Nigerian Airforce Secondary School Fees, and Others 

Nigerian Airforce Secondary School Fees

The current Nigerian Airforce Secondary School Fees have been updated in this article, including other vital information you may love to know about the various Air Force secondary institutions in Nigeria.

However, if you are interested in getting the current tuition fee for Nigerian Airforce Secondary School, then this article is for you, sit tight and read through, and also feel free to use the comment section below for any inquiries.

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About Nigerian Airforce Secondary School 

It is no doubt that all Airforce Secondary Schools in Nigeria, are top-notch, and among the best secondary schools in Nigeria that offer quality education to talented and courageous students, and also prepare them for tertiary institutions. 

Having a good military training ground, students also receive physical exercises that perfect their stamina, and skills and expand their knowledge about what the military career path looks like.

Nigerian Airforce Secondary School Fees

Although the school fees for Nigerian Airforce Secondary School vary and also depend on factors like location of the school (which state), level of education, and others, not that the range is generally from ₦20,000 to ₦100,000 per term. 

Furthermore, you should also know that fees differ if it’s a day or boarding school. Most Nigerian Airforce boarding school fees are higher than day schooling.

Lastly, you should know that the school fees for any Nigerian Airforce Secondary School don’t cover other expenses like textbooks, uniforms, and feeding, those are to be paid as well, and to know the exact amount textbooks, uniforms and feeding will cost, requires visiting the school in person.

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Nigerian Airforce Secondary School Fees in Various States

Below is the school fees breakdown for Nigerian Airforce Secondary Schools in various states.

1. Airforce Secondary School, Ibadan 

School Fee Cost for JSS1 – JSS3, is ₦25,000 per term

For SS1 – SS3, is ₦30,000 per term

2. Airforce Secondary School, Enugu

School Fee Cost for JSS1 – JSS3, is ₦20,000 per term

SS1 – SS3, is ₦25,000 per term

3. Airforce Secondary School, Uyo

JSS1 – JSS3 is ₦20,000 per term

SS1 – SS3 ₦25,000 per term

4. Airforce Secondary School, Abuja

JSS1 – JSS3 is ₦30,000 per term

SS1 – SS3 is ₦35,000 per term

5. Airforce Secondary School, Ikeja

JSS1 – JSS3, is ₦35,000 per term

SS1 – SS3 is ₦40,000 per term

However, note that the above fees can also change, as they are not permanent school fees, but the range is between the amounts stated above.

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Benefits of Attending Nigerian Airforce Secondary Schools

  1. Quality Education
  2. Exposure to the Military Environment, and 
  3. Opportunity to Develop Good Leadership Skills and Physical Strength.

How Much Does It Cost To Attend Nigerian Airforce Secondary Schools?

From the range of ₦20,000 to ₦100,000 per term, are the school fees for most Nigerian Airforce Secondary Schools.

Other Expenses to Make Aside Paying School Fees

  1. Purchasing of Textbooks
  2. Feeding Fees
  3. Uniform Fees

How To Apply for Admission to Nigerian Airforce Secondary Schools

The first step towards applying to any Nigerian Airforce Secondary School or even Primary school is to make inquiries about the school and its tuition rate (school fees).

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Next is to visit either the school’s online website or you can contact the school’s admission office for more information and guidance.

Lastly, you submit an application, get prepared to take an entrance exam and attend an interview as well.

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Do Nigerian Airforce Secondary Schools Offer Extracurricular Activities?

Yes, numerous extracurricular activities like sports (football, basketball, tennis, running, etc), societies, and more are offered in most Nigerian Air Force Secondary Schools.


It is essential to consider the school fees of any institution including the Nigerian Airforce Secondary School before making up your mind, and also visit the institution to be sure of the location and environment before enrolling your kids.

Feel free to use our comment section below to make inquiries or visit the Nigerian Airforce School portal Visit to learn more.

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