Latest NAU Nursing Application, Requirements, and More

NAU Nursing
Latest NAU Nursing Application, Requirements, and More

Have you had about the ongoing Northern Arizona University (NAU) Nursing degrees opportunity? TwinkleHub has all the required details for the NAU Nursing degrees program, from several of the community campus locations, online classrooms, and personalized learning as well.

Everyone who wishes to partake in the nursing program, should sit tight and get the basic details he or she needs, before enrolling in the program. Below are the essential details about the program, the application, requirements, acceptance rate, and many more.

About NAU Nursing

Latest NAU Nursing Application, Requirements, and More

The Northern Arizona University School of Nursing, also credited as NAU School of Nursing is an institution that offers a challenging and rewarding nursing program, which always holds multiple learning environments that reflect or showcase the good/great standards of professional healthcare.

Furthermore, the NAU Nursing degrees are set to get students well prepared to enable them to succeed at their practice n numerous educational settings, as well as to enable them to perform greatly in graduate schooling.

The vision and mission of the famous/outstanding NAU School of Nursing are to make provision for excellent/outstanding education to all students at both the undergraduate, master’s and even the doctoral levels, so they can be able to provide a high-quality health care service to both the individuals and entire community, in an environment of constant change and emerging healthcare trends.

Furthermore, Northern Arizona University has been established for over 60 years now, and still doing great, educating and rising great people. The NAU School of Nursing has successfully created a long history, which you might be interested to know more about.

The NAU Nursing school was established in 1962 as an organized unit of faculty of the famous Arizona State College, which was named in 1945, that granted the associate degree in nursing. Northern Arizona University which was under the direction of Ms Frances Hegglund, first received its full accreditation from the Arizona State Board of Nursing, in the year 1963.

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You can further read more history about the school on their portal/website.

NAU Nursing Program Environments

The Northern Arizona University (NAU) School of Nursing, helps to promote student learning in numerous settings which include:

  • The traditional classrooms
  • The online nursing program
  • The simulation labs
  • Lastly, the clinical experiences in healthcare facilities

NAU Nursing Application

The Northern Arizona University School of Nursing offers 2 different admissions, which include Undergraduate admissions and graduate admissions, as explained below.

NAU Nursing

Undergraduate Admissions

Before you can be eligible to apply to one of the Bachelor of Science in Nursing programs, you are required to have successfully completed the pre-requisites and also the liberal studies requirements, which can only be completed at the Northern Arizona University (NAU) or at another approved and accredited institution.

Furthermore, the applicant must first apply to the NAU (Northern Arizona University), but if you are applying to the ABSN program and you are a current student of Northern Arizona University, then you are required/recommended to reapply to the university as a post-bac student for the summer term.

However, if you have already been accepted into the Nursing school, then you can read the below on How to apply for NAU Nursing.

Before applying as an undergraduate, you must choose your path, and if you are unsure of the degree that suits you, then you can find descriptions of the available undergraduate degrees. Next, you have to complete prerequisites, which can only be completed either at the NAU or at another well-accredited institution.


However, if you want to apply for all the programs except the CEP, then you must first apply to Northern Arizona University (NAU), as a first-time freshman, apply as a transfer student, or other undergraduate applications.

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The applications to Nothern Arizona University differ depending on the path of choice or path you choose.

Graduate Applications

When going for the graduate applications, then you have to do that online through the Graduate College, and then send it to the School of Nursing for review. However, there is no separate graduate nursing application.

Graduate applications are completed online through the Graduate College and then sent to the School of Nursing for review. There is no separate graduate nursing application.

NAU Acceptance Rate

Every applicant wants to know the acceptance rate at NAU, our little research shows that the Northern Arizona University acceptance rate is 85%, which means for every 100 applicants, the school will admit at least 85 students, and this proves that the NAU School of Nursing is lightly selective in admission.

NAU Nursing

NAU Nursing Jobs

It is impressive to know that Northern Arizona University is dedicated to helping many, and it has a total of Seventeen (17) Job opportunities for both students and registered nurses, which include;

  • Copley Health
  • Medical Staffing Association
  • CliniPost: Medical Healthcare Search Firm
  • Rehabilitation Hospital of Northern Arizona
  • Flagstaff Bone and Joint
  • Prolink Healthcare
  • Peace Healthcare
  • The Guidance Center
  • Northern Arizona Healthcare
  • Kingman Regional Medical Center
  • Memorial Hospital in Colorado Springs
  • The Guidance Center
  • Versant RN Residency
  • University of Utah Health Care
  • Vanderbilt Nurse Residency Program
  • Sonoran Crossing Medical Center
  • CliniPost: Medical Healthcare Search Firm

To further get more knowledge about their job application process, then visit their website.

NAU Nursing Online

The Northern Arizona University (NAU) has some online programs, to which you can apply, just visit their portal for more clarifications.

NAU Nursing Requirement

Just as other institutions have requirements that every applicant must have, to be eligible for acceptance, The Northern Arizona University (NAU) School of Nursing, also has requirements you should/must meet up with before enrolling.

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Most of the requirements were already listed above. However, all prerequisite courses must be successfully completed by the start or beginning of the program. Furthermore, a minimum grade point average of 3.0 (on a 4.0 scale) is required in prerequisite courses.

Is NAU Nursing Good?

It has been confirmed that Northern Arizona University (NAU), offers outstanding value, and the institution also offers bachelors and graduate programs in nursing. Also, every student who has successfully graduated with a bachelor’s degree in nursing makes an average of $55,000 in monthly salary.

Furthermore, Northern Arizona University (NAU) is ranked number 82 out of 179 in Best Online Masters programs, which proves how great the NAU School of Nursing is doing over the years.

Lastly, the institution has a great code of conduct which states that all students that are applying to the NUA Bachelor of Science in Nursing program, which may include traditional, accelerated, RN-BSN; CEP, Mid-AAS, or PL, should not fail to exhibit professional and caring behaviour during any point of the application process. However, any student who fails to exhibit all the professional and caring behaviours during the various points of the application process will surely have their application disqualified from consideration.

Northern Arizona University


Northern Arizona University is a great choice to sign for if you want to do great in the nursing field, then you should consider applying for the NAU Nursing program.

Lastly, If you have more questions about the school, which are not found In this content, then you can visit the NAU Nursing school website, or feel free to email the Nursing Department. You can also talk to us (TwinkleHub) directly, by using the below comment section, and our feedback team, will respond as soon as possible because we value you, and we are always ready to offer the best and most valuable information, that will better you and the community at large.

Thank You.

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