List of World’s Best Art Schools With Good Acceptance Rate

List of World's Best Art Schools With Good Acceptance Rate

World’s Best Art Schools – If you have a great passion for art, you should enroll in a prestigious and outstanding art school, to build you greatly in that profession/field, and make you do great after graduation with paying job.

Art schools will help build your knowledge, and make you more professional by providing you with the necessary tools/pieces of equipment needed to help develop your skills and as well make a career out of your passion. However, we have numerous Institutions of art, which you can confidently enroll, as compiled in this list of the World’s Best Art Schools with good acceptance rates.

In this article, TwinkleHub has compiled a complete list of the World’s Best Art Schools with good acceptance rates, which you can confidently apply, to enjoy your passion, and make you more professional in your career.

What Makes a Great Art School?

What really makes a great art school is the ability of that institution to teach its students to think creatively across disciplines and also offer the students with all essential instructions and as well as resources (practical pieces of equipment), which will surely enable all students to joyfully fulfill their artistic potential.

However, all of the below-listed Institutions are the World’s Best Art Schools with good records both in the past and present, and they are also credited as well-respected schools having constantly evolving curricula that always keep pace with changes in the art world, that’s why I listed them among the World’s Best Art Schools.

Furthermore, the below listed great institutions have offered a variety of great/majors in artistic disciplines, which has led to the fulfillment of careers. Also, the schools listed in this article as the World’s Best Art Schools provide splendid career counseling services, which makes the transition from student to professional as smooth as possible for their students.

Also, most of the below listed great and prestigious art schools do their best in offering their students the great opportunity to work in other professional development contexts while still in school so that they can build their experience and make them more professional in their field.

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Requirements for an Arts School?

Just as every institution has its acceptance requirements, art schools do have their requirements which demand:

  • You to complete the foundational classes in drawing, color theory, and design.
  • You must also get the opportunity to develop a professional portfolio that will be crafted from the works you have created in the process of your education.
  • Admission into advanced graduate degree programs will require you to submit a portfolio of your original work
List of World's Best Art Schools With Good Acceptance Rate

Why Attend an Art School?

We have numerous reasons why everyone who has a passion for art, should attend an art school, and those reasons include:

  • The opportunity to learn from art professors will enhance your knowledge more.
  • You get the opportunity to meet professional personal mentors, that will guide you.
  • Art schools provide a well-designed structured environment to keep you motivated and help you learn quicker.
  • You will have full access to some professional pieces of equipment.
  • You will have enough studio space.
  • You have the opportunity to meet new people with the same passion.
  • Internship and job opportunities.
  • Lastly, you will learn new useful skills.

The Word’s Best Art Schools

List of World's Best Art Schools With Good Acceptance Rate

Having known much about art schools, and reasons why you should enroll in an art school, let’s take a look at the world’s best art schools, ranked by reputation and quality, with good acceptance rates.

8. Aalto Univerity—Espoo, Finland

Aalto University is also listed among the world’s best art schools and it offers over 90 different degree programs offered at the bachelors, masters, and PhD levels. The institution was was created in 2010 after 3 universities, namely: the Helsinki University of Technology, the Helsinki School of Economics, and the University of Art and Design Helsinki, merged into one.

Furthermore, all students of the great institution, have the great opportunity to explore the intersection of technology, science, and art through interdisciplinary programs like Human-Centered Living Environments and Health and Wellbeing, which also brings together neuroscience and design.

Acceptance Rate

The great institution of Aalto has a good acceptance rate, and enrollemts of 12,113, which makes it okay for application.

7. Rhode Island School of Design—Providence, Rhode Island (US)

The popular known Rhode Island School of Design also credited as RISD is one of the world’s best art schools, which offers great teachings coupled with practicals, which helps its students positively. The RISD has distinguished faculty members, that are extensive resources for all students, and a strong career services department, as well to offer the best and produce outstanding students.

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Acceptance Rate

The great and prestigious Institution (RISD), is among the World’s best art schools with a good acceptance rate and has an undergraduate enrollment of 1,736.

6. School of the Art Institute of Chicago—Chicago, Illinois (US)

Located in Chicago, Illinois (US), the great and outstanding School of the Art Institute of Chicago has a strong global reputation, and it’s recognized as among the World’s Best Art Schools, doing great to date. Furthermore, The education at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC) is highly customizable, encouraging students to be creative in combining different types of art, and off-campus study is also required at SAIC.

The School of the Art Institute of Chicago is credited among the World’s best art schools because it provides a bridge to the art world outside of college and also helps students prepare for careers in arts.

Acceptance Rate

The School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC) has a good acceptance rate of 57%, and also offers admission for off-campus. The SAIC has recoreded Undergraduare enrollment of 2,487, which makes it a good choice to make.

5. Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design—London, England

The Central Saint Martins is another great institution that made the list of world’s best art schools with good acceptance rate. The institution a constituent college of the University of the Arts that is located in London. The great institution offers 9 different areas of study to students, which also includes Graphic Communication Design, Fine Art, and Jewelry and Textiles.

Furthermore, all students of the great Institution of Central Saint Martins, are encouraged to develop their ideas beyond the accepted boundaries of each artistic discipline and to always be open to new approaches and ideas, and working facilities are provided in a well arranged environment and good learning condition.

Acceptance Rate

Although the percentage of acceptance rate for the Central Saints Martins is not reported, but the schools has a good acceptance rate because it has recorded undergraduate enrollment of about 3,000 students.

4. Parsons School of Design at The New School—New York City, New York (US)

Located in New York City, the Persons School of Design at the New School is among the world’s best art schools, and still topping in chart. The great institution mainly emphasizes a design thinking approach to solving problems on a global scale, and they also make provision of one-on-one career counseling to all students as well as connections to jobs and internships through the Center for their Student Success.

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Acceptance Rate

The institution has a good acceptance rate of 57% and undegraduate enrollment of 7,451.

3. Berlin University of the Arts—Berlin, Germany

The Berlin University of the Arts is among the world’s best art schools and also credited as the largest art school in Europe. The faculty of Berlin University of the Arts, includes some of the most well-respected contemporary artists in the world, and all students in that institution present their done work to the public in exhibitions, concerts, dramatic productions, evenings of song, readings, and lectures.

Acceptance Rate

The School is an average acceptance rate, and enrollment of about 3,500.

2. California Institute of the Arts—Valencia, California (US)

CalArts also mad this list of world’s best art schools with good acceptance rate. The outstanding institution does great for their students and also encourages their students to go beyond the boundaries of traditional media. They also offer students with a high level of creative freedom and independence in their studies.

Furthermore, the California Institution of the arts, also offers students the great opportunity to teach art to youth in Los Angeles while gaining experience and earning an income as well. The Institute also does great by providing resources such as internships and mentoring programs for all students to help them translate their artistic skills into a career after college, and great in the society.

Acceptance Rate

The great Institution has a good acceptance rate of 31%, and also undergraduate enrollment of 1,025.

1. Tokyo University of the Arts—Tokyo, Japan

Another great institution that made my list of World’s best art schools is known than the great and prestigious Tokyo University of the Arts, and it is also credited as the only arts University located in Japan. The great institution is doung great in producing great students, and the TUA also runs an exchange program with the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

Acceptance Rate

The Tokyo University of the arts, has a good acceptance rate, and has undergraduate enrollment of about 3,300 students.

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