Eden University Courses and Fees (Latest Update)

Eden University Courses and Fees

Eden University Courses and Fees: Established in 2001 with the full support of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church brethren, Eden Institute is among the fastest-growing universities in Zambia with quality education and a unique curriculum.

You might love to know that popular Eden University was registered with TEVETA and also fully accredited to the City and Guilds. This institution also has a short but very rich history of academic growth, and its quality of education has grown rapidly all over the country. 

Located in Lusaka Zambia, this school has graduated a good number of students, and it has a conducive learning environment and professional lecturers that help perfect admitted students.

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Eden University Courses Offered

According to research, Eden University offers various graduate courses as well as postgraduate courses. Various disciplines courses like undergraduate, Post Graduate, Diploma, and PG Diploma are offered in this institute.

Below is a list of courses offered at Eden University. 

For Diploma Courses (Department of Health Sciences)

  1. Diploma in Clinical Medicine
  2. Diploma in Pharmacy
  3. Diploma in Registered Nursing (R.N)
  4. Diploma in Early Child-Hood Teaching
  5. UG Courses
  6. Diploma Primary Teaching
  7. Diploma Secondary Teaching
  8. Diploma in Environmental Health
  9. Diploma in Teaching Methodology

For Bachelor of Science in Clinical Medicine (Department of Education)

  1. Bachelor of Arts in Music
  2. Bachelor of Arts with Education (B.A.Ed)
  3. Bachelor of Education with Primary (BED. Primary)
  4. Bachelor of Commerce with Education (B.Com)
  5. Bachelor of Science in Biology Education
  6. Bachelor of Science in Chemistry Education
  7. Bachelor of Science in Physics Education
  8. Bachelor of Science in Mathematics Education
  9. Bachelor of Science in Technical Education
  10. Bachelor of Science in Consumer Science/ Home Economics
  11. Bachelor of ICT and Entrepreneurship
  12. BSc Fire Engineering & Rescue Management
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For Master of Public Health (Department of Education)

  1. Master of Education Management
  2. Master of Education (Civic Education)
  3. Master of Education (Geography)
  4. Master of Education (Mathematics)
  5. Master of Education (Religious Education)
  6. Master of Education (History)
  7. Master of Education (Zambia Languages)
  8. Master of Education (Early Childhood Education)
  9. Master of Business Administration (Finance & Accounting, Marketing)

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Eden University Fees

The school fees of Eden University are around 8,950 ZMW above, not that it’s the exact amount paid. Also, fees vary according to the course of study, and the breakdown is done in the official portal of the institution.

It’s also essential to know that school fees do not cover accommodations, and the books to be used. The fee for your books and accommodation will be paid separately, and further breakdowns are found in the school’s official Website Portal.

To learn more about the Eden University Fees breakdown, use the link below to visit their official portal and read more, and you can use the contact number attached below to contact the institution for further inquiries.

Eden University Fees Portal Link: https://www.edenuniversity.edu.zm/fee-structure/

Eden University Phone: +260 96 0545324

Eden University Email Address: edenuniversity@edenuniversity.edu.zm 

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How Much is Eden University’s Application Fee?

K150 is the Eden University Application Fee for Local (Zambian) applicants.

Qualifications For Admission at Eden University

  1. Five (5) credit “O” levels which should include mathematics and English. 
  2. Pass their Entrance examination and others
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Eden University is among the best institutions in Zambia that have the interest of their students at hand. This school offers various courses which are listed above for your choice-making.

For more inquiries about the institution, you can visit their official website, using the link attached below, and feel free to also ask questions using the comment section below. 

Eden University School Website: https://www.edenuniversity.edu.zm/

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