home countries, to be able to share and impart the knowledge they have successfully gained to the growth and the promotion of their country.

Japan Africa Dream Scholarship

Scholarship summary for the Japan African Dream Scholarship

Eligible countries: African countries

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Country of Study: Japan

Application Deadline: 22nd April 2022.

Type of Scholarship


Value of Award:

The Japan Africa Dream Scholarship Program ensures the provision of tuition fees, a monthly living allowance, health insurance, and a travel allowance as well.

Who Is Eligible To Apply for the Japan African Dream Scholarship?

  • The Japan Africa Dream Scholarship can be accessed by only those who have gained admission to an approved Master’s degree course at a Japanese university.
  • As an applicant, you must be 35 years old or younger; and in good health.
  • You must have a high-ranking scale in your Bachelor’s degree program.
  • As a scholar, you are expected to return to your home country after the successful completion of your study program, to be able to contribute to the growth and development of your country.
  • Applicants living or working in a country other than their home country are not qualified for scholarships.
  • The Japan Academic Dream Scholarship program does not support applicants already enrolled in graduate degree programs.
  • Applicants must be an executive director their alternate and or staff of all types of appointment of the African Development Bank Group or close relative of the above mentioned by blood ties which means Father, mother, sister, brother, son, Daughter, Uncle, Aunt, Niece, and Nephew and so on.
  •  You must also be a part of an AFDB member country.
  • Be in good health;
  • Hold a Bachelor (or equivalent) degree in the energy area (or related field) earned at least one year before the application deadline date;
  • You must possess a year of experience after earning a bachelor’s or earning anyone near it.
  • You must be accepted in the Upcoming academic in at least one of the Japan African Dream Scholarship Partner Universities for a master’s degree without any doubt.
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Criteria for Selection at Japan Africa Dream Scholarship

The Japan Africa Dream Scholarship program uses the following four main factors to select the people who are eligible for the scholarship program application to be able to identify applicants with the highest grade after the successful execution of their studies to enhance the development of the country.

And they are below:

  • The Quality of Education Background.
  • The Quality of Professional Recommendations.
  • The Quality of Professional Experience.
  • The degree of how well you are Committed to your Home Country.
  • The Quality of Statement of Purpose

Japan Africa Dream Scholarship (JADS) awards scholarships to applicants who have had a minimum of  1 year of paid employment in the applicant’s home country or other African countries after receiving the first Bachelors’s (or equivalent university) degree within the three years.

Criteria used in selecting finalists At JADS

Some of the criteria used by the Japan African Dream Scholarship award to select applicants are as follow:

  • As a finalist, you must Maintain a good  wide geographical distribution of awards that takes into record the geographic distribution of eligible applications;
  • You must also Maintain  a reasonable distribution of awards across gender that takes into account the distribution of eligible applications across gender;
  • Scholarships are being given to applicants who have limited or no source of financial resources and people who encounter difficult situations when getting employment experience and some other part of the application.

Number of Awards: Not specified

How to Apply For their application as a student

  • Start by altering required documents for the scholarship application included in your current cv, proof of employment for each position since having a bachelor’s degree, and the most advanced university degree earned.
  • Identify two professional references
  • Prepare your research plan and proposal
  • Take the IELTS test for English ability.
  • You must complete the required documents and send them to the university.
  • Evaluation by the university before selection of applicants
  • Candidates that the University selects are sent to the AfDB.
  • AfDB cross-checked their submission and selected finalists.
  • After the selection of awardees, AfDB contacts awardees and informs the universities.
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The Japan Africa Dream Scholarship Program is a scholarship program that enables you to go through a postgraduate or two-year Master’s degree program in most developing areas of the world and overseas, which ensures you are able to share the knowledge you have acquired to the growth and development of your country.

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