List of Government Schools in Zambia (Latest Update)

List of Government Schools in Zambia

Just as we have written an article on the best government boarding schools in Zambia, this article offers you a list of good government schools in Zambia, with a few things about those schools that might interest you to know before enrolling your child or children.

Every parent should ensure their kids get quality education because education is the future. Education will help brighten your kid’s future, help that child to be civilized, and freely associate/communicate with his or her mates.

However, if as a parent you can’t afford private education (private school) for your child, then government schools are built for your child’s perfection because they are tuition-free (no school fees).

Therefore, every parent who is not financially capable of supporting the child’s education can seek some good public schools in the community, state or country, and below are a few outstanding government schools in Zambia for your child’s perfect education.

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List of Government Schools in Zambia

1. David Kaunda Technical Secondary School

One of the best government schools in Zambia is the popularly known Kaunda Technical Secondary School, located in Lusaka, Zambia with a good reputation since its establishment.

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This school is among the perfect public education for every Zambia citizen, as it perfects students on science and technology, with good learning structures and laboratories for practical learning.

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2. Kabulonga Boys High School

The Kabulonga Boys High School, also got a spot among the good government schools in the country, with a regularly increased number of admitted students, as their good reputation is making a good name for them.

With highly professional teachers, this government school is built to perfect every child’s future and help channel their energy into becoming something great in future.

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3. Kamala Secondary School

Seeking a well-disciplined government school in Zambia, you can consider enrolling your kid in the Kamala Secondary School, as it has also gotten a spot among the best public institutions in the country.

This school has a good/unique teaching curriculum, including rules and regulations laid down for the guidance and perfection of their students, unlike other government institutions we know.

4. Lusaka Boy’s Secondary School

Specifically for boys, which means it accepts/admits only male children, the Lusaka Boys Secondary School has also ranked among the best secondary schools in Zambia and also among the best public schools in the country.

This school has a good number of graduated and admitted students, to prove how good and perfect the school will be for your child.

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5. Nyumba Yanga Secondary School

If you seek a well-disciplined public education for your child, you should also consider the Nyumba Yanga Secondary School, as it has proven to also be the best in the country with a good reputation and professional teachers.

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6. Munali Boys Secondary School

Munali Boys Secondary School is another all-boys institution built by the government to secure a good education for male kids in society and also help build great men who will help grow the economy of the country.

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7. Licef Primary and Secondary School

The next outstanding public education for your child’s perfect future is Licef Primary and Secondary School, built to develop young children to a great standard.

8. Lusaka High School

Lusaka High School is one of the unique and outstanding government schools in Zambia with a great purpose for young children in the country.

9. Kamulanga High School 

Lastly, Kamulanga High School is another public education built for the better future of your child with free tuition fees, and quality education standards that meet the taste of many.

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Education is a stepping stone towards every child’s perfect future, which is why every parent/guardian is expected to ensure that once a child is of age, he or she should be sent to school, and in situations where the parents are not financially stable, then should consider public (government) education, which above are some outstanding options to pick from.

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