Rockview University Courses and Fees (Latest Update)

Rockview University

Rockview University Courses and Fees: Rockview University is a well-known private university located in Lusaka, Zambia, with standard learning facilities and a conducive environment.

This university has ranked among the best tertiary institutions in Zambia for its quality education, professional lecturers, courses and unique curriculum. To those seeking to know more about Rock View University, this article written by TwinkleHub will offer you all the basic information about this school, including courses offered and school fees.

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Rockview University Courses

Rockview University offers a good number of courses, starting from the Undergraduates Courses (Diploma and Bachelor Degree Courses) and Postgraduate courses. Below is a breakdown of the courses offered at Rockview University.

For Bachelor Courses 

  1. Bachelor of Science in Accounting (Accounting)
  2. Bachelor of Business Administration (Business Administration)
  3. Bachelor of Science in Biology (Biology)
  4. Bachelor of Science in Chemistry (Chemistry)
  5. Bachelor of Laws (Laws)
  6. Bachelor of Science in Physics (Physics)
  7. Bachelor of Taxation Management (Taxation Management)
  8. Bachelor of Banking and Finance (Banking and Finance)
  9. Bachelor of Business Studies With Education (Business Studies)
  10. Bachelor of Science in Political Science (Political Science)
  11. Bachelor of Science in Geography (Geography)
  12. Bachelor of Science in Psychology (Psychology)
  13. Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy (Philosophy)
  14. Bachelor of Arts in History (History)
  15. Bachelor of Arts in Linguistics (Linguistics)
  16. Bachelor of Education in Christian Religious Studies (Christian Religious Studies)
  17. Bachelor of English and Linguistics (English and Linguistics)
  18. Bachelor of African Languages (African Languages)
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For Diploma Courses 

  1. Diploma in Early Childhood Education (Early Childhood Education)
  2. Diploma in Business Studies (Business Studies)

For Masters Courses 

  1. Master of Arts in History (History)
  2. Master of Arts in Geography (Geography)
  3. Master of Environmental Management (Environmental Management)
  4. Master of Science in Food Science and Technology ( Food Science and Technology)
  5. Master of Science Clothing and Textile (Clothing and Textile)

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Rockview University Fee 

Rockview University School fee varies depending on the course you want to study. However, you can also visit the school portal using the link attached below for more fee breakdowns.

Rockview University fee Link.

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Rockview University Admission Entry Requirements

Below are a few admission requirements for different Degree Programs at Rockview University

For Direct Entry

  1. A Grade 12 Certificate with minimum 5 ‘O’ level credits (1-6) English and Mathematics Inclusive

For Second Year Entry into a Diploma Programme

  1. A Diploma in the same field from a

reputable Institution with a minimum of 5 ‘O’ level credits

For Post Graduate Entry

  1. A Bachelor’s Degree in a relevant field from a reputable and well-recognised Institution accredited by the Higher Education Authority (HEA).


Studying at Rockview comes with numerous benefits, as the school is recognized among the best tertiary institutions in Zambia.

This school has also graduated a good number of students who are doing great in the society. However, before you can enrol, it’s best to know their tuition fees and courses offered, which are listed above to help guide you.

Knowing the school fees of any institution to enrol, in will get you financially prepared, and also their course outline, will help you make a better choice of choice to study, and also know how good the school is in offering that course.

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Lastly, you can visit the school’s homepage for more inquiries by using the link attached below. ROCK-VIEW UNIVERSITY LINK

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