Discover the Top 12 Richest Tribes in Uganda

Richest Tribes in Uganda

Are you seeking to know the wealthiest tribes in Uganda? TwinkleHub explores the top 12 richest tribes in Uganda, their sources of wealth, and some related questions that might interest you.

According to research, Uganda is located in East Africa and is known for its diverse cultures and tribes. Each Uganda tribe has its unique history, traditions, and practices; some have accumulated significant wealth over time.

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List of Richest Tribes in Uganda

1. Baganda Tribe

The Baganda tribe ranks among the top wealthiest tribes in Uganda as they hold the country’s most prominent and most prosperous cultural institution.

The Baganda tribe is located in the Central business district of Kampala and makes up half of the country’s ultra-wealthy, the biggest in the country, making them the wealthiest tribe.

You might love to know that the Baganda tribe is primarily involved in business, real estate, and politics, and the tribe’s central region is the economic hub of Uganda. Many Baganda people have taken advantage of this to start successful businesses.

Lastly, the tribe also has a rich cultural heritage that attracts tourists, generating income for the people, and has made them the wealthiest tribe in Uganda.

2. Iteso Tribe

Ranking next in our list of wealthiest tribes in Uganda is the Iteso Tribe, known to have a reasonable net worth and known for their hard work.

The Iteso tribe is majorly involved in agriculture, mainly growing sorghum, maize, and millet. They are well known for their handicrafts, such as baskets and pottery, which they sell for income, and make a good return on revenue.

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3. Banyankole Tribe

Banyankole is another wealthiest tribe in Uganda, with most tribes located around the districts of Mbarara, Kiruhura, Sembabule, Bushenyi, Ibanda, and others.

Banyankole is rich from their hard work and animal husbandry, as they are known majorly for cattle rearing. They are also good at banana farming and supply bananas to other tribes in large quantities.

The Ankole long-horned cattle are a valuable asset to this tribe, and they use it for various purposes, including dowry payments, trade, and cultural ceremonies. The tribe also owns large tracts of land, which they lease or use for farming.

Furthermore, the Banyankole tribe has a good population, which has helped them achieve good wealth over the years and made them the richest tribe in Uganda.

4. Basoga Tribe

The Basoga also got a spot among the top 12 richest tribes in Uganda. Although they are known for being poor rural areas, it has not affected a percentage of their population from making wealth.

The Basoga tribe was primarily involved in agriculture, fishing, and trading, which gave them fame in wealth. The tribe is located near Lake Victoria and has made fishing a lucrative business; and also grows crops like sugarcane and maize for sale.

Basoga people have a unique traditional dance, which has made them known and attracts tourists.

5. Bakiga Tribe

The Bakiga tribe also ranks among the wealthiest tribes in Uganda, and they are close to the Banyankole tribe because they are from the same Western region of the country.

The Bakiga tribe is recognized for their high entrepreneurial spirit in the country, with the biggest supermarkets in Uganda and also own extensive farmlands. Their high entrepreneurial level has helped them become the wealthiest tribes in Uganda.

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6. Batoro Tribe

The Batoro tribe is located in Western Uganda. They have the second most respected cultural institution, the Tooro kingdom, which has helped them gain wealth from tourism and ranks them among the top richest tribes in Uganda.

The high tourism in Batoro has spread them among other tribes and parts of the world. They are also known for their vast knowledge of agriculture, as they produce bananas and rare castles.

7. The Banyarwanda Tribe

The Banyarwanda tribe is among the Richest Tribes in Uganda, they are mainly involved in trade and commerce, and many of them have successful businesses in Kampala and other cities, which made them known around Africa.

You love to know that the tribe also has a rich history, having migrated from Rwanda during the colonial era, and they have managed to preserve their culture and traditions.

8. Bateso Tribe

The Bateso tribe, or the Teso people, are known for farming cash crops and have made them popular for the commercial production of Tobacco, which has been their primary source of income and ranked them among the wealthiest tribes in Uganda.

9. Banyoro

The Banyoro are also acknowledged for agricultural activity, and mining has elevated the tribe to be among the wealthiest tribes in Uganda.

10. Acholi Tribe

Acholi Tribe is another wealthiest tribe in Uganda with a good population of people involved in standard living. They have top medical institutions that are doing great in the country.

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11. Alur Tribe

The Alur Tribe is another great tribe with wealth and made their wealth from cattle farming in a big way, making them one of the richest tribes in Uganda.

12. Bagisu Tribe

The Bagishu tribe also got a spot among the wealthiest tribes in Uganda and is known for their Agricultural activities. And also the producers of Robust coffee, which is the most profitable cash crop in East Africa and has gained them fame around Africa.

What Is The Population Of Uganda?

According to research, the average population of Uganda is a groundcover of 46 million people.

What Is The Main Language Spoken In Uganda?

The official languages of Uganda are English and Swahili, but over 40 languages are spoken in the country, including Luganda, the most widely spoken language.

What Is The Currency Used In Uganda?

The currency used in Uganda is the Ugandan shilling (UGX).

What Are The Main Tourist Attractions In Uganda?

Some of the major tourist attractions in Uganda include gorilla trekking in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, wildlife safaris in Murchison Falls National Park.

What Is The Main Religion In Uganda?

Christianity is the major religion in Uganda, with over 80% of the population being Christians.

Other religions practiced in the country include Islam, traditional African religions, and Hinduism.


The above-listed twelve (12) tribes are the wealthiest in Uganda, with their sources of wealth ranging from agriculture to business, trade, and tourism.

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