6 Best Music Schools in Edinburgh and Other Handy Information

Music Schools in Edinburgh
Music Schools in Edinburgh

Edinburgh is Scotland’s compact, hilly capital, and this city has the top education institutions in Scotland. This article is for you if you seek the best/good music schools in Edinburgh.

Criteria for Choosing the Perfect Music School in Edinburgh

  1. Consider the tuition rate of the particular institution and how reasonable their acceptance rate is.
  2. Consider their study curriculum as well as their graduation rates.
  3. Know more about their learning facilities and studio, and be sure they are well-equipped with your chosen standard instruments.
  4. Know the aspect of music they focus on, if it suits your choice of interest as well.
  5. Be sure they have a conducive learning environment and know their study duration, including daily and how long it will take to perfect you.

What are the Best Music Schools in Edinburgh?

Below are the great conservatories in Edinburgh, Scotland, with other handy information about those schools and their direct link portal for more inquiries.

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1. Edinburgh School of Music

Address: Studio B1.08, St. Margaret’s House, 151 London Rd, Edinburgh EH7 6AE, United Kingdom

Edinburgh School of Music (ESM) is an independent and unique music school based in Edinburgh city centre, with a team of highly experienced, enthusiastic, and professional teachers who provide all admitted music students with basic and advanced lessons in a wide range of instruments of choice.

​Furthermore, the school’s goal is to bring the love of music into all admitted music students’ lives in a fun, unique and enjoyable way. ESM also offers all the necessary skills to pass musical exams, confidently perform and compose good music and songs.

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At ESM, quality lessons, including private lessons, are available for various musical instruments, including voice, piano, Guitar, violin, viola, cello, saxophone, clarinet, flute, recorder, and drums.

ESM has maintained a 100% pass rate in all admitted student’s instrumental and vocal music exams, which has earned them a spot among the best music schools in Edinburgh.

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2. St Mary’s Music School

Address: 25 Grosvenor Cres, Edinburgh EH12 5EL, United Kingdom

St Mary’s Music School is a unique and outstanding conservatory in Scotland in the West End of Edinburgh. This music institution offers courses for children aged 9 to 19 and is also the Choir School of St Mary’s Episcopal Cathedral.

Also, you might be interested to know that St Mary’s Music School is one of the top five Government-supported specialist music schools in the UK and the only one of its kind in Scotland. It has excellent music lessons have helped its students improve in many ways.

As a kid passionate about music, you will enjoy this music institution as they offer a world-class standard of music and academic education to academically gifted children aged 9-19 years in an inspiring environment.

You may also love to know that the entry to St Mary’s Music School is by audition and assessment based on musical ability and potential. This means you must be talented in music, have passion for it and be solely dedicated to it.


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3. The City of Edinburgh Music School

Location: 29 E Fettes Ave, Edinburgh EH4 1EG, United Kingdom

Ranking high in our list of outstanding music schools in Edinburgh is the City of Edinburgh Music School, known to be a state-maintained music school in Scotland in Edinburgh, Scotland, with great academic performance over the years.

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This great institution was established in 1980 as the Lothian Specialist Music School but later changed its name in 1996 when Lothian Regional Council was dissolved into four (4) separate unitary councils.


This music school aims to build on its exceptional reputation for classical teaching and offer expertise in rock, jazz, and traditional Scottish music.

Students can also enrol in the various aspects of the music of choice, which includes vocals, instrument training, and others.

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4. Morningside School of Music

Address: 138 Comiston Rd, Edinburgh EH10 5QN, United Kingdom

Morningside School of Music is another good conservatory for young music lovers as it has an open arm to all music minds. This school offers a good level of professional musical instrument tuition for both adults and children, from beginners to advanced.

This school’s curriculum moves step by step, from singing lessons to guitar tuition and drums instruction to violin classes, which has helped them excel. They also offer the very finest private music education in Edinburgh.

All music teachers in this institution are professional, fully-qualified experts with extensive backgrounds working within the music industry as performers and teachers.

At Morningside School of Music, students can master any musical instrument, like the Guitar (electric and acoustic), Bass, Piano, Drums, Violin, and Saxophone. You can also be perfect in Singing, Music Production, Music Theory, and others.

The school also offers quality tuition, from complete beginner to advanced, to all levels. Their quality singing lessons are a favourite for all music industry vocalists looking to keep their voices in tip-top shape for their musical performances.

Lastly, the highly qualified music teachers at Morningside School of Music work with adults and passionate music children (age 4+). Music school opens at around 2.30 pm on weekdays and closes at 9 pm.

The school also opens at the weekends to offer tuition to those interested in weekend lessons.

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5. Academy of Music & Sound

Address: College, Milton Rd E, Edinburgh EH15 2PP, United Kingdom

AMS is another outstanding and independent Edinburgh music academy specializing in post-16 music performance and production education. It has helped them prepare admitted students with recognized qualifications for a career in the modern music industry.

The school has a dynamic and highly qualified team of music specialists, teachers, and instrumental instructors dedicated to imparting great knowledge to musical minds.

AMS offers Musical Pathways to ensure progression for children at the various stages of their musical development. They also provide quality music classes from primary 3 to primary seven. After then, the music children can continue with individual lessons, or the school can prepare them to take part-time courses at the junior departments of Edinburgh Napier University or the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland.

AMS is recognized as one of the most outstanding conservatories as they have well-equipped musical facilities, which include an auditorium, piano and Guitar studios, recording studios, and fully equipped practice, rehearsal, and teaching rooms.

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6. Forth School of Music

Address: 210 Newhaven Rd, Newhaven, Edinburgh EH6 4QE, United Kingdom

Forth School of Music is another perfect music institution for all those who want to perfect their skills. They offer quality music courses, and all their unique musical lessons and classes enable each student to fulfil their potential.

This music institution has covered you for those who want to brush up on their music theory and sight-reading skills or practice performing in a supportive environment. Their qualified teachers are ready to perfect you in the various aspects of music.

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Countries that Are Best For Music Courses?

Below are the top countries perfect for studying music and perfecting your musical career.

  1. Music in the USA.
  2. Music in the UK.
  3. Music in Canada.
  4. Music in Ireland.
  5. Music in Cyprus.
  6. Music in Germany.
  7. Music in Australia.
  8. Music in Spain.

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