13 Outstanding Driving Schools in San Jose for You

Are you seeking the most outstanding driving schools in San Jose, California? This article offers the best driving academies to perfect your driving skills and help you pass all necessary driving tests.

We also attached each institution’s website link for easy access if you want to make more inquiries before applying.

What Is A Driving School For?

Driving school helps perfect/prepare you for driver’s permits and driver’s license written and road tests, as you learn all the basic and advanced aspects of driving to build you into a smart/professional driver. Driving schools are highly beneficial to all new drivers.

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What Does Driving School Teach You?

In driving institutions, you learn numerous things about driving, and those include:

  1. The local and state traffic laws and driving procedures.
  2. In driving schools, you learn about the road specifics, such as the meaning of stop and yield signs.
  3. You will also be taught about speed limits and driving rules for neighborhoods, school zones, highways, and freeways.
  4. Lastly, you learn behind-the-wheel training on both courses, streets, and freeways.

What are the Best Driving Schools in San Jose, California?

Below is a list of the most outstanding driving institutions in San Jose, California, and their website links for more inquiries.

1. Deluxe Driving School

Ranking first in our list of most outstanding driving schools in San Jose is the Deluxe Driving School, known to offer one-on-one lessons and will also pick up and drop off their students anywhere in the area.

This driving academy is open seven (7) days a week and hosts quality classes for teens and adults with highly qualified instructors.

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2. Forward Driving School

Forward Driving School is another good driving academy in San Jose, with highly qualified instructors, and has been serving clients effectively since its establishment in 2010.

This driving academy offers various unique driving lesson packages, which include a six-hour driving class for teenagers. The 6 hours class for teens includes behind-the-wheel classes and pick-up services from home or school.

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To help Perfect their students and help them register for DMV tests, the school offers a DMV test on the school’s vehicle program. You may also love knowing they offer adults a two-hour driving lesson package.

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3. ARS Driving School

ARS Driving School is another good driving school in San Jose that has taught for more than 25 years and gained fame for its outstanding academic performance.

You might love to know that ARS Driving School offers one-on-one lessons, also gives students a free pick up and drop off service, and the academy is open seven days a week.

They also offer fun teachings with highly professional instructors that help perfect students faster.

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4. Ann’s Driving School

Popularly known as Ann’s Driving School also got a spot among the best Driving Schools in San Jose, as they hold adaptive driving classes for drivers with special needs.

The school is a member of the Association for Driver Rehabilitation Specialists, and they run classes for various needs, including first-time drivers, mature drivers, and license renewal.

One good aspect of this institution is that they offer lessons that cover the various important aspects of driving, including speed control, parallel parking, driving under difficult conditions, freeway driving, lane changes, etc.

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5. A Precision Driving School

Established in 1989, the Precision Driving School has been serving San Jose greatly in all aspects of driving lessons, as they offer free pick up and drop off for their students within the area.

They are open seven days a week and have an affordable tuition rate. The academy holds good online and quality in-person classes for teens and adults with experienced instructors.

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6. Bay Cities Driving School

Established in 1982, Bay Cities Driving School has been teaching teens and adults with DMV-licensed instructors, ranking the institution among the best driving institutions in San Jose.

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They are open from Monday to Sunday and offer online traffic school courses, good behind-the-wheel training, and DMV test preparation.

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7. A-Z Driving School LLC

Established in 2019, A-Z Driving School LLC is another outstanding driving academy that offers good online and behind-the-wheel driver education in a conducive environment.

With professional, highly trained instructors, the school offers good two-hour, in-vehicle lessons; teaching admitted students all the basic maneuvers and defensive driving techniques to help them become smart/professional drivers.

You can choose either a single lesson or various service packages. You may love to know that the institution belongs to the DSAA (Driving School Association of the Americas).

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8. Cupertino Driving School

Cupertino Driving School is another good driving academy that has trained many for years and taught teens and adults how to drive perfectly and become smart drivers.

The school also offers good teenage behind-the-wheel practice, adult behind-the-wheel training, online driver’s ed classes, and a driving instructor training program.

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9. Bay Area Driving School

Established in 1949, Bay Area Driving School educates teens through unique in-person and quality online driver’s ed classes with professional instructors.

Furthermore, the school holds specialized classes for adults, which includes freeway lessons, phobia lessons, and good programs for people with disabilities.

You may love that the Better Business Bureau accredits Bay Area Driving School.

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10. Blue Ribbon Driving School

If you want to perfect your driving skills in a fun-filled academy, try Blue Ribbon Driving School, as they have taught many students for years and remain among the best driving academies in San Jose.

Like other institutions, they also offer good online driver’s education, behind-the-wheel training, adult lessons, and lessons for nervous drivers.

With an affordable tuition fee, the school also has friendly teachers and is open from Mondays – Sundays.

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11. Success Driving & Traffic School

Success Driving & Traffic School has served since 1996 and has kept a good record as one of the best driving schools in San Jose, with an affordable tuition fee.

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They are open from Monday to Sunday and offer free pick-up services. One can take special driving programs, including six-hour behind-the-wheel certification and DMV road test preparation.

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12. One Nation Driving School

Established in 2009, One Nation Driving School runs good behind-the-wheel lessons and adult driver training programs for all interested in perfecting their driving skills.

With an affordable tuition fee, the school offers free pick-up and drop-off services and provides driving test preparation, freeway driving, and safe driving techniques.

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13. Economic Driving School

With over 40 years of teaching experience, the Economic Driving School has also gotten a spot among the best driving schools in San Jose with licensed and qualified instructors.

They also offer behind-the-wheel courses and mature driver online courses. They also have online traffic classes for those interested.

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How To Gain Confidence In Driving

Believing in yourself and learning how to drive perfectly through qualified and professional driving school is one of the basic steps to gaining confidence in driving.

What Age Can You First Go To Driving School?

Research shows that most states accept driving students aged 15 and above.

How Much Does Driving School Cost?

The cost of driving school varies and depends on what you want to learn. However, the average cost of driving is between $200 and $800.

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