Good Music Schools in Norway (Top 5 Results)

Music Schools in Norway
Music Schools in Norway

Suppose you are searching for the best music schools in Norway. In that case, this article offers you the best you can enroll in, with other interesting facts about those institutions, including their direct link portals where you can make more inquiries.

Most of the good music schools in Norway offer unique bachelor’s degrees in composition, church music, jazz, folk music (executive and educational), classical music (administrative and academic), and design, and also offer a variety of year courses and continuing education programs.

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What are the Good Music Schools in Norway?

1. Grieg Academy

Ranking first on our list of most outstanding music schools in Norway is the Grieg Academy, known to be an exceptional music institution that has kept a good record since its establishment.

This institution has well-equipped musical facilities that make learning easier for students, as they focus more on practical teaching with real-life equipment. Such helps better students to do great after graduation.

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2. Barratt Due Institute of Music

Established in 1927, the Barratt Due Institute of Music also got a spot among the most outstanding music schools in Norway, as the school offers unique music courses and has a good admission rate.

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The Barratt Due Institute of Music in Oslo was founded by pianist Mary Barratt Due and violinist Henrik Adam Due, and it is located in Fagerborg in Oslo and is a private institution that offers good/quality music education for many age groups, including children, school-aged adolescents, undergraduate and postgraduate students.

Admitted students in this great academy receive quality music training that perfects them for the future, and the school’s motto is “From music kindergarten to concert podium,”


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3. Oslo Conservatory of Music

Suppose you want to do great in the music industry and hope to venture into a qualified music institution. In that case, the Oslo Conservatory of Music is a perfect choice for you, as it covers a vital area in music when educating students with real-life equipment.

With a good admission rate, this school has produced students who do well and have a conducive learning environment, which ranks them among the best music academies in Norway.

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4. Norwegian Academy of Music

Norwegian Academy of music also got a spot in this list of good music institutions in Norway, as the school educates most performers, music composers, and pedagogues and also attempts to lay the foundation for research within various fields of music.

Located in Oslo, Norway, in Majorstuen, Frogner, this school is among the largest music academies in the city. It offers quality music courses, as they educate musicians within folk music genres, church music, classical music, and, quite notably, others.

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5. Ole Bull Academy

Established in 1977, Ole Bull Academy also got a spot among the best music institutions in Norway, as they offer college-level courses on Norwegian folk music and folk dance.

This great institution educates about 700 students annually, with good admission and graduation rates.


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How Much Does An Online Music Lesson Cost?

Online music lessons’ fees depend on your desired degree, daily lesson hours, and the school’s curriculum.

However, online music lessons are very affordable.

Which Country Has The Best Music School?

According to research, the United States has the best music institutions; below is the link to the top 50 music institutions in the United States.

50 Best Music Schools in the United States You Can Enroll

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