11 Good Music Schools in South Africa, and Other Handy Information

Music Schools in South Africa

Are you seeking the best music schools in South Africa? TwinkleHub has offered a good list of the most outstanding music institutions and other handy information about those schools you might love.

Why Attend A Music School?

A music career is successful through many factors, including skills, talent, and education.

Attending a music school helps perfect your career path in music, as most outstanding music institutions will give you access to experts in the industry who will show you unique things about music with well-equipped learning facilities to help improve your knowledge and skills.

Furthermore, attending a good music school can help build your career in music earlier. You will also meet experts in the field who might become your future business partners, colleagues, mentors, friends, and even clients.

What are the Best Music Schools in South Africa?

Below is a list of the most outstanding music schools in South Africa, with their direct website links, enabling you to visit each school’s portal for more inquiries easily.

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1. South African College of Music

Address: Rondebosch, Cape Town, 7701, South Africa

Located in the University of Cape Town and ranks among the excellent music schools in South Africa is the South African College of Music (SACM), known to have outstanding performance since established in 1910 in Strand Street, Cape Town.

According to research, the University of Cape Town’s music department is internationally recognized as the South African College of Music (SACM, with various degree programs and diplomas in disciplines that include African Music, Composition, Jazz, Opera, Western Classical Music, and World Music.

Furthermore, all admitted postgraduate students from this institution fill numerous positions in the music industry, ranging from good teaching, playing in various standard bands, ensembles, and orchestras, or acting as arts managers or managers of musicological archives.

You may love to know that school graduate students from this institution return as lecturers, sharing their excellent/quality knowledge with the next generation of music students.

Lastly, this good music institution (SACM) offers various postgraduate programs in ethnomusicology, performance studies in Western classical music, African music, and jazz; musicology (theory and history); and composition.

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2. Spades for Kings – School of Music & Creativity

Address: 103 Ormonde Dr, Mondeor, Johannesburg South, 2091, South Africa

Founded and Established by Ryan and Samantha Stephen, Spades for Kings School of Music and Creativity, is also considered to be one of the leading music schools in South Africa.

Also known as a School of Creativity, Spades for Kings School of Music and Creativity was designed to expose unique gifts and talents placed within individuals. They offer a wide variety of Art sectors in which a person can choose to learn to express themselves.

Furthermore, this school offers suitable music classes with well-equipped facilities for Individuals, Groups, Schools, and Ministries. The school has lessons on vocals and musical instruments like, the Piano Keyboard, Bass Guitar, Guitar lead and rhythm, Drums, Trumpet, Violin & Saxophone.

The classes offered at Spades for Kings School of Music and Creativity are aimed at equipping music students with basic Musical techniques, Music theory, Ear training, and exposure to different styles and genres of music.

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3. Free Jazz Music Academy

Address: Office No.4, Tshwane Art and Craft Hub Cnr Bosman, Minnaar St, Pretoria, 0001, South Africa

Free Jazz Music Academy is another good music school in South Africa, with a good music curriculum to help students in the various aspects of music, including learning multiple instruments.

Furthermore, the school has a good music sector with well-equipped facilities, as they offer Creative music classes. Those suitable music classes are provided for students who would love to increase their Musical ability through exposure to Songwriting, Vocal development, Music production, and more.

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4. SAMI – South African Music Institute

Address: 59 Marinda Ave, Clubview, Centurion, 0157, South Africa

The South African Music Institute (SAMI) is another good private institute with the mission of catering to musicians’ every need, which included it among the best music institutions in South Africa.

SAMI was created to train and equip those who love music and want to make a promising career in music. They offer all the basic and necessary skills for an international industry, offering an external internationally recognized grading.

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You might love that SAMI is the result of various successful full-time and part-time music training programs that joined forces to grow.

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5. Tshwane School Of Music (TSOM)

Address: City of Tshwane Metropolitan Municipality, South Africa

Established in 2013, Tshwane School Of Music (TSOM) also got a spot in this list of top best music schools in South Africa for its outstanding performance, and the school offers various music courses for all ages.

TSOM offers quality, accredited music education to primary school children who have a passion for music and want to excel in the music industry. They also provide good music education to all abroad-based music lovers.

Furthermore, the school offers good music therapy and facilitates exposure and training in music technology and business.

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6. Shine School Of Music

Shine School of Music is another top-known music institution in South Africa, with a reasonable admission rate and outstanding performance since founded by the master of arts, bam Professor Sajin.

This school offers unique music training to all ages and levels of knowledge, through the tutelage of qualified and experienced teachers, using well-equipped facilities.

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7. Abraham Devar’s Academy For Music

Address: 8 Weaver Ave, Mackenzie Park, Benoni, 1501, South Africa

Established in 2003, Abraham Devar’s Academy For Music is another outstanding music institution with unique courses and well-equipped workshops and facilities.

Some of the music courses available at this institution include Voice training, Piano and Keyboard, Classical Guitar lessons, Bass Guitar, Blues and Jazz Guitar, Drum Kit, Violin, Soprano, Alto and Tenor Saxophone, and others.

However, this music institution has age restrictions open to students ages five and above.

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8. Phoenix Benedict Music Academy

Address: 79 9Th St, Linden, Randburg, 2195, South Africa

Phoenix Benedict Music Academy (PBMA) is another top music school in South Africa, with massive growth since its establishment in 2010.

This outstanding music institution aims at providing suitable music classes to suit all music lovers of different ages, styles, aims, and passions.

9. Merry Melody Music Academy

Founded by Vivian Tsang and Chris Soon in 2001, Merry Melody Music Academy (MMMA) is another outstanding music institution that has significantly impacted many music lovers’ lives.

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Many music students have been significantly impacted through sound education from this institution. They have unique music programs covering all music aspects, ranging from vocal training to instrument lectures.

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10. Musical Minds

Suppose you seek to enroll in a well-equipped music institution with qualified teachers to guide you well into your music career path. In that case, Musical Minds is a perfect school for you, as they have recorded outstanding performances over the years.

Founded by Theresa, a music enthusiast, this school was built to tutor young students part-time on the various aspects of music, with standard music facilities.

11. Anua School Of Music & Performing Arts

Address: 30 O’Reilly Merry St, Northmead, Benoni, 1511, South Africa

Founded in 2011, Anua School Of Music & Performing Arts is another good music school to enroll in, as the school has built many talents in the music industry. However, it would help if you were interviewed first before you get admitted into this institution.

ANUA School of Music & Performing Arts offers vocal training and instrument teachings with experienced teachers and well-equipped learning facilities.

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Where can I Study Music Production in South Africa?

Abbey Road Institute Johannesburg is one of the best music production institutes in South Africa that specializes in training music producers and sound engineers.

Abbey Road Institute Johannesburg offers a unique one-year Advanced program in music production and sound engineering.

How do I become a Musician in South Africa?

Getting formal music training from any of the above outstanding music schools in the country may help you do well in your career as a musician.

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